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A Christian, I Follow Jesus’ Example and Love ALL People Including Homosexuals

Updated on October 24, 2012
Matthew 22: 37-40
Matthew 22: 37-40 | Source

Being relatively new to Hub Pages and Blogging in general, I never imagined I would write about my Faith. Not because it is not important to me. Conversely, it is at the foundation of my very life and how I conduct myself and raise my family. I freely share my beliefs with all who as I believe in leading by example and how I live and engaging in personal conversations. However, there comes a time when you see, hear, or read things which force you to make a statement about your own beliefs. When you see a great injustice, it is a time to stand up. To let the world know, your voice exists even if it is in opposition with the majority view of my Christian community and even those not external to the Faith.

Now, I know, it may seem that my beliefs are simply giving in to times but I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather it has been Biblical readings, the teachings of Jesus and prayerful considerations that have brought about my beliefs that a person can be both Christian and not only love homosexuals but not condemn them either. And if you find yourself in knee-jerk opposition to this already, that is fine. But I ask you to do two things. The first, ask yourself if you devote the equal amount of time, energy and words speaking out to heterosexual people that you know are participating in premarital / extramarital sexual sins. If you do not, ask yourself why you find yourself singling out homosexuals? If you are truly convinced on the sinful nature of these acts ask yourself why you are not devoting equal treatment to both sides of the same coin. If it is because that “sin” hits too close to home either within yourself, your own family or circle of friends and therefore you are uncomfortable speaking against it, then you have no business speaking out against the other. If you truly believe homosexuality is a sin then you also truly believe all sins are equal in the mind of God. And you need to brave enough to speak up about your beliefs, ALL your beliefs, if that is what you are claiming is the basis for calling out homosexuals. Second, and more importantly, ask yourself if YOU were a homosexual and heard the words you are speaking, would it draw you closer to God, to Jesus? Would it convince you to convert? By the words you speak, how many souls are you winning for the Lord Jesus Christ, who you proclaim to LOVE above all others and is the very reason you cite for speaking out in the first place. If your words seek to condemn but not to convert, then they have no place at all and would not have been sanctioned by our Lord. Jesus won souls to Him by loving people even those he openly called sinners. If that is your thinking, follow His path. Seek conversion and not condemnation. So as you judge others, YOU will be JUDGED by HIM for your own failings. Consider that before speaking. If you have no failings, no shortcomings, no sin before you, speak out freely by all means. Myself personally, I have many sins so I do not speak of anything except forgiveness and of when I myself have fallen.

Now, on to the topic at hand which is actually NOT condemning homosexuality. It is true that the Bible condemns sexual immorality. But it is not completely clear that includes homosexuality. What IS clear is that sexual immorality includes: having sex with someone who is not your husband or wife. That is spelled out repeatedly and consistently. To select certain passages and apply them as Biblical law against homosexuality would mean applying many other such “laws” universally. The fact is that I have yet to meet a Christian who is comfortable with the universal application of laws in the often cited books as Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Then too, you have to consider historical context of the Bible and when it was written. The fact that early church leaders desired to clearly separate the Church and its faithful from the Romans and Roman culture. The Roman culture unfortunately had not only hetero & homo sexuality prevalent but an abhorrent practice of married men taking younger boys as lovers - a situation that would be clearly labeled as the repugnant practice of pedophilia today. Most Christians that cite these chapters, like to survey the cafeteria and select which laws they want to be obeyed and leaving out those which they do not find suitable. I suppose this is good or else many people would be punished for wearing cotton/polyester blends, visiting the barber, farmers for their crops and animal grazing, hands cut off, and stoning would be a daily occurence. Really? Why not take a step back, worry about your own sinful nature, guide your family as best you can and bring as many people close to Jesus as you can.

Condemnation was not how Jesus operated. Not for those guilty of adultery, the prostitutes or tax collectors who were despised. He invited them to dine with him. He loved them and they came to Him.

If you need further convincing that the Bible does not uniformly condemn homosexuality, please read 1 and 2 Samuel in the Bible and focus on the very unusual and not at all condemned relationship between David and Jonathan (son of Saul). Read about how they loved each other so deeply they made a covenant and how David laments when Jonathan dies that his (Jonathan’s) love for him (David) was “more wonderful than that of women”. It is a wonderful love story with promises, exchange of gifts, forays into the field and kisses. And of all the wives and concubines of David, it is interesting to see this story.

My final thoughts – again I state that you do not need to agree with me. But, I do hope my post did get you thinking a bit, about the reason you are speaking out and whether your words are helping or hindering your cause. Even if you continue to pursue your beliefs with zero change in your thoughts, perhaps you may re-evaluate your strategy and choose your words more carefully. Recently, I find myself learning a lesson from my son who has some special needs. In order to communicate with him better, I must first do my best to perceive the world from his point of view. I must feel the things that make him uncomfortable, scared, and imagine if I could not speak clearly. If I put myself in his tiny shoes for a bit, it suddenly becomes much easier to understand the best way to get my message to him so he can understand me. And when all else fails, and we are both very frustrated - a hug works wonders!

Peace and God's love to everyone!


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