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Life Exists After Death

Updated on December 3, 2016


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Bridge to Other Side


He shared what he saw in the afterlife, prior to death

.It was eight years ago, today that I sat on his bed, in the Hospice Unit. We knew his days were numbered, though, we still believed he could beat the grim reaper. But that day, I begin to realized death was approaching, by the change in his conversation. As if a miracle was given to him, we discovered there was a Zen nun working in this hospice. My husband followed the Zen path for years, and now here she was a stranger to us both. She offered him his last rites in tradition of Zen. His eyes, which always spoke to me, indicated he was pleased.

What followed the next four days, Tues through Friday, were his in depth conversations with me about the other side. . My husband was lucid, and able to relate to me what he saw on the ‘other side’. The place where some call heaven. I recently mentioned this on a question in the Hub Community, and someone asked if I have written about it. No, I have not yet, but it has been on my mind. It is not something I have shared completely. Those four days, never have faded away from my memory. His love for me, and mine for him could have been felt in other countries, in space and beyond, it was that big. It still is. Eight years ago from today this occurred, and, I believe I am capable of sharing this with those who have wondered what happens when one is dying

Dedicated to my husband

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach, was my husband's favorite book. Be, is song by Neil Diamond. Fly, my love, your are free.

BE at Peace

No Fear of Dying


Information about this dying man

Wally did not believe in any religion, though liked Zen philosophy. He did believe in the afterlife, and the supernatural. We often discussed life after death. On his deathbed, he remained the same. Not following any religion, and pleased with his Zen philosophy. With this noted, I wish to give the account of what transpired between us on his last four days of physical life.

His clarity through this was amazing, yet my husband stubbornness made him strong. If anyone could provide this information it would have been him. Though it is very personal, it is something I have decided to share. I do hope this will help some.

Memory of my Husband

His Words

The room was semi- lit from the sun coming through the curtains. His eyes caught mine as I entered his room. Though there was a comfortable chair in the corner, I always went to sit on his bed. His words, came out very clear, and I could tell he was not delusional.

“Renee it is better than we ever thought it would be.". I just looked at him, and asked, "What was better?".

“The other side”, he answered. He just sat the rest of the day holding my hand, when I was there. His eyes, only leaving mine when he was looking at this ‘other side’. He spoke often of the beauty.

“It had more colors than we even could imagine”, he once mentioned to me. He was fascinated by the colors, and continued to speak about them through Tuesday.

When I went to visit him on Wednesday, it was more of the same. He could see his parents, who have died before him.. His ocelot cat Diablo, he could see, as well as our dogs and cats who have died. They were waiting for him. He really liked seeing oceans, trees, stars, and other parts of nature on the other side, though he mentioned earth was so much more dimmer in the colors than there in the afterlife. He kept repeating how much prettier everything was. He saw his friend Larry, and other friends who he had a strong kinship in this life, who have crossed.

Thursday morning, when I walked in his arms were strapped to hold him in bed. They were having trouble with him wanting to get up and go home. I decided to spend the night the next few nights. He was still lucid Thursday. He spoke to me, still with eye to eye contact. I listened to him telling me about everyone he saw. He was excited to see them. He did continue to go on about how the beauty of the afterlife is beyond anything we could conceive. At one time, I told him he could go. I would be fine. I asked if he still saw his parents. He said yes. I told him to go to them. He said no. he wanted to go to his friends and say hi. I asked, which friends?. In a clear voice, he said I (Renee) didn’t know them. They never came to live on earth, than he fell to sleep. He slept most of the day, and only awoken occasionally.

Friday morning, he talked to me about wanting to visit his friends again. I said go ahead. It is okay, you can. With clear eyes and clear voice he asked me to go with him. When he said that he took my breath away. I told him I could not. He told me he didn’t want to leave me. He loved me, and then he fell asleep.

While he slept, I knew I had to do a ritual , to ease him into leaving the physical. I took my amethyst necklace, and said a chant, to help him to cross over with comfort. His wanting me to go with him tore me up, for it was the first time, I realized he was struggling with the realization of being away from me.

