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Jesus May Have Been An Extraterrestial--Part II

Updated on October 25, 2010
Was Jesus A Jew or Christian, or...?
Was Jesus A Jew or Christian, or...?

Many Biblical Stories Seem to Fit Neatly In This View

So, my dear grandchildren, to continue our story, Roax could already see the vast value of Earth's natural resources, but more than anything else, he could see the unlimited source of energy in the intelligent creatures that had been created to master and govern it all. He could see that these beings were the key to the planet, and they were the force that he would use to take control of this jewel of the galaxy. He would find a way to lure them away from the influence of their creators and to himself. He would become their master and the master of this paradise.

Roax knew that this would not be an easy task, because they had been programmed to respond only to codes known to those who were part of this project. He knew that they were masters at hidden coding, and that he would not be able to find and decipher the codes; but he was a master of deception, and he would find a way to turn these beings to himself. He would offer them something no one else would, but what would that be?

The creator gods were magnificent beings and master geneticists, but he knew well that they were not perfect nor invulnerable. Somewhere there was a flaw, and he was determined to find it. He studied these new creatures as if they were the most interesting thing he had ever known in his immortal life. He learned their languages, their customs and knew their inmost thoughts, because he could read them. He spent five-hundred years roaming the earth from race to race, marveling at their perfection. Because he was also a master of the universe, he too could move at will through dimensions and parallel universes with ease and so could make himself visible or not as he pleased. He could see that these creatures knew no fear, no anger, no malice, no envy, no self-consciousness. They were in constant contact with their creators, receiving an endless stream of vital data and information that gave them control over all life on earth. All other creatures bowed to their will, even though these humans, as they were called, had never to command.

Among themselves the humans knew only peace and cooperation that gave them whatever they wanted, and they built a civilization that was soon as marvelous as they were. They had everything they could ever want in this paradise, except one thing, and this one thing was deceptively simple and yet something they were completely unaware of, the duality of opposites. It’s not that opposites did not exist, it’s just that in their complete simplicity, they were not aware of them. They knew only health, not sickness; only life, not death; only goodness, not evil; only innocence, not shame; only right and not wrong. These beings were totally focused on the will of their creators, and it never crossed their minds to do anything but what their creators wanted them to do. They never questioned this anymore than they would question the presence of the sky or the rising sun.

The leader of the rogue masters knew the power of duality to divide and conquer. He had known it in his own life. That is why he was free and not under the power of the others. He knew that once he had succeeded in planting that seed, he would have succeeded in planting the seed of division that would slowly but surely separate them from their creators and make them vulnerable to his will. But, how could he do it? How would he cross the barrier?

He was of the reptilian species and a shape changer, but he could only change his shape within his species. He roamed freely over the earth, taking whatever reptilian guise suited his purpose, getting to know these human creatures in every way he could. He was in no hurry, because he was immortal.

Since the humans could communicate with every living thing using their minds alone, it was simple to communicate with them; and since they were guileless and unsuspecting, they would never imagine his scheme. So he looked for the perfect ones in whom to plant his seed, ones who perhaps were near the edge of understanding the power of the creator gods, ones who were near the edge of wondering what was on the other side of the chasm of duality, ones whose intelligence came closest to the gods’ themselves. He knew that it had been the purpose of this experiment to produce a species of beings that were as close to the perfection of the creator gods as possible without giving them the freedom to be one of them. They could only become one of them if they knew there was difference between them and knew what that difference was. They could only become one of them if they had the knowledge of good and evil, because without that knowledge, there was no choice, and without choice, there was no power to create.

He also knew that it had taken billions of years and the perfection of many universes for the creator gods to understand and control the power of duality so that it no longer consumed them. These new creatures would never be able to handle this power without turning it into a raging fire that would turn one against the other, that would consume them with envy, jealousy and, most of all, the desire to possess power over all others. Now they were one with themselves and their creators. After the seed was planted and grew, they would believe that they were separate. An illusion, yes, but they wouldn’t know it, and it will take them millions of years to find out, if they ever did.

He himself knew this deadly desire. Even as he planned this takeover of planet earth, he was aware that he was an outcast from the society of creator gods, because he had been unwilling to let go of his desire to dominate, to conquer, to possess. He, too had the power to create. He, too was a creator god, but he was a renegade, isolated by his own fierce will to control everything and everyone in this universe. He loved this illusion of his separate self and would not let it go. He had gathered around him all those others who like him wanted the power to dominate, to control, and he controlled them.

He was patient. He wanted just the right ones, and when he found them, and he did, he began a slow and painstaking education that led them from a state of total innocence to the ledge over the precipice of duality and chaos. All that remained was to push them over the ledge.

All over the earth his followers were carrying out his plan. He wanted to instigate this rebellion at the same time all over the earth so that the seeds would grow together, and the fire would fan out across the earth and ignite all of the creatures. Once he gained control, he planned to systematically reprogram these beings genetically so that they would never again be as powerful as they were and never again be able to resist his authority. Their twelve strands of DNA, the twelve helixes, would be reduced to only the two needed for procreation and survival. Those are the only ones he would need to keep them enslaved and keep them producing and working for him.

He knew that the creator gods had planned for this possibility, because they were aware of all possibilities and because they knew him well. However, the other gods had a fatal flaw that he did not, they were spiritual creatures, and they had integrity. He knew that they had already decided not to directly interfere in lives of these creatures. He knew that once he had succeeded in turning these creatures his way and had convinced them that they could be as powerful as the ones who had made them, the creator gods would not directly interfere. These creatures would be his unless they themselves found out what he had done and learned how to reverse it, which he would do everything in his power to prevent.

Once he had mutated them genetically, it would be practically impossible for them to gain back their original power and freedom. There was really only one practical way that this could happen, and that would be through a painstakingly slow evolution through many lifetimes of learning and growing. And, they would require many examples of others who had accomplished that feat over eons of time. He was right, but he also was not perfect, and he also underestimated the resourcefulness of the creator gods. He was unaware of the power that existed in the love that the creator gods had for their creation, because he was almost devoid of love. Almost, but not totally, because he too was created by the power of love, and it lay dormant in the depths of his own soul, a seed buried deep beneath the snow and ice in his cold heart. He was unaware of his vulnerability to this love, but someday even he himself would succumb to its power.

He succeeded. His plan worked flawlessly, and humans were coaxed over the precipice of duality and into the depths of the chaos of greed, hatred, jealousy, envy, and death. Roax did reprogram them generation by generation, and created a planet filled with intelligent being filled with fear and dread. The light of love was banned from the earth, and the darkness of fear took over. Brother killed brother, parents sold their children into slavery for a few pieces of gold or a few more years of life, tribe attacked tribe to gain the power of territory, and the slaughter and enslavement of the innocent became commonplace.

As he had predicted, power became the most sought-after commodity on the earth, and a few ruled the many; and he controlled the few. The earth and all it contained was his, and he took full advantage and enjoyed the control. He and his followers infiltrated the ranks of the humans and ceaselessly created ever new ways to control them through fear. As the eons rolled by, the subtle and not so subtle power of fear became part of the fabric of the depths of the human mind. Generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime, humans were born and conditioned to live lives permeated by fear. Fear became so commonplace that it was not even noticed by any but the the rare few who had managed to keep in tenuous touch with their creators, who used every means to protect them and encourage them.


Copyrighted, 2004, Sgscalese


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