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7 Reasons To Volunteer At Your Church

Updated on July 29, 2014

Churches, like most nonprofits, rely heavily on volunteer labor. Congregants fund a church operation but volunteers are the hands and feet that get it all done.

A pastor, minister, reverend or priest can only perform to the level of their volunteer labor. Imagine the person performing the weekly church services parking visitors, welcoming guests, collecting the offering or ushering congregants to their seats - not a pretty (or realistic) picture.

7 Reasons to be a Church Volunteer

1. Make Friends

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a church volunteer is the exposure to new friends. Particularly in larger churches, one of the best ways to meet new people is to volunteer. Working with a team of people to support a church vision is a fulfilling experience that is enhanced by making new friends.

I had a friend move to another state and she told me that she had a difficult time making friends until she got plugged into a church and started volunteering.

2. Give Back

All of us are busy and few have enough time to fulfill all of our personal obligations but volunteering for your church provides an opportunity to give back. Taking a few hours a month to support the mission helps us to sow into areas that need help.

3. Support a Mission

Everyone needs a cause to be passionate about and a well run local church is a great opportunity for involvement. Missions are only as effective as those people who support and add value to them and rallying behind a strong church mission can bring lots of personal fulfillment.

4. Retreat From Personal Problems

It's amazing how when we take time to help others that our personal problems seem a little less intense. Taking the time to support the local church helps you to take a break from your personal problems and get around other people who think the same way and provide a level of comfort and support for the many challenges that life throws us.

5. Sense of Belonging

We all have a need to belong and supporting a ministry is a great way to be involved with something bigger than ourselves. That sense of belonging helps us become engaged and advocates for the church mission.

6. Learn New Skills

As with paid positions, volunteer positions often provide us with opportunities to learn new skills. Whether that is learning new computer skills to help in the church office or food preparation skills when helping prepare food for a church event - there are lots of transferable skills that are learned through volunteer opportunities. And the best part is, employers look at skills used in a volunteer role as very applicable to the workforce.

7. Accountability Partners

One of the great advantages to being a church volunteer is the accountability that comes with working with a team of people who are there to support each other. Using these teams as accountability partners can really help a volunteer stay on track, especially if they are struggling with issues that affect their walk with God.

Churches are constantly looking for people to help them fulfill their mission and volunteering is a great way to get involved, rally around and support a cause. Sacrificing a few hours a month to help your local church will not only help you make new friends but it will also give you a sense of fulfillment that your 9-5 job can’t.

Are you an active church volunteer?


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