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A Break Down of Reality

Updated on April 14, 2015

By the Archive

Reality and fantasy are nothing more than names for the same thing. Who among use can actually say with absolute certainty that what we see is real. We can't, because fantasy and reality are nothing more than different names for perception. We only see the things we ourselves perceive as real.

We look at the world around us and already we are certain of what is and what isn't. Our inability to differentiate between possible and impossible clouding our judgement. Because in the end, reality and fantasy are just a way of viewing the world. We make of world what we wish.

True, the trees and bushes around my house won't somehow spring to life and rearrange themselves as they see fit. But that doesn't mean that isn't how someone else perceives the world. What is fantasy to some is reality to others. We can never truly tell because we are unable or unwilling to alter our own sense of what is to see what they see.


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