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A Few Traditional Witchcraft Spells

Updated on August 10, 2010

A Few Traditional Witchcraft Spells

 People have a misconception about witchcraft.  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that witchcraft is only about the negative about causing harm and problems in people’s lives.  People always have the misconception that witchcraft is about evil spells and witches standing about a brewing pot making potions, but this is not the case.  There are lots of good uses for witchcraft and for instance you could use the basic love spell to find that special someone to bring joy to your life.

 You will have to know the person because you need to get a piece of their hair and a picture of them as well as a purple glass plate.  You can take a piece of their hair from their hairbrush or a shirt they are wearing, whatever you can find but do not let them know what you are doing.  You want to place the three items on top of each other in the order of plate, picture and lastly the hair.  Of course this spell can only work if you know the person and are able to get these things of theirs. 

 For another traditional witchcraft love spell, if you are not sure of the person you want to be your true love, you will need a few more items.  You may not even know the person at all and just have someone imagined in your mind of what the person partner would be for you.  For this spell you will need a marker and piece of paper so you can write down the qualities you are looking for in a person.  You then put this in an envelope and put some red or pink rose petals in with it. 

 Spray the envelope with perfume once you have sealed it and then you put on some red lipstick and kiss the back of the envelope right were the seal comes together in a point.  Tuck this away somewhere where it will not get lost or opened by someone else because this means the spell will be broken.  As long as this envelope stays closed the spell will work.  Of course you have to be careful when you are following traditional witchcraft spells.

 Your true love should come around shortly after, someone with all the different qualities that you had listed.  Remember, witchcraft spells are not only always about the bad.  Witchcraft is only supposed to be scary if you have done so and then you will get a lot of negativity in your life.  Even if you are a bit of a skeptic it is not going to hurt you any to try out these spells and see if they work for you.


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    • voodoospell profile image

      voodoospell 6 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

      After read this hub i believe in that witchcraft spells are not only always for a bad.Nice hub