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7 Ways To Build Your Faith

Updated on May 22, 2011

To Every Man Is Given A Measure Of Faith (paraphrased from Romans 12:3)

To everyone is dealt a measure of faith from God when they was created. With the faith the size of a mustard seed, Jesus says we can move mountains. With just that tiny bit of faith we are all delt from God we can move mountains. If you feel you do not have this faith then please check out my other page on faith. This is a more simple page to show you how quckly you can build on the faith in which God has delt to all men. Then building on that faith in ten easy steps.

VERY IMPORTANT: Stop saying you do not have faith. Far too often I hear this from so many people. This is a negative statement we hang onto and it gets in the way of building faith. Instead of saying you don’t have faith, say I have faith or I can build faith, or Lord, teach me to have faith. Where saying I do not have faith closes your mind and your heart to building faith, a positive one like I have faith opens up the mind and the heart to learn how to have faith. Asking the Lord to teach you to have faith opens your mind and heart to the Lord teaching you how to have faith. Sometimes stand in the mirror and tell yourself you have faith. Say it five times in the morning when you get up. Say it five times in the evening before you go to bed. Before long you will believe you have faith. Before long you will be find yourself doing far more then you ever thought possible.

This process of building faith can take days, weeks, or even years but is well worth the time and effort. Just spending just that little extra effort everyday to learn to have that faith you will see will be well worth it in the end. You will have a personal relationship with the Lord you never though possible. You will be able to accomplish great things for the Lord. You will be able to just have the faith.

Step One: 1. Faith obviously starts with faith in Jesus Christ is the son of God and has redeemed you from your sins on the cross of Calavery. Believing in Jesu

  • Admit --    We all are sinners saved by the grace of God. (Romans 3:23, 6:23
  • Belief  --    Calling on Jesus to confess with your mouth and with all your heart will save you by   His grace. Romans 10:9,10.

Once you have taken this first step in realizing you are a sinner saved by grace through faith you have taken the biggest most important in the faith building process. For without faith its impossible to please God. Without faith in His son we cannot please Him and we cannot have our prayers heard.

If You Already Know Jesus Christ As Your Lord & Saviou

Spend a little time reflecting on the very day you have accepting Jesus as your Saviour. Ask Yourself these questions:

  • Where did you accept Jesus as your saviour?

  • Why did you accept Jesus as your saviour?
  • What has Jesus done for you lately?
  • Do I have a life commited to my Lord and Saviour?

Poll: Do You Know Jesus Christ As Your Saviour?

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Step Two: Realize Building Faith Takes Time & Its Time Well Spent!

This next step is realizing that building faith does not come overnight. It’s a process in which you get closer to God. Its learning how God keeps His promises and will continue to keep His promises for the rest of your life. Building faith takes these two things:

  • Daily in prayer -- Prayer is nothing more then communicated with God. Nothing more then speaking to Him and allowing Him to speak to you through your heart. Make sure you are praying everyday. Not just once only. Paul prayed without ceasing. This means He always kept the lines of communications open. Not only he must have spent hours on his knees praying everyday he always kept in prayer. Not the prayer that you do on your knees but prayer in the heart, prayer in your subconscious. You maybe driving down the road and you see a wreck. Giving a short prayer for those in the wreck. Seeing a person in the store or on the streets who look really down. Smile and pray for them as you pass by. You don’t have to even close your eyes. If you feel you do not know how to pray then you can visit my lens on prayer.
  • Daily in the word of God -- His Holy word – The Holy Bible. Daily you need to seek Him in His word, daily seeking His wisdom, daily reaching out through His word and allowing Him to show you His will and direct your path through the reading of His word. No one else knows more about faith then the Holy Spirit who authored the Bible. If you do not know what to read and study you can visit my lens on Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone to learn about some Bible study methods.

How much time do you spend reading the Bible?

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How much time do you spend in prayer?

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My Pastor Is Always Explaing:

"Daily In The Word, Daily In Prayer   "

"Daily In The Word, Daily In Prayer   "

Step Three: Assembling Fellowship Around Brothers And Sisters In Christ Who Share The Same Faith.

Assembling in the house of God – Church. God has commanded us in His word to “forsake not the assembly of ourselves together” find a local Bible believing church and regularly attending with those with the likeness of faith in Jesus Christ. Finding a church that assembles during the week is very helpful. Worshiping in the house of God midweek keeps you more in the faith to get you through till Sunday morning.

