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7 Things to Know About Virgo Women

Updated on August 27, 2012

Virgo women have birthdays between August 23 and September 22. Virgo is the sixth astrological sign. Below is a list of seven personality traits that Virgo women are said to possess. Are you a Virgo woman? Do you know any Virgo women? If so, how well do you think that these qualities apply?

1) Virgo women are economical

They typically spend money carefully. They are not likely to be extravagant or impulse shoppers.

2) Virgo women tend to be outwardly reserved

They are typically somewhat shy and modest especially with people they don’t know. Virgo women are often uncomfortable with receiving too much attention and at times may embarrass easily.

3) Virgo women are usually extremely organized

They have a high level of attention for detail and like to have a routine. They also tend to be highly analytical and excellent problem solvers.

4) Virgo women value true love

They will do anything and everything for the people they love. When they fall in love they will do so with passion and intensity. Virgo women are also extremely loyal.

5) Virgo women are usually emotionally self-restrained

They dislike drama and are not very sentimental. Virgo women are unlikely to display emotional outbursts in public.

6) Virgo women are very responsible

They can be trusted to get a job done and do it right. Virgo women are typically very hard working.

7) Virgo women tend to have critical natures

They tend to be perfectionists themselves and have equally high expectations of others. They can’t stand tardiness, laziness, sloppiness, or dishonesty.


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