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A Cry for Unity

Updated on October 26, 2010

Lets Get It Together...

Praise the Lord Everybody,
Just a quick word for the entire body of Christ... It is true when the Bible says that we all are many members in the body of Christ...But none of us claim to be the heart. We name fingers, toes, arms, and legs, but none of us claim to be the vital parts. We don't claim the spine. We don't claim the head (we are not supposed to claim that because God is our head). We don't claim to be the torso...

With all this being said..

The Church needs to unite as a whole. There is no denomination better than the next...

Quick Revelation...

When the church became un-unified our parts were scatter all over the world. Do you have any idea who does that...Rulers in high places who have no relationship with God what-so-ever. Back in the early centuries and beyond, when a king wanted someone killed, his receipt was the body parts of his victims. What some kings did was put the heads on steaks and posted them on gates of certain communities. Others had a specific field in their kingdoms for them. If the king was really angry, the body parts were delivered to family members, opposing armies, and of the such.. What does all this have to do with the church?

I am glad you asked...

WE the church have been scattered by the world views of religion. The secular teaches there are many ways to heaven. When We the Church knows better. We know that only through Jesus Christ shall we obtain eternal life. Not through Buddah, Allah, the Pope, the Greek gods, or any other name gods of this world.... See what we all must understand is, these gods mention were all men that walked the earth that claimed to have an outer body experience that made them heads of their religion...

Back to the Church...

God is coming back sooner than any of us realize.. Jesus gave us all the signs of his coming. I often preach, " WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE NEW CHURCHES." We need to perfect the ones we have and become a unified body in Christ. You know that a house divided against its self can not stand. Just like being married to our spouses, if unevenly yoked, its impossible for it to stand.

We are married to God. He is coming back for his bride....But if we are divided because of being unevenly being yoked with the Holy Spirit of God...then our ministries and living are in vain.

Yes we have served our purpose with spreading Jesus Christ in our separate divisions...But we are still divided.

I issue you all a challenge. Lay down the doctrines of your churches. ( I am not telling you all to go against your leaderships). However LEADERS....Read the entire Bible and live according to it. If there is anything in your constitutions that goes against God's holy, undisputed, righteous, word, then change them to line up...

We are meant to be kingdom builders, not destroyers. Only satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. God comes that we all have life more abundantly... How can we experience this abundant life, if we are so messed up in religion that we fail to have relationship with God.

Let me share what happened just this past November, New World Order as of 4:30 pm, the pope along with the EU's President and others all agreed on a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. But this isn't anything new. The New World Order been forming over the past x amount of decades. How much longer do you all think it will be before they have take away everything? The powers that be are in full effect now. The chip that we all talk about A-K-A mark of the beast, as we know is in place. How I know? My husband's new passport is chipped. I tore it apart and found it. And this is the beginning of things to come.

I am not trying to scare anyone...I am not trying to put fear in any of you. I am simply trying to light a fire that should be spread through out our Christianity. God doesn't want us to fear. He wants us to reverence him and respect the holy spirit and prophecy.

How can God come back for his church who are without spot or wrinkle? Who is his church? Which one is correct? Surely, the Baptist believe its them. The Catholics believe its them. The protestants believe its them so forth and so on. But when traditional thinking and man made doctrines causes many to transgress against the laws of God, there is no church. Its just fellowship or a social club. An organization governed by the people and not a kingdom governed by God.

Let us think about this thought provoking statement...

When it is all said and done.. this earth will return back to the garden of EDEN as it was in the beginning. This world is without end. We will just be living in a new dispensation. Knowing this, will religion really have a major part to play in the new society? Will doctrines really matter?
If your answer is no to both questions, then you should be checking your belief system. See if what you believe is in total alignment with God's word. You'll find out that about 30% of what is believed is passed down through generations. Another 30% is founded off of experience. The other 30% is from research. Finally the only 10% is really revelations from God.

What is wrong with these percentages? I'll tell you....

1. Every last one of us have traditions passed down from our parents, grandparents and so forth. This shapes a person and one person shapes a community all the way to a nation. USUALLY these traditions cause many of us to quote them as if they were really found in scripture. These traditions (a large percentage of them) have absolutely nothing to do with God's word.

