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7 Things to Know About Aries Women

Updated on August 23, 2012

Aries women include those born between March 20 and April 19. Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac. Below are 7 interesting things that are said to be true about Aries women. Are you an Aries woman or do you know any Aries women? How well do you think these qualities describe you or someone you know?

1) Aries women tend to be very independent

They also usually have a high level of confidence in their abilities.

2) Aries women are often very possessive in love

They do not like to share their love and can sometimes become very jealous. Aries women are very loyal and sincere and want their partners to be the same.

3) Aries women are often very courageous

This combined with their typical confidence and high level of energy may make them good leaders.

4) Aries women are fiery and spontaneous

They are passionate and try to live life to the fullest. They absolutely love excitement. They typically are very energetic.

5) Most Aries women love to spend money

They love shopping and can be the ultimate impulse buyers.

6) Aries women tend to be super-achievers

They like to be at the top of their game and are typically very successful. Most Aries women are very ambitious.

7) Aries women typically make friends easily

Their candidness and enthusiasm often make them very likable. However, Aries women's bluntness can be upsetting to the more sensitive types.


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    • Koshaugh profile imageAUTHOR

      Kara Monterey 

      6 years ago from Indianapolis

      Very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing your observations!

    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 

      6 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Largely good observation. Both my wife Kath and I are Aries, as is our elder daughter Joanne (about twenty-four hours between Joanne and me, nineteen days between Kath and me). Well written, I'll say that for you, even if there are bits that don't fit - but then we can't all fit the stereotype. Joanne's certainly an achiever, with a 2.1 in International Relations from the LSE and a Masters in the same from UCL. She also passed her Driving Test second time (I had to do it three times). In the present employment climate hear her talents are under-used at Lord's Cricket Ground, but the job's found her a husband and she's happy. Her colleagues (tour guides and museum stewards) call her 'the boss'.

    • Campus Chatter profile image

      Campus Chatter 

      6 years ago

      I'm an Aries and I can say these are mostly true. I just don't find myself to be very courageous, but I guess that could depend on how you look at it. lol :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      WHOA! That is interesting.


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