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A Church After God's Own Heart

Updated on February 15, 2017

What does Jesus Christ want His disciples to do and to be like after He left the world? His disciples eventually became the church. In this prayer of Jesus Christ, He left without no doubt.

If you read the bible you will know more about it. Read the text John 17: 1-26. We are going to discuss the theme about the two (2) Formats in a Church and the six (6) Practical Advises.

1. The Mission Of The Church:

* The mission of church is to spread the word of Salvation

God the Father sent his beloved son to us Jesus Christ and gave Him the highest regard against all men so that we can have an eternal life from the things that He promised to us.

* That His people will know God personally.

Nowadays, people are being blinded by false gods. They have so many beliefs however we must only believe and know one God and that is only Jesus Christ.

* Bring Glory to God.

Revealing His empire to His people who will serve and follow His path that He wanted to impart us.

2. The Nature of the Church

1. Jesus wants our church to be a people that believe, accept and obey His word.

2. Jesus wants our church to be a people that belongs to God. A people who are in the world but not of the world.

3. Jesus wants our church to be a people that has the protection of God

4. Jesus wants our church to be a people that is filled with joy.

5. Jesus wants our church to be a people that is being sanctified (made by Holy)

6. Jesus wants our church to be a people that has unity.

7. Jesus wants our church to be a people that is filled with love.

Practical Advises:

1. Focus on what we have in common not our differences (Romans 14:19)

> But for unity's sake we must never let differences divide us.

2. Be realistic in your expectation (Ephesians 4:2)

> We must remember that the church is made up of real sinners including ourselves. Instead of leaving the church, we need to stay and work it out as much as possible.

3. Choose to encourage rather than criticize (Romans 14:4)

> Whenever I judge another believer, I lose fellowship with God. I expose my own pride and insecurities. I set myself to be judged by God and harm the fellowship of the church.

4. Refuse to listen to gossip (Proverbs 17: 4)

> Gossips are everywhere. We can't escape from it whether you are a man or a woman. It is part of the norm already however if you have God in your life you must try to refuse in listening to these gossips and close your heart and mind whenever someone tries to give you insignificant information.

5. Practice God's method for conflict resolution (Matthew 18:15-17)

In a family, there will be a conflict. This is a test to us on how we deal with it. If you will follow man's way of solving it or follow God's way to resolve it. It is better to practice God's method when we face such conflicts.

6. Support your Pastors and Leaders (Hebrew 13:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13)

> Pastors and elders need our prayers, encouragement, appreciation and love. We have to listen to whatever his instructions are.


> Our Lord Jesus Christ made clear what He wants His disciples to do and to be like. Let us examine ourselves and see if our church is one that is after God's own heart.

(Matthew 18:20)


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    • profile image

      Tom 14 months ago

      Thank you for reminding us about the Church.