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88 to 100 out of 100 Tough Questions Answered

Updated on January 3, 2020
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

88. How could Jesus be tempted?

How is not the question here for we do not know all the details about Jesus’ body and personality. he was both God and man at the same time thus it stands to reason that He would be vulnerable to temptation and we do see in the Gospels how Jesus was tempted. Now some people say that Jesus was tempted basically to thwart His purpose in coming to earth and that may be a part of it but in Hebrews 2:18 we find these words: ‘For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted.’ If Jesus was not tempted, and He did not overcome such temptation how could He understand what we are going through when we face the temptations hurled at us each day? How could we have confidence in His help if He was not successful in defeating each and every temptation that came his way? Who could we turn to if Jesus was not tempted, and who defeated each attempt to get Him to sin? We would feel alone, thinking we have nowhere to turn.

But since Jesus was tempted, since He was successful, we now have someone who understands, who has been through it all and has shown how such attacks can be defeated. All we have to do is look to Him for the right words, the right actions and lean on His strength to see us through. Knowing that His power is greater than the temptation we face gives us hope, courage and perseverance to make it through.

The real question, is not how could He be tempted, but why was He? The answer is simple, to provide strength to His followers so they can be victorious, be happy and at peace.

89. How should Christians respond to Halloween?

They should keep it within Jesus’ and God’s commands. Festivals have been around since nearly the beginning of time and the unsaved will celebrate something but Christians need to make sure their words, actions and reactions are in line with the Bible and not condemn those who participate in such festivals. They should pray against evil and protect themselves and their families spiritually because sometimes people mistake their desires with God’s leading and get themselves into a lot of trouble because they made a mistake in discernment.

Follow Jesus and the Bible in this matter and use the following to help guide you: 1. Is this spiritually uplifting and strengthening?; 2. Would God approve?; 3. Is this bringing glory to God?; 4 is this in line with what Jesus and the disciples taught? and so on.

The key is not to condemn the secular world for their activities and be all self-righteous but treat the unbeliever as you would want to be treated. I see no harm in handing out candy to children or even lighting off fireworks but again, it should all be done in a context that brings people towards Christ, not turn them away.

90. Who made God?

No one. He has always existed.

91. Are images of Jesus idolatrous?

In Exodus 20:4 it says: ‘You shall not make for yourselves an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on earth beneath or in the waters below…’ Making an image of Jesus is basically making an idol as 1. we do not know what Jesus looked like thus any image would not display His correct likeness and 2. one would be praying to that image, not Jesus. Thus the short answer is ‘yes, it would be idolatrous.’ We also find in that

passage no exceptions for images of Christ or God which means that we have no exemptions for man made objects depicting the artist’s conception of what Jesus looked like.

We are to follow Christ’s and God’s instructions when it comes to communicating with them and those are found throughout the Bible and at no time do we find permission to disobey the commandment given in Exodus 20. it is best for the believer to avoid owning, using, borrowing any image of Christ.

92. Did demons have sexual relations with women in Genesis 6:4?

First off, there is no mention of demons in that passage and second, the bodies of demons are not the same as humans and there is no word that they have the same ability to reproduce as humans do. Jesus needed a human body to interact in this terrestrial world, to eat, to feel, to do the same as any human and it would be the same for demons as well as angels. Keil & Delitzsch have this to say on the topic: Now if, according to the simple meaning of the passage, the Nephilim were in existence at the very time when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, the appearance of the Nephilim cannot afford the slightest evidence that the “sons of God” were angels, by whom a family of monsters were begotten, whether demigods, daemons, or angel-men (Vol. Genesis pg. 91)

In other words ‘no they did not.’ People get confused by the terms sons of God and daughters of man and think they refer to spiritual beings when they do not. Basically and most likely those terms refer to the same situation we have today–Christians look at the beauty of non-Christians and disobey God by marrying them.

93. Is religion the root of all evil?

No, for the Bible has never declared that to be the case. Religion is full of misguided people, fanatics, ill-informed adherents, and so on and one cannot blame Christianity for the evil men and women commit in its name or the name of Christ/God. One must put the blame where it really belongs on the sin nature in all people and the evil that influences people to do bad things to others.

1 Timothy 6:10 says, ‘For the love of money is a root* of all kinds of evil…’ and more harm and evil has been done to people concerning money and greed than all the acts of evil done by religious people. Unfortunately, the love of money has driven many a believer to do evil as well, they are not exempt here. People need to be sophisticated and the unbeliever, especially the atheist, is not for they lump all religious people into one category and blame Christ, God, and Christians for things they did not do nor granted permission to be done. This is just wrong and demonstrates the unjust nature of the unbeliever and their unwillingness to differentiate between those who do follow God and His word from those who claim to be Christian yet do not follow God or His Son. Their condemning and punishing the innocent provides the reason to the believer on why they should not follow the unbelieving words and ideas–they are contrary to God’s way.

* Only the KJV says: The love of money is the root of all evil, which would indicate that religion plays a small part in the evil that men do.

