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7 Things to Know About Leo Women

Updated on August 26, 2012

Leo women have birthdays between July 22 and August 22. Leo is the first astrological sign. Below is a list of seven qualities or characteristics that Leo women are said to possess. Are you or any of your friends or family a Leo woman? If so, how well do you think that these qualities describe you or a person you know?

1) Leo women are very independent and dominant

They typically expect and desire admiration and praise from others. They cannot stand being criticized or ignored. Leo women love to be in the spotlight.

2) Leo women are typically very caring

They enjoy brining cheer to those around them. They are very generous and enjoy showering friends and family with gifts. They are often magnanimous to the needy.

3) Leo women enjoy living a life of luxury

They are typically very classy and do not like to settle for ordinary things. Leo women often have very lavish spending habits. They like to be envied by others.

4) Leo women often make good leaders

They are usually intelligent, popular, energetic, and strong.

5) Leo women are social butterflies

They are typically very well liked by other people.

6) Leo women are typically loads of fun

They have lots of energy and can be quite adventurous.

7) Leo women are often very creative

They are self expressive and often gravitate towards professions that allow them to use their creativity such as writing, drama, music, or art.


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    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Great hub Kosaugh, my mom was a Leo, and that seems to fit her perfectly! Thank you for your very interesting article. Voted Up!