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A Bible Story: My Other Precious Sons

Updated on November 14, 2011

The mortal family lived on....

Already Jews and non-Jews are becoming even more familiar with my first-born son Jesus, The Christ. Many now emulate him and follow his teachings and his example. The apostles and his many other disciples teach of him and seek to live their lives, and so to love others as he did in his short lifetime, and does, even now, following his resurrection.

I love him as his mother. I worried over him as I saw even the wise and the priests of his day turn against him, and finally condemn him to his cruel death at the hands of his executioners.

There is little immediate solace to be gained at such a time in having other grown cildren. The intense sadness at the loss of an oldest child, is not immediately lessened by the remaining and ongoing lives of his other brothers and sisters.

As unique as I was, chosen to have one such son, and one of the few to know the truth and the joy of his resurrection after death, I am humbly thankful for other great blessings of my motherhood.

James, Joses, Simon, and Judas have been, and are, sons to also be proud of, both for their courage and for their devotion to truth, charity, forgiveness, and love.

As I love Jesus for each of these qualities, I love them also. Mine is more than just a mother's love for them, for they have taken up Jesus' crown of thorns, and each wear it humbly, but courageously.

There was a time, not so long ago (and yet it seems ever so long ago) when, fearing for Jesus' life we went to encourage him to return to us for a time and a season. But, just as he continued then in his devotion to God the Father, so also now his brothers show themselves to be of similar wisdom, resolve, and courage.

Rebellion and conquest have not bettered men's lives, but seem instead to breed only new enemies and new, more turbulent struggles. It takes great courage to love one's enemies, to bless and return good for evil to those who curse and hate you, and to pray for all of Heavenly Father's children regardless of their outwardly evil or loving natures.

By doing so, however, we acknowledge and please God, and avoid the error of judging, for God is the only perfect judge, knowing men's true hearts.

My sons James and Judas have written letters they hasten to send to you by good and faithful hands.

May their words to you, and their love for you, join with my prayers and those of Joses and Simon in conveying the love of Jesus to you and to those you serve in his name. Amen

© This work is licensed under a Creative Comments Attribution-No Derivs 3.0 United States License

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[Note: For the letters from James, the older of these four sons of Mary, and from Judas, Jesus' youngest of these brothers, see the "General Epistle of James" and the "General Epistle of Jude" in any Bible.]

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