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A Collection of Myths That You'll Wish Were True

Updated on January 19, 2015

What is a Myth?

According to, "Myth is a story about mystical beings, powers or events otherwise impossible to perform in reality that only exist in imagination". So basically, we can sometimes consider myths as an another, totally different reality. A parallel universe even that only exist deep in our minds. Some of these myths might be too scary and others might be so beautiful, amazing even that you'll really wish they were a fact instead. So, here's a list for you guys of some mythical stories that I found were pretty cool.


1# Humans Use Only 10 Percent of their Brains

A lot of people heard about this myth, especially since the film Lucy which starred Scarlett Johansson and was released on 25 July 2014. I mean, imagine if this myth was actually true? The existence of a hidden power inside our brains if it reached a 100 percent and what we could have done to use it. It's just so scary and thrilling, even the single thought of it.


2# Freckles are Angel Kisses

This, also, is a well known myth told mostly by our grandparents or our parents themselves. It's a very cute myth actually, it makes you feel special like you're blessed with a small touch from an angel, even if it was hardly true.

  • Here's some information about the myth from by Piroko Hatake:

"My grandmother says that freckles are Angel kisses. She says that an angel comes to every child when he or she is born to give him or her freckles. She said that no one ever saw the Angels - just that it always happened when no one was looking."


3# Dream Catchers

It was said that Dream Catchers prevents you from seeing nightmares during your sleep, which is sadly just a myth. If it was a fact instead, people who suffered from nightmares every night or even frequently will finally get some rest and peace during their sleep.

  • Here's more information about the myth from by Andrew Handley:

"According to the legend, if you hang a dream catcher over your bed at night, the good dreams will filter through the holes, but the nightmares will get stuck before they reach your head."


4# Soul Mates

I know, I know, pretty cliché. But really, there's a well known myth about Soul Mates and it's actually very beautiful in a way. I mean, imagine if there was literally your other half walking the earth somewhere. It's just so heart-warming.

  • Here's the information about the myth from by Lord Rebecca-sama:

"It is said that humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs and a single head made of two faces, but Zeus feared their power and split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them."


5# Dogs with Different Eye Colors

  • "There are a few legends floating around about dogs with two different color eyes. One myth says that dogs with two different color eyes can view heaven and earth at the same time." says an unknown author from

This is pretty adorable! Dogs with different eye colors always won my heart, but if this myth was true, my love for them would have reached to the extreme that I would have spent my life cuddling with all of these dogs and also died perfectly happy.


6# Albinos Could Tell the Future

This myth is pretty epic actually because, imagine if Albinos could really tell the future? Imagine how our lives would be right now if we all knew the consequences of our actions before we can even do these actions?

  • More information about this myth from by an unknown author:

"In some cultures, people with albinism are thought to have magical powers, or are able to tell the future."


7# Birthmark Due to Solar Eclipse

  • "In Iranian folklore, a birthmark appears when the pregnant mother touches a part of her body during a solar eclipse." from

Wow, I don't even know why, but I love this. It's like a part of your skin was touched by the eclipse the moment your mother saw it in the sky. The idea is both thrilling and beautiful and way better than the actual, complicated reason behind birthmarks.


8# Déjà Vu is Linked to Having a Past Life

One of the craziest myths you could ever read about. It is said that when you go to a certain place that you're certain you have never visited before and suddenly have this sense of déjà vu, it is because you really did visit this place...sometime in an another life, or maybe even another universe! Imagine if this was real, wouldn't you become so curious about what you were like in your past life?

More information about the myth from by InpaperMagazine in the link below!

Which Myth Did You Like The Most?

Which Myth from the above did you wish was true?

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© 2015 Salma


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