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How to Conduct a Séance Safely and Effectively

Updated on January 27, 2018
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What is an séance?

It is séance is a kind of meeting where a group of people tries to contact the spirits of the dead, especially through the help of a medium. The word “séance” comes from the French word for “seat” or a “session”. The popularity of séances grew in the mid-nineteenth century due to the founding of the Spiritualist movement. It was first conducted by the Fox sisters in New York on March 31st, 1848, who had contacted the spirit of a murdered peddler.

Many people long to contact the spirit world and the idea of contacting the spirit world sound really interesting as well as exciting. If you are wondering how to conduct a séance safely and effectively, you will just have to follow some simple preparations and the following steps to communicate with the spirit of your loved ones.

1) Choose who you are inviting to the party

You should invite a group of your close friends who have lost someone they want to get in touch with. You should make sure there are no skeptics in your group. You should also consider not including a person who is afraid of ghosts and anything to do with the paranormal. It can lead to panic and hysteria which can disrupt or ruin the whole thing.

2) Setting the atmosphere

In order to conduct a séance, you must choose a quiet place, a place which is left undisturbed most of the time. Switching off the lights, lighting some candles or incense might help a little. You should also make sure that the room is comfortable and not filled with too much electronic gadgets and appliances, clocks or any phosphorescent art or picture which might be distracting.

3) Choosing the method of contacting the spirits

Decide among yourselves about how you want to contact the spirits. Consider having an experienced medium or a person, who is more psychically gifted, in your group. If you are not sure about whom you would nominate to be the mediator to facilitate séance, hiring a medium is a much better option. If you decide to do hire a professional medium, you should do a background check and make sure the price is reasonable.

4) Beginning the séance

12 am or midnight is the best time to summon the spirits. Switch off those cell phones, take a deep breath and calm your mind. Make sure everybody get a sip of water and use the restroom before beginning the séance. Light the candles, sit in a circle so that you can see everyone’s faces, close your eyes and meditate a little. Consider smudging the room by burning sage and other herbs to rid the environment of any negative influences as well as attract positive energy.

5) Summoning the spirits

There are various ways of conducting a séance but it’s better to start off by offering a welcoming prayer followed by a prayer of protection. You should thank everyone for coming and place a picture of the person whose spirit you want to summon. Ask everyone to stare at the picture for a few minutes and then visualize the person in your mind while keeping your eyes closed. Invite the spirit to come and make its presence known very politely.

6) Waiting for a sign or an answer

Make sure the medium or sitters turns asking the questions one at a time. It’s up to the group to try to listen, watch and wait. If nobody gets any response, wait patiently and try again. Make sure that anyone does not make any noise or gets up and leaves, breaking the circle which will result in the loss of spiritual energy. If you get intelligible or rude answers or sense a negative presence, thank them for their presence and end the session.

7) Ending the session

After you cease communicating with the spirits, don’t forget to thank the spirits for coming and bid them farewell. Thank your guests for coming and for their cooperation and slowly blow out the candles. Take a few minutes for you and your guests to pull themselves out of the spiritual realm and back into the present. Get up slowly and turn on the lights. Try to decipher the answers you have received and share experiences with each other.

Conducting a séance for the first time can be very thrilling and exhilarating. It can be just plain boring for some people or very emotional and frightening for other people. If the first session was a success, you can start making preparations for conducting another séance session again sometime soon.

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