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A Case for Jesus, the Christ

Updated on January 18, 2013
Book of promises
Book of promises | Source

I find that i am always fascinated by what believers say they believe and what they will actually act upon.

The dichotomy is always something of the schizophrenic mind. At least that is how i look at it these days. But it has nothing to do with a mental problem! It just has to do with what one believes at the time one is acting upon what they feel is right.

Lots of people refer to it as the hypocritical thinking of Christians especially, but to label only Christians as hypocrites proves that no one person has the market on what that represents.

Christians like everyone else is looking for something to rely on, something to believe on and typically if we are truthful, trying to fill the gap in our soul that tells us in the quiet of the night that something is missing from our lives.

Trouble is nothing fills it. Nothing brings the reassurance that we need. Nothing brings us the peace that buoys us when the world around us falls to pieces.

There is nothing anyone could say better than Jesus about himself as to why He is the Christ or why God sent Him to be a savior to whosoever chooses Him.

Yet we continually try to make a case for why we believe that He is the answer. I remember i was trying to debate a point about salvation with someone once and in the still sweet voice that i recognize as God's, He said that he didn't need anyone to defend Him.

He could do that all by Himself. He is the way, the truth and the life! And everything speaks of His existence, that even the simplest of children wonder how it all began and who created it all.

I realize now years later that, that is true!

All i am required to do is be the living epistle that the bible says i am in Christ Jesus and the rest takes care of itself.

These are the things that i feel make my case for Jesus though. They are actually redundant to those who know Christ for any length of time or for anytime for that matter.

  • He is the only man in history that came to die for human / man kind.
  • He is the only man who shed his blood for mankind, where his flesh was stripped from his bones and his beard pulled from his face and his body so distorted with mutilation and disease along with sin for another, that He-Jesus was unrecognizable.
  • He is the only man that was said to be the only begotten son of God and willingly died so that others could call God - father.
  • He is the only one recorded anywhere who was born to die, and everything points to that when one examines where he was born and their meaning, in a stable.
  • He is the only man born of a woman but whose DNA has nothing to do with a human man's sperm
  • He is the only man that died for the human race, no matter how they feel about Him
  • He is the only man who went through a mock trial, was sentenced to death, beaten with a cat o nine tail, crowned with thorns, carried a cross, hung on a cross all because of what he taught and because the rulers of that day feared him
  • He was the only man that died for both the Jew and the Gentile, all are welcome

For me these are what is key

  • He left heaven for me
  • He bleed for me
  • He took a beaten for me
  • He died for me
  • He was abused for me
  • He proved his love for me
  • He offers me peace
  • He offers me a blessed life both on earth and into eternity
  • He did all the work for me
  • He redeemed me
  • He made me righteous
  • He broke poverty for me
  • He did all the good things for me that i could ever dream of...Just for me!
  • And so much more

What stands out more than anything else though is the fact that he proved his love for me by offering me a free choice that only his death could bring about. There is not another figure in history ever to DO any of that and for that Jesus is the Savior and the Lord!

he proved his love

  • through death
  • through a mock trial
  • through a crucifixion
  • through hate
  • through disease
  • through burial
  • through resurrection

It's hard for me to worship or follow someone else once i know these fundamental things. because at the back of my mind i realize quite rightly that no one else even offered to do that for me much less the human race.

Jesus alone, because of the father God's love did satisfying God's justice!

The bible talks about a good friend laying down his life for another. Some have done it but who to the extent of Jesus and did they rise from the grave.

The bible articulates it better than any one else. So my advice is always to invite the Holy Spirit of God to clarify those things that you read in the handbook so that you have understanding of what He is truly saying.

The case for Jesus is the same no matter what one believes. And it all ends up being the same. He is not just a prophet or great teacher, with slogans we can post on our walls. He is not just a miracle worker and social activist who had good philosophies to follow.

He was not only just the son of God, the first born son of Mary, reared by the carpenter Joseph, a brother to half sisters and brothers. He is the savior! He is lord! He is the resurrection and the life! He is the only begotten son of God the father, who made it possible for others to cry through adoption Abba father.

Lead me to Jesus, expound on who He is and that is only when i find out who i am in Christ Jesus.

Jesus says He made it simply enough for a child to understand. We make it complicated!


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 5 years ago

      Hi shofarcall, good to meet you as well, and thanks! I just know what i know, and you have stated it beautifully yourself, ' He stooped down, ...our Emmanuel to become the 'sacrificial lamb' for us...Be blessed and mix faith with it! In Christ Jesus...

    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 5 years ago

      Celiegirl, Good to meet you here sister in Christ.

      Your love of and passion for the Lord comes through in this hub and I pray that many who do and who don't know Jesus, The Son of the Living God, will come onto this hub to read and know of Him. To know that God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, who stooped down to this fallen world to be our Emmanuel and then to become the "sacrificial lamb" for us, to become sin, thereby opening the gates of heaven, so that we who believe in Him, can enter in by His righteousness. Precious Jesus. Well done. Voted beautiful.

    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 5 years ago

      Thanks MsDora, funny thing is "He proved His Love", continues to be an epiphany for me...the more i learn the more i see what Jesus did for me and who God sees me as in Christ Jesus! Ditto about loving Him!!!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing your passionate testimony of your faith in Jesus Christ. With all the differing expert opinion on who He is, it really boils down to your opinion of Him. You said it best. "He proved His love," and in response, I love Him too. With you, for Him.