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What are Angels Like?

Updated on February 23, 2015

The Nature of Angels

Angels are created beings who worship God (Neh. 9:6). Though angels are above humans there were not meant to be worshipped (Rev. 22:8-9). Angels have the ability to fall, but cannot obtain grace (I Peter 1:12). Angels are God’s messengers that do His bidding (Heb. 1:7), often beyond the human consciousness though on rare occasions they can be seen with the human eye (Num. 22:23). Like humans they are immortal, but not eternal.

Types of Angels

  • Elect

Elect angels are angels that have not sinned against God and fallen from their position (Rev. 12:9).

  • Fallen

Fallen angels are those who have chosen to leave their position in God’s service and given themselves over to Satan (Rev. 12:9) the prince of fallen angels which are also called “demons.” They will remain in eternal punishment with him for their sin (Matt. 25:41).


Satan is the Prince of this World also referred to as the Devil (John 12:31). Satan attempts to keep humans from becoming believers and to sway believers from effective living (Eph. 6:16). Though Satan and his demons can never possess a believer (Eph. 1:13) they are capable of indwelling those who are not filled with the Holy Spirit (Matt. 4:24).


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