Also builds your faith thyrough regular worship and sermons from the man of God. You will be in the presence of a Holy God and through His man He will speak the words of the Holy Spirit. As I said earlier no one know about faith more then the Holy Spirit.

Have You found a local Bible believing church to belong and attend regularly?

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Step Four: Find A Church Ministry

Many think of a ministry is getting a degree, then set sail to a foreign country and must know a lot from the word of God. Further more they feel they have to be a very good speaker and a "people " person. Finding a ministry is not so. A ministry is simply a group of people who needs ministered from the word of God. While a degree of some kind from the word of God can be helpful its not always necessary. Being a good speaker is not necessary either. You speak from the word of God and with the Holy Spirit. Moses once said he was not a good speaker and God told him he could use his brother. However Moses only used and once and Moses came an excellent speaker and leader.Just look at some of these simple ideas for ministries:

  • A ministry can simply joining the choir at your church. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Don’t worry if you do not have a good voice. Just share the love of God with others thorough song.
  • A ministry also can be helping in the nursery.
  • One more ministry – one very easy to get into is a nursing home ministry. These people don’t care what you have to say, they just care that you cared enough to come and visit them. Even if you just come and pray with them and maybe read them a verse or two. Read them a favorite devotional that you read on a daily bases. Share them with a little piece of your life and faith. Let them know how God is working in your life and that you are praying for them. And actually do pray for them. Don’t worry about making mistakes its likely most will not remember. A nursing home ministry is the best first ministry for anyone.
  • The last ministry I can think of is the bussing ministry. Even if you cannot drive a bus. Some of them have vans that anyone can drive. Maybe you cannot drive at all. Many need an adult to sit with the kids so the driver can keep his full focus on the road. You can sing along with the kids, do games where they can win prizes and pray with the kids. Share them a part of your life and how Christ is working in your life. Make the children your friend. Visit them outside of church or give them a call. This is very important as it keeps them in church.

Still can’t think or find a ministry to get involved in? God knows the perfect ministry for you and already has it picked out and has already given you what you need to fulfill this ministry. Just pray on it and reading His word. He will reveal it to you in His time.

Have you found a local Bible believing church to belong to?

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Step Five: Take A Journey Of Faith With The Isrealites.

Starting in the book of Exodus where the Isrealites are in slavery in Egypt and God loosens them from this bondage through many plagues. Then they are taken on a 40 year jou8rney into a promise land. This is normally a few days journey even in their time. However I think God wanted to bring them on a journey of faith.

Watch as God splits a river so they can walk across on dry ground , then just as the following army who are sent to bring them back, the river closes in on the army sweaping them all to death. Watch as God through Abraham brings water from a rock or makes bitter water sweet by throwing a standing life planted tree into the river just by waving a wond! See faith can move mountains! See how God provides them on this entire journey. Read from Exodus all the way through Joshua where Joshua defeats those already living in the promise land so the Isrealites can occupy it.

Have you read about the Isrealites journey to the promised land?

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Step Six: Read The New Testament Letters Of The Apostle Paul

He wrote about many encouraging, inspiring, uplifting, enlightening letters you must read and read them often. Well not all of them often but sometimes just pick one of his letters and read it again.

Here is a list of letters from the Apostle Paul:

  1. I & II Corinthians
  2. I & II Thessalonians
  3. Romans
  4. Galatians
  5. Philemon
  6. Phillipians
  7. I & II Timothy
  8. Titus
  9. Ephesians
  10. Colossians
  11. Hebres*

*well its not certain but most believe the Apostle Paul wote the book of Hebrews

Have you read the New Testament letters of the apostle Paul?

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Step Seven: Building and Sharing Faith With Tithes and Offerings With Your Local Church

Tithing is a practice of placing that which is Gods back into Gods hands. God owns everything cause He created it. He allows us to manage things. He gave us dominion of this Earth. He allows us to be stewards of bodies, time, effort, and money.

Tithing is the first tenth of your money or the first 10% of the increase God has given you. So if you get paid weekly set aside the first 10% and put it in one of your churches tithing envelopes and give it as part of your Sunday morning service.

If you get paid montly or bimontly you will recive the most blessing still tithing weekly as part of your worship. However if trying to hold the tithing money that long causes problems for you then give it as you get paid.

If your pay gets increased also increase your tithe.

Offerings are above your tithes. You can give offerings for many things. Churchs are different in what they support so someof these your church may or may not do.

  • Missions
  • Youth & Teen
  • Building Fund
  • General Fund

What if you give above tithing is purely optional. You are the steward for Gods money. Pray and do what the Lord lays on your heart. Obviously He wants you to pay your bills.