2. We've all had our share of experience. Just because one has more experience than the next, doesn't mean they are closer to God. I am going to be blunt right now. I ask for your forgiveness in what I am about to say. But get this, we've all experienced sex before, doesn't make us in love with that person does it? We've all experienced God in his fullness, didn't mean that we choose to follow him. What good is it to say with words that you love God, but your heart isn't in it. Little do you all know that experiences can either make or break your relationship with God.

3. Research can be the number one killer to any ministry. You can study what so and so said and think an entire doctrine should be based on their quotations. By the time the ministry is established, the constitution and bylaws are filled with other people's opinions. Where is God during this process? God should be front, center, the head, and the tail of it all. I am sorry, but it isn't of God to keep his people in bondage according to constitutions and bylaws.

Two things that I want to share with you all....

A. I watched American Idol one night and my heart went out to the young girl. Her story made me cry fro real. She grew up in the church and her congregation, parents, and pastor made her feel so bad. All she wanted to do was fulfill her dream as a recording artist. Now understand this people...They made her feel like she was going to hell. She does not want to stray away from the church. She just don't want to bury her talents.

Many of you are in these denominations where restrictions are to the point that if you urinated green, you're going to hell. So how can you be really free? How can you really enjoy the liberties that was promised to you through Christ Jesus?

B. I had a conversation today with a highly loved and trusted friend of mine and an interested point was brought to my attention....How many of you read different versions of the Bible? Activity for you all. Go to Bible Gateway and search for Isaiah 14:12 in the NIV. Watch what it says. Then the same scripture in the King James says something else. The world will view it as a contradiction. But this is how doctrines were formed just as the different versions were created.

4. Why is it that only 10% of information is actually real revelations from God? This is unfiltered, concentrated, purified, uncut, word. But somehow its considered as last resort when God should have been first. A church can not build an entire ministry based off of only 10% of revelations. The Bible is 66 books not 6.6. Anymore need to be said?......

Well People of God...We must get on the ball and become THE ONE BODY OF CHRIST. Its time for all the members to come together as one. AND it starts with you....


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Have you ever looked into why all new Bibles are different than the King James Bible?

      Its an interesting story,and it all has to do with separating the wheat from the chaff...

    • einron profile image


      8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

      Very well written. There are too many divisions in the church.


      Each and every Christian has to change to conform to the Bible.


    • Lady LaShonda profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady LaShonda 

      8 years ago from Atlantic City, New Jersey

      To you both,

      Grace and peace from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that I sound like I am yelling at people all the time. For that I do apologize. However, I am at the point in time where we must all stop playing church. We've all been to churches that experienced these obstacles. But I can't blame the individual churches. Its the spirit that is loose on this earth thats causing people to run around like chickens without their heads...

      Once we've attacked the roots, then we can began tilling the ground, to plant good seed in fertile soil. But it takes more than one person to do this. We all collectively can do greater works than what Christ did. He said so, and I know we can through him who gives us strength.

      All I ask is to spread the word the same as GOd commissioned us to do...

      I do appreciate you both for reading. Glory to God for the messages he uses me to speak on. I am blessed that you are being blessed by them...I will continue as the Lord leads..

      Love Always,

      Pastor LaShonda C. Harrell Andrews

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      8 years ago

      Lady Lashonda, You have presented some very good points for us all to consider? There is much division in the body of Christ. The majority of it has much to do with the excessive need to dominate and control others rather than teach and lead by example...

      The Word of God is powerful! We are closer to the Lord's return as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spread throughout the world, "many will turn away from the FAITH and will betray and..." Matthew 24. His Word is being fulfilled and the signs are all about us!

      Christianity is meant to be a daily God centered lifestyle! I commend your heartfelt efforts. Thank you for sharing, In His love & Blessings!

    • RevLady profile image


      8 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      A very interesting hub with many good points that stimulates the mind.

      Thank you for sharing your observations and some of the reasons others are turned off by our Faith.


      Forever His,


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