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Creating Supernatural Miracles Is Crucial To Spiritual Success. Learn Why!

Updated on October 25, 2015

Spiritual Warriors of the Last Days

Massive uncertainty regarding a faltering economic system, uncontrolled diseases and rumors of war are affecting every nation on earth. The impact of these fears is causing people to search for answers at every turn. However, a successful solution would be for the people of God to rise up in their true divine heritage and allow God to introduce the wonders of His kingdom on earth: peace and righteousness. But for this to occur, you must pursue a set of new and enlightened actions that cannot the overwhelmed by the forces of darkness. Here are seven trans formative actions that will empower you to to create supernatural miracles in the world and overcome it .

Renounce Your Human hood

Renounce your human hood. I know that this statement sounds absurd but it is a reality of the kingdom of God. Christ death and resurrection transformed your entire being and placed you into an entirely new realm of creation in Christ Jesus. To grow in Christ is to leave everything that is human behind, including human thoughts, beliefs, habits and expressions. You are not the person you see in the mirror. You are quiet unique and peculiar. You are empowered with spiritual gifts and talents you never knew existed within your new creature hood. All you must do is to acknowledge that you are no longer human (even though you have traces of it), internalize the word of Christ, and operate in the newness of your resurrection.

Possess the Mind of Christ

The mind of Christ does not entertain human thoughts. Human thoughts are replaced by affirmations in divine thought. To think like a human being is to be fair play for every misfortune of humanity. But the mind of Christ is the wisdom and power of God. Thinking with the wisdom and power of God is not of this world, but such mindset overcomes this world. How can you be overthrown by fear of an uncertain economy or by rising crime or impending war? The mind of Christ has power over all these illusionary conditions. That is exactly what the are-illusionary. These conditions don’t exist in the mind of Christ. Therefore, acknowledge that you have the mind of Christ against every wayward condition within your life.

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Speak with Dominion: Command Angels

You have been empowered by the Christ within your to cause things to happen. Having the mind of Christ qualifies you to speak with dominion. Everything must obey that Christ that is within you, that Christ that will eventually become you, once your human hood is destroyed. If you can believe this, angels are at your service and everything that is beneath them. Command them to stand up against poverty, abuse and crime within your neighborhood or within your community. Command this invisible world to obey the Christ mindset within you. It makes a short order out of everything working in alignment with the forces of darkness, including people with wayward intentions.

Recognize No Opposition

All opposition to the splendors of God is an illusion and illusions disappear with the transformation of consciousness. The only thing that holds us back from the full expression of God’s glory in the earth is our own corruptive consciousness. We view appearances, people, conditions and circumstances as though they are gods. Therefore we create opposition against our own lives, not recognizing that all tangible things are the manifestation of our own creation. How can we worship the very things we ourselves have created above us? We believe others are better than us; we believe having this or that will empower us; we believe escaping this or avoiding that will save us. Yet we must acknowledge that our consciousness has created it all. The consciousness of Christ recognizes no opposition to the glory of God’s kingdom. Therefore change your consciousness to reflect God’s truth and thereby change your world. Then watch all opposition against us vanish.

Increasing In Diviine Knowledge

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

Expand your knowledge of God's power operating within the believer."The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom" will empower pastors, ministers, and all spiritual leaders in Christ who desire the deeper knowledge of God.


Become a Righteous Instrument

Acknowledge that the power that operates through you is none other than the power of God. Let him flow through you without hindrance. Release your fears and doubts and leave the consequences up to him. We must deny our strength, our credentials and all our human abilities when it comes to fully expressing the might of God. All God wants us to do is to observe his dynamic power operating through us. He doesn’t want us to worry about the tomorrow or the people we pray for or the debt we may face in what appears to be a worsening economy. As an instrument of righteousness our duty is to possess and maintain a peaceful heart at all times. Remember God is all ways the problem solver of our lives.

Consider Yourself Invincible

According to biblical text, the statement “If God is for us, who can be against us,” is a statement that holds profound meanings. First, the statement implies that God is in control of everything and everyone that operates within this earth. Then who or what can touch God or oppose God if he fights for you. And if God is the mind of Christ and the mind of Christ is the wisdom and power of God and the wisdom and power of God is within you, then who can harm you? Not a single entity, whether human or non-human can cause fear within you. This empowerment belongs to every believer in Christ. Even death must hesitate and ask you for permission to proceed. This happens because the resurrection of Christ within us can over come the spirit of death. If you believe this, then the resurrection of Christ is not dormant within you. Christ resurrection power within you destroys the authority of death and places it within your hands.

Claim No Glory

This mindset must never be neglected. In everything we do God gets the glory. All that we have become since the very day we were born into time has been ordained by God. We can claim no victory at all. However, the moment we begin to think that we made something occur in our own strength and power, we open the door up for tragedies. Pride swells within us and we are cast out of the Garden of Eden once again. The only authority that God recognizes within us is that of Christ. All the good things we have done or will do are because of the Christ within us. He is the only one that can please God or do His will. As human beings (or mankind), we lost our natural authority in the gardens of God over two thousands years ago. But as new a creature (no longer human) that happens to be formed in the power and image of Christ, God is able to be pleased through us.

These mindsets must be taken seriously as the worsening conditions of the world increases. We are equipped to be the spiritual warriors that provide hope and courage for a world searching for answers. But without this knowledge and divine techniques we may not be able to survive and participate in the transformation of the world as we know it. Wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, diseases, poverty, diseases and crime are all on the rise but as battle ready believers we can play a major part in allowing God to establish His kingdom on earth for the good of all creation.

The Reality of Miracles


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 3 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Wow what a powerful read I loved it well done! I love when you talk about us being able to stand up against death and win the fight; as well as Christ being basically the middle-man between us and God since we as humans were kicked out of Eden. We now rely on Christ to pass on the word from us to God. Great Work!

    • Theresa Jonathan profile image

      Theresa Jonathan 2 years ago from Maseru, Lesotho

      A good article indeed! We need to amplify our voices in acknowledging the power of the Word of God over any situation. Continue to encourage expressing faith when the going gets tough; we all need that. I am encouraged by the recent unpacking of the universal laws and the existence of the Higher Power evident in all creation. This is good!

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