94. Should abortion be permitted in cases of rape or incest?

In a word, ‘NO’. There is a verse in the Old testament where God instructs the Israelites on whom to punish for the crimes committed and He is very clear that the parents are not to be punished for the crimes/sins of their children and the children should not be punished for the crimes/sins of their parents and abortion would be violating that command. The child is innocent of the criminal act and ending its life is making it pay for a crime it did not commit nor even knew about and that is wrong.

Most Christians who allow this exemption in abortion cases do so to gain favor with the unbelieving world and that is a compromise and is also wrong. Believers must stand by God’s word and proclaim it so that all will know the correct way to go, even if they do not choose that path. Christians need to remember that they have freely chosen to follow God’s path and they must allow the unbeliever the same freedom of choice, even if it is not the one a believer wants to see made and since the unbeliever does not accept God’s ways and violate His instructions and commands, that in no way releases the Christian from following the morality they have chosen (God’s way) and they must deal with this issue in the way that God wants, not in the way their emotions or desires dictate. For they no longer serve themselves but are now God’s servants who are to do His will not their own.

Thus the believer cannot allow this compromise to enter into their thinking for though the act is horrendous, the child did not sin, nor commit the crime and there are better options available to remove the child from the woman who was violated and keep it alive but again, the believer can only follow God’s way in implementing those alternatives and remember that the mother/father have free choice to decide what they will do and cannot be forced, manipulated, abused etc., into choosing the ‘Christian’ way.

95. Is the New Testament anti-Semitic?

No, but people get this idea because the New Testament does speak against a lot of the actions committed by Jewish people. It must be remembered that the NT was written by all Jewish men and nothing in its pages speaks against the Jews (God’s chosen people) in a racist or anti-Semitic way. It talks about how grace has come upon the earth, how physical sacrifices of animals are no longer required and it speaks on how people should live, which frees up their lives, and so on, but nothing in its pages can be construed as being anti-Semitic.

96. Is the New Testament authoritative or authoritarian?

I like to quote Dr. Metzger, who said in an interview with Lee Strobel: ‘You have to understand that the canon was not the result of a series of contests involving church politics. The canon is rather the separation that came about because of the intuitive insight of Christian believers…When pronouncement was made about the canon, it merely ratified what the general sensitivity of the church had already determined…These documents didn’t derive their authority from being selected; each one was authoritative before anyone gathered them together.” (The Case for Christ, pg. 69)

No, the NT is not authoritarian for one is not being made to follow its words, that is done be free choice by those who want to escape the clutches of the devil and sin and follow what is the authority and the right way to go for salvation and freedom from sin. Both the OT & the NT are books that come with authority, an authority that no other work possesses and when one chooses to follow their words, they are in obedience freely, not mandatory.

97. Should Christians support a ban on embryonic stem cell research?

The Christian needs to put Christ’s words into action: 1. do unto others…; 2. pray for those who do evil…; 3. do good to those who do evil…; and so on. Supporting a ban is not the Christian thing to do unless God clearly instructs one to do so. The believer is to preach what is right or wrong and allow others the right of free choice just as they are allowed to exercise their free choice to obey God or not. In this preaching right or wrong, the believer must also treat others who do not follow God in the manner that Jesus showed and instructed.

98. Is Intelligent Design really science?

It is possible that they do some science within their boundaries but then I do not believe that evolutionary science is science because it does not provide any truth and seeks to lead people away from God to false alternatives. One must make up their own minds on this issue and use the Bible to help them come to the right determination. God is very clear about how He created the word and science in its present form does not allow for the miraculous to be considered and that is just wrong thus if I.D. does the same then they are not practicing true science.

Science is subject to the Bible, not vice versa, thus if any scientific experiment disagrees with the Bible then the experiment, not the Bible, is wrong no matter who conducts it.

99. Is the Big Bang Biblical?

In the secular form the answer is ‘no’, for it removes God from the picture and contradicts Him on how all things originated. It was not by chance that the world and the universe came into existence. it was not by chance that the details we see each day came into existence, they all originated because God wanted to create us and the universe, providing us with the comfort that we are wanted even if our human relatives reject us.

The big bang theory and other secular alternatives deprive and rob people of the truth about why we are here and they cannot be accepted in any form for they destroy hope, love and other things we need to survive. Now it is known that astronomers have seen scars in the fabric of the universe which gives them the idea that the Big bang took place* but they are misguided and ignore the option that those scars are the results of God speaking and the universe and the world came into being. (*see Hawkins book ‘A Brief History of Time’)

100. Is suicide an unforgivable sin?

On this issue I do not know, for the Bible does not give us details about what is the unforgivable sin and it is best that we do not know or we may be tempted to commit it and be destroyed for no reason other than we are weak or wanted to fool around with God and His word. It is best to stay as far away from sin as possible and not open the doors to being destroyed forever because curiosity got the best of us.

Suicide is sin for it violates the commandment, though shalt not kill, but as to being unforgivable, one cannot say for we are not God and He set the limit not humans. If you are having or you know of someone who is having suicidal thoughts get or get them help because this is an issue one does not want to play with for one cannot change their minds and undo the act once they are successful.

© 2020 David Thiessen


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