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A Angel In The Sky

Updated on November 21, 2015

Angel Kisses

I have a angel I miss who went to heaven one day.
Sometimes I cry because I wanted that person to stay.
We used to talk and laugh and have so much fun.
Now the feelings I have weigh on my heart like a ton.
If only we could have one more talk or one more hug.
I can't begin to tell you how on my heart it tugs.
Then one night while sleeping I had a dream.
I had drifted off to sleep and the beauty of angels I seen.
I saw my loved one talking and laughing.
There where happy children near a creek splashing.
I seemed to somehow be in the distance.
The happiness and relief I felt made me almost forget of my existence.
It was like I was on a cloud watching my loved one.
Happy tears rolled down my face when I saw they were having so much fun.
We were so close yet I felt like I needed a bridge to cross.
Suddenly I felt my worries disappear about the one I lost.
I thought my loved one was oblivious that I was watching them.
But I saw my loved one turn and wave at me then.
I smiled and waved with all my might.
Just then I woke up to see that I had slept away the night.
I felt a soft brush of feathers on my cheek.
I know who it was for it felt so loving and sweet!

© 2015 Marian


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