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Jesus May Have Been An Extraterrestial--Part III

Updated on October 25, 2010

What was that bright light, a star or...

How did it guide them all those miles to the precise spot where the child was?
How did it guide them all those miles to the precise spot where the child was?

Love Was Born Today-A Different Look at His Birth

So, my dear grandchildren, once the creator gods became aware of what the Roax had done, they made their own plan to win back their beloved humans. They knew how long that would take and what they would have to do to make it happen, but they, too, were immortal, and it didn’t matter how long it took, because they truly loved their creation.

What they decided to do was to infiltrate the human race with themselves, with members of their own creator group that had been responsible for this grand experiment. They would bring light and love to the earth steeped now in such deep darkness. They would allow themselves to be born to human parents and would live and die a human life, using that life to teach love to the world around them and to prepare the way for the One who would follow. They would be known as the Children of Light.

The centerpiece of this master plan to reclaim the earth was to prepare for the coming of the One, the most powerful one among them, the One who embodied most the light and love that they had learned to become over eons of time. He would be known as the Savior, the Messiah, the Son of God. He would offer to the human race the most impressive example of a life lived in love and compassion and teach us how to do the same. It was planned that this one life would be such a powerful example, planted at precisely the right time in human history, that it would reverberate down through the rest of that history and shift the energy of darkness and fear to the energy of light and love.

They knew, without a doubt that this plan would create a monumental struggle between light and darkness, between fear and love, between the rogue god who would become known as Satan, and the other masters of the universe, who we know collectively as “God.” They knew that Satan would not give up without a fight, and that in this fight he would use all of his creative intelligence to bring to the earth the most devastating, the most terrible events imaginable, trying to outwit the Children of Light. They knew that Satan would also use his most devious intelligence to deceive humans into believing that he was on the side of the Children of Light. They knew that he would try to even use the example of the life of the “Son of God” and attempt turn it to his advantage.

The creator gods knew, however, without a doubt that in the end they would win, because they were aware of one key piece of this puzzle of which even Roax was not aware. He was not aware of it, because he feared it terribly and had hidden it from himself. You see, Roax was also brought into being by Prime Creator, Love Itself, and the seed of love lay dormant deep within his cold heart, ready to take root and grow in precisely the right conditions. When those conditions would be right, only Prime Creator knew; so, all the the creator gods could do was to continue to infiltrate the earth with love until that time came.

So the creator gods planned and prepared for the the time that would be precisely right for the coming of the One who would offer humankind salvation from the destitution in which they had been plunged. They decided to choose one group of humans into which this savior would be placed. They needed a group that would nurture the hope of a powerful One who would represent to them their salvation from the depths of slavery to which they had fallen.

They chose a tribe of humans that we know today as the Israelites. They were a fierce and proud people, and one that could trace their lineage as far back in time as any other. The creator gods guided and protected them, and let them know that into their tribe would come a Savior, born into the family of one of their kings called David.

Of course, Roax was also became aware of this plan and attempted to gain control over the Israelites. He stirred up fear and dissension among them and tried to turn them against the creator gods. He punished them severely when they went against his wishes and even had them enslaved by a another people called the Egyptians. The creator gods sent yet another of their group called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to another land where they could prosper and prepare for the coming of the One, the Savior, the messiah, the emissary who would bring love back to the earth.

The coming of this messenger of love was predicted in the Old Testament of the Bible dictated by the creator gods, who left the exact time a secret, because they knew that Roax would try to prevent his birth or have him killed. The creator gods prepared well and carefully chose those who would play the major roles in this drama so important to the human race.

They wanted this very important messenger to be surrounded by people who would be in touch with them, so they could be guided in protecting him from Roax and his followers. Mary, the woman chosen to give birth to this savior was herself a creator god, as was his earthly father, Joseph. At the precise time chosen by the creators, the embryo that was to become Jesus of Nazareth was place in Mary’s womb. The creator gods would not take the chance that Roax would find and destroy this messenger before his work was brought to completion; so they devised a plan through which the Christ Spirit would enter the body of Jesus of Nazareth when he was a grown man and ready to begin his mission. John the Baptist who had the honor of announcing the arrival of the Savior was a creator god as well.

None of these plans were considered miraculous by the creator gods who had already accomplished incredible feats. They were simply minor abilities that they had learned through long years of study and practice and were now just skills they used with everyday ease. What was more important was the secrecy needed to protect the child from the wrath of Roax when he finally learned that he had been outfoxed. To do this was going to take some calculated risks and the sacrifice of many lives, because it was decided that in order to throw Roax and his followers of the track, they would have to let him think that he had actually destroyed the messenger, the messiah.

Let us now return to the story of Christmas as it is told in the New Testament Bible. Keep in mind that the Angel Gabriel was indeed an otherworldly messenger to Mary and Joseph from “God,” that is, the creator gods, that the “the heavenly hosts” who sung to the shepherds and announced the birth of the savior were “heavenly” because they, too, were sent from their home planet to protect the Child. The star that guided the wise men, who were themselves creator gods, was the glowing mother ship hovering near the earth to keep watch over their most precious creation.

All of the children who were killed when Herod realized that the wise men had failed to return to him with information about the new-born “king of the Jews” were volunteers from the same planet from which the “angels” came. They knew that their deaths would make Herod, and his leader Satan believe that they had succeeded in killing the messiah. This would give them needed time and safety to prepare the person of Jesus of Nazareth when he was baptized by John some thirty-three years later.

I now suggest, my grandchildren, that you read the biblical story of the birth of Jesus with this new perspective. Be open to this new possibility. I am not saying that this is the way it happened, but I am saying that this is as valid a possibility as any other, and to me personally, much more acceptable. Jesus was the most powerful of the creator gods that seeded us on the earth, and he came to bring love back to the earth and the human race. He gave an overwhelming example of a life lived with immense love and compassion, an example that has guided us through the last two thousand years and is guiding our way today as we work through the many struggles we still have in finding our way back home. To this day, the creator gods have not forgotten us. They visit often and are still born to human parents at the precise time and place, and when and where their influence is most needed. Many of them you know well, because they have found their way into our history books, but many more work quietly and tirelessly in obscurity, to hasten the day when we will all know who we really are and live in peace once more on this beautiful planet, our home.


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