I decided to go home for a half hour to an hour to regroup. His frustration about leaving me, put me off kilter. I needed to get myself back together before I went back. Regrettably I fell asleep for several hours, and didn’t wake up until the hospital called me at 4:04 a.m. My husband died

Love is Eternal

After his death, He Proved he still Lived

There were dreams I had prior to his hospitalization. I shared them with him, and he laughed. To him it was a privilege to know what would happened after he died. For me, they were only dreams. Not until a month after his death did I realize these dreams were premonitions. All dreams had complete strangers in them, and the discussions within the dreams were metaphysical. Well, strangers did come for a day, and one saw my husband hanging out on the door to our bedroom. The topics were exact.

There was something he and I discussed prior to his stay in hospice. He said he wondered if he could shut the swinging doors that divided the kitchen and dining room. After his death, I left those doors always open. One night in front of my eyes, they shut, and I clapped while saying, Good going Wally, you did it!

One night I awoke, and I saw the fingers on my left-hand bend one by one. I knew it was him. He held my hand often and did that prior to entering Hospice.

There is life after death. There is love after death. I have felt his love for me many times, and even right now. This has been the hardest hub I have ever written, yet I know people need to know the dead go on. I do pray this has touched someone today, who has experience the death of a love one. They never die, they just leave their old form and put on a new healthy one.

Love Doesn't Die

Three Years Later

This was written three years ago. It is now eleven years. In December and in June, I post this to share with others. Today, I went through and read and edited. Still a hard task, but I'm grateful I can share this and pray it will touch someone today.

Grieving goes away. Love remains. I have found the passion in living and am spreading it around today.


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    • profile image

      Janet Ariel 7 months ago

      Jasmine...thank you for sharing your story with us. I know it was hard. I lost all my family of 4 within a 2 year time period. I feel better knowing there is more beyond this point. I have always known there was. The hurt, the loss does go away in time. You never forget you miss them, but the memories stand out more in your mind. Such is glad for what you once had..the lesson.

    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 2 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you, F.A. Kelly. I am happy this helped you to understand what your Dad was saying, prior to his crossing. So often they reveal to us, a little. I was blessed hubby was able to really fill in details for me.

    • profile image

      F A Kelly 2 years ago

      this is really pretty good it brings back a few memories I sit with my dad a few years back when he passed for three days listening to them talk about A few things and as the days and years of going on I understand it a lot more of what he was saying

      Thank You for your writings

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 4 years ago from New Zealand

      What a lovely hub Renee. I lost my husband seven years ago. I sense he visits me. I now work in a hospice and it is amazing how many of the patients start talking to their departed loved ones when their time is nearing. It can't be coincidence or hallucinations because it is always people they know who have gone. It is so nice that he was able to tell you what he could see before he left.

    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      SylviaSky, perhaps what my husband related will be of some comfort. I do hope so, for I know how deep the pain is when losing our spouse.

      Blessings to you


      Savvydating, thank you. It was painful writing this. Very painful, but my hope that it could maybe touch one person helped me through it. I didn't in my wildest imagination expect postings, but to see the three of posting, just makes me cry and humble.

      Thank you and blessing to you


    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      Your words brought tears to my eyes, MysticMoonlight. Thank you so much for responding. To open up on this, with so much detain, I wonder if it would touch anyone. Help anyone, or was it written in vain. Hearing your remarks makes me realize it did not.

      Thank you so much for speaking out and sharing. May you too continue with your healing.

      Blessings to you


    • profile image

      MysticMoonlight 4 years ago


      I absolutely and 100% agree with you, our loved ones live on after they physically pass on here without a doubt! I have experienced a tragic loss in my life and after this loss, I thought I'd die too of grief, until that is, my loved one made his presence known to me as I made my way home from his funeral. This Hub has touched me profoundly. Your courage to write this, even though it was hard to do, has helped me to know that there are others who believe as I do, that this life does not just end. They are still with us, always, and their love never dies. It is such a comfort knowing others know how I feel. Bless you, Renee, and may your healing continue always. Missing them will never stop but knowing they have only just stepped out of our line of vision for awhile is comfort. We will see them again and oh what a happy day that will be!

      Wonderful, wonderful hub, Renee! Blessings, love, healing, and comfort to you!

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      Hi Renee Abbott. Your hub gives us hope that we all have souls, and that souls do not die. I appreciate reading about these spiritual matters, such as NDE's, and visions of a better place. It reminds me of just how valuable life is, here and now, and how "fearfully" made we really are. Thank you for writing this piece even though it was painful for you. You obviously had a very fine marriage! Even though Wally "speaks" to you still, I am very sorry for your loss.

    • SylviaSky profile image

      SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

      I wish my dead husband communicated with me.