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A Cry For The Great Commission & Revival For The Church

Updated on September 17, 2010

“My Crying Heart"

My eyes see men perishing in their nakedness far from the true knowledge of Christ.

What can be done? Where are the leaders? I see the form of Godliness, but the power thereof is being denied. I am astounded at the loss.

100 and more years have come and gone men of renown passion have died and we have dared to let their power die with them. As their heirs we offer them injustice, we copy their holiness, but snuff out their fire. We have become so holy in our own eyes that we see it too vane to embrace the commission of Christ Himself.

I am offended in my Spirit; I am bruised to view costumed sepulchres with no physical members in action.

I am impressed with action. Are you? Don't lie to yourself; yes you are impressed with action.

Why is there not more action? Why do we let our Godliness immobilize us to where if God depended on some churches at the current moment to be responsible with only possible publicity of the gospel, the danger of Christian extinction would be relevant. Am I stirring up anger yet? I hope so. We need to get explosively mad at ourselves. We claim to have understanding of the scriptures, but we do not practice the most important part. I am prepared to be unpopular, It will come as no surprise when I am publicly rebuked, ignored or dis-fellowshipped. I am simply doing what has needed to be done in the last one-hundred years. I am a woman, some may say I am out of order, but I have the guts to proclaim a message from God that is been buried in the graveyard of a past experience. I stand therefore now and declare “The hour is come, the time is at hand, the field is ripe and the reapers are called to act.”

"Yes, our world has been shaken, times are desperately difficult to endure, but I have come to the conclusion, " Either give up and lay it all down at the feet of impossibility or square back my shoulders of undivided certainty and take up the mantle that has so long lied preserved awaiting you and I under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and challenge the devil . Soon we will be just like Bro. Elisha when our Holy Ghost empowered vessel come in contact with the dead, they will quake, they will shake, their stench will stink no more, royal blood shall flow through their veins, they shall arise out of their coffin of sin, break away from the binding grave clothes of this world and will testify to the glorious salvation of Jesus Christ.

Whether we are in a full blown, heart sickening trial God has still said “Send me a man." God don't want a man who has never tasted obscurity, persecution, fiery tests and trials, but he wants a man and woman who will go forth with full fledged training, armed to fight the battle of truth, purged and holy.

We might be the very link to another Great Awakening. Our trials could possibly be the introduction to another Pentecost. God spoke to me a few years ago and told me “You will lead where you’re outnumbered." We may be a minority, but that is all that God needs to win the majority. We must fast, we must pray, we must believe, we must wait, we must expect and finally we must be ready to receive. Never has it been recorded in the pages of this world’s history one solitary time when a church that acted, fasted and prayed, expected and believed have ever been rejected revival. It all depends on how bad we want it, whether we get it or not.

I say to you now " Today is your day, now is your time to receive that which was promised by the Lord, take on the call, be that man and women that will stand in the gap and make up the hedge and promote the ultimate answer that will bring revival to our land." Amen

This is a song I wrote when I was a teenager distrurbed by all the lack of concern I saw in the church world.


" Where Is The Burden?"

1st vs. The cries of the dying were once piercing screams, but man has now turned a deaf ear. Conviction once did smite the lost, now they express no fear. Our nation is falling for a modern religion; That expels the meaning of true salvation. " Church of the living God , where is the burden?"

Cho. Where is the burden? Have you not been on your knees? Look how far you have fallen from where you used to be. The message has weakened and lost it's anointing. Hearts are screaming for the truth, Where is the burden?

2nd vs. The needs of the hungry are being met while their souls are so desperately lost. Many have been called by God and run afraid of the cost. Time is slipping through our hands, Dying men like falling sand. " Awake, eternity is near, where is the burden?"

Cho. Where is the burden? Have you not been on your knees? Look how far you have fallen from where you used to be. The message has weakened and lost it's anointing. Hearts are screaming for the truth, Where is the burden?

Written by Candace Green ©


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    • profile image

      Bako Andrew Joshua. 6 years ago

      U have realy challenge me to wakeup from my sleep. God will help all of us.

    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 7 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Wow!Your comment blessed me sooooo much:)

    • profile image

      marseille_bill 7 years ago

      singingmommy - thank you for sharing this. You're absolutely right. I've never been to the USA but in my country, the United Kingdom, compromise & acceptance of false doctrine has substituted for godly living! Some may call you Victorian & that you are out of tune with the times but salvation only comes through repentance & Jesus' atoning blood. We need to get back to that message & pray. Prayer specifically that others would be convicted of their sin & may be saved from hell. May God richly bless you, your husband & your family.

    • justamber profile image

      justamber 7 years ago

      Beautiful song! I agree with you! The same issues have been on my heart lately too. It makes me really motivated.

    • create a page profile image

      create a page 8 years ago from Maryland, USA

      singingmommy you raised some soul searching points here. I agree that we need to get busy because our time is short. Thank you for writing this hub and for challenging all of us who know the Savior.