There is much to be said about tithing and offerings. I would speek to your Pastor, decons, church elders, and fellow belivers in Christ. Tithing and offerins is a subject worthy of its own hub which I may eventually do.

Are you tithing?

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Just remember you’re a sinner saved by grace through faith. Remember to pray and read your Bible everyday. Find a local Bible beliving church to fellowship fellow believers in the faith. Read stories in the Bible such as the Isrealites being lead out of slavery into a journey of faith. Read the inspiring letters of Paul in the New Testament. And last of all remember building faith is a time process. Open your heart to the great possibilities and the possibilities of the spirit world will be open unto you. You will find this an a joyful experience. Stepy by step, day by day you will build the faith.

I pray your journey will never end, I pray your journey will be prosperous and above all I hope you build the faith of your dreams. I hope you build the faith that will move mountains and a faith that will accomplish many things for the Lord. May this journey be the best you have ever taken. May the Lord bless you daily in this journey of hope, peace, and happiness. May you be found faithfully serving the Lord when He comes back to gather us home. May you bring many others to our home in eternity and all the glory of Heaven and our Heavenly Father.

Meet The Auther

Hello Fellow Rearders

I thought I would drop in with a hello and a thank you for reading my article on 7 Steps To Building Faith. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and reading the contents of this message. I really do hope you have received a blessing as well as continue to receive blessings from this message.

Okay, now on to about me...

I am James from the state of Ohio. I was born and raised in the small community of Mount Vernon, Ohio. I am thirty-two (as of the writing of this lens) Born on March, 09, 1979.

I graduated from High School at the age of 19 in June of 1999. I am now conitnueing my education with an associates degree in Bible studies at the Baptist Bible Institue Of Brucyrus. I am just finishing my first of three years at the time of this writing (May 2011. I am looking forward to graduating June of 2013 with my asscoiates degree in Bible. I have three classes to attend every Monday night. Old Testament, New Testament, & Theology. Homework tipically takes me 8-10 hours a week.

I acepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour June 18, 2010. I started going to church in April 2007. From then on I have regularlly attending church for four services a week. I also join my church twice a month at our county nursing home for preaching and singing. Where I also have preached twice. I have held a Bible study at a more local nursing home for several months whree I ended up with a group of 14. I look forward to soon picking that back up since I needed to focus on getting into school and prioritiizing my life.

For the last couple of years I have wrote devotionals and published them online at a simular site of Hubpages (which I won't list here since I do not know if its against TOS at this point.)

I have also preached once at my local church I am a member of. I look forward to serving God in new ways and in more preaching of His word whenever I get the chance.

Besides all the time spend in church, school, and other ministry type work, I like to spend time with my wife of about six years. Together we watch some television and do a few other activities together. I enjoy reading and writing and general Internet type stuff.

Again, I thank you for stopping by to read this message on faith. I hope you will check out more of my current and future work.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      What is the difintion of faith

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It is written that, "faith comes by hearing, and by hearing the word of God.". When you meditate on the Word day and night, you're building your faith. Also be in a church where the Word is being taught. "Without faith it's impossible to please God." So God needs or faith to make things happen. But most importantly, "we live by faith, not by sight." You have to believe you've received what you've asked God for when you FIRST asked Him. Too many times Christians repeat their prayers by asking God for the same thing over and over because they haven't physically seen it come to pass. By asking God again and again for something he had already given to you the first time you asked clearly tells God you lack faith in what you asked him for otherwise you wouldn't have asked him again. What your followup prayer should be is thanking him for answering your prayer (even though it hasn't physically manifested itself yet).

    • jc43351 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Ohio

      Giselle Maine,

      My Pastor says every ministry in the Binble is linked to a local church usually to the persons home church. Every ministry needs the backing of a home church. That is whre they will get the most prayer and financial support. These are the people who know you and care about you the most then anyone else. Anyone else has to go on other peoples word more or less. A second hand witness account is a little harder to go by then first hand. That's why courts do not accept second hand witness as evidence.

      I think every ministry should be backed by a local church. If your church doesn't support your ministry you need to find out why. There is a good cance the ministry isn't support by God either. Well either the idea or the person. Not that the person isn't good for the job but maybe God has better plans for that person then the ministry they came up with. That's why its so important to be in the word of God daily and daily in prayer. Thus you learn Gods will for your life.

      Thank you for your coment/question. I hope this helps clear up this confusion for you. (oh on this commentbox whre it is, some reason hubpage editor will not let me move it). Well God bless :)


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