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826 Paranormal Explores 2008 Haunted Dinner With Lorraine Warren and Ryan Buell

Updated on February 13, 2009


The night of the Haunted was a sold out event starring Lorraine Warren, Tony Spera, and A&E Paranormal State 's Ryan Buell. The event took place at the Stone Barn Restaurant in Monroe, Ct. on the 26th of October. Tony Spera (director) of the New England Society for Psychic Research lead the night with lectures about past cases and showed videos showing the history of the N.E.S.P.R. As we all waited for the arrival of Lorraine Warren and the cast of Paranormal State. Tony kept our attention on the great food and excellent atmosphere. we then hear from a distance bag pipers entering the room . The doors opened and Lorraine Warren and Ryan Buell made there entrance guided in by the pipers.

The night continued with Lorraine lecturing and speaking about her history with her late husband Ed Warren. Lorraine then had Ryan speak about the relationship with A&E Paranormal State and her organisation N.E.S.P.R. They told about experiences that they have gone through during the taping of the television show. Ryan then gave the crowd a sneak preview of the latest episode of Paranormal State.

Lorraine and Tony then welcomed new to the investigation team Police officer James Myers. Lorraine explained how they took a historical trip to the Poli Palace Theater, the Majestic Theater , and the Savoy Hotel in Bridgeport , Ct. Lorraine explains how the trip to this site meant so much to her, due to it being arranged on Ed Warren's birthday September 7th. The Lowes Poli Palace was where Lorraine and Ed had their first date. Myers then stated that" it was like walking into the titanic." Lorraine then played the video made by Myers "Journey Through Time."After the video was completed Lorraine and Myers discussed his future with working with them investigating sites and taking psychic photographs.

The night continued with more lectures and a costume contest. Lorraine and Tony then had a Question and Answer segment, for all that had things on their minds that needed to be addressed. A meet and greet concluded the night. Overall this was a great success as it is every year. We would like to thank all that took part in the Night of The Haunted and the cast of A&E Paranormal State. A special thank you to Lorraine Warren's family who arranged and put together this special evening..During the evening Jim Myers' wife Sue Myers observed something in the window next to the portrait of Ed Warren. Sue asked Jim for his camera, she then snapped a shot of the portrait. Sue showed Jim what she caught on the camera. Jim started to snap picture after picture of this image. What they found was a mass of energy that was manifesting into the spirit face of Ed next to the portrait. Jim showed Lorraine's daughter and great grand daughter these images. They look at the photos in complete aw.. Jim then showed the images to Lorraine , and Tony , They could not believe what they were seeing. I guess Ed is still watching over us making sure we continue his trade and even a craft. Rest in Peace Ed , we know you would never miss the opportunity to show your face at the Haunted dinner.

Night of The Haunted

Lorraine Warren and Ryan Buell
Lorraine Warren and Ryan Buell
Lorraine Warren
Lorraine Warren
826 Paranormal / James Myers and Ryan Buell Paranormal State
826 Paranormal / James Myers and Ryan Buell Paranormal State
Lorraine Warren and 826 Paranormal/ James Myers
Lorraine Warren and 826 Paranormal/ James Myers
Paranormal State
Paranormal State
Serga and Myers
Serga and Myers
826 Paranormal / James Myers and the cast of Paranormal State
826 Paranormal / James Myers and the cast of Paranormal State
Lorraine, Myers, and Buell
Lorraine, Myers, and Buell
826 Paranormal/ James Myers and N.E.S.P.R. DIRECTOR Tony Spera
826 Paranormal/ James Myers and N.E.S.P.R. DIRECTOR Tony Spera
Ghost image appears at the dinner
Ghost image appears at the dinner


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