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An Old System Used to Tell A Child's Fortune

Updated on November 6, 2016
Holy @#$% look how happy he is!
Holy @#$% look how happy he is! | Source


Every common people in every country has their own pet methods of fore-telling the future for children. Some use bones, others cards, and still more turn to nature. Here is one such method, found in the Suffolk area of England. A series of axioms related to young people by their elders, each seems to fall in line with the seven classical planets. The day of the week on which the child had been born would be found (or the little sprout would be brought directly to the nearest old person) and the elder would provide a little maxim explaining to the parents what the child could expect. Incidentally, this ended up becoming a folk song – as things like this often do – called Monday’s Child, and is still sung today, though people often forget the origins.

Something for the Sunday children!
Something for the Sunday children! | Source

A Child born on Sunday, shall be of long life, and obtain great riches.

With respect to the planetary days, Sunday is associated with the Sun of the classical planets. Within the light of the sun do we enjoy feelings of health and contentment. With respect to this, the Sun was the planet traditionally worked with to ensure good health. Due to its association with the metal gold, it is also connected to worldly wealth. Sunday also being the Sabbath day for Christians, it is considered a religious blessing on the child as well. Sort of like getting a huge thumbs-up from Jesus himself. Incidentally, it was also believed that children born on this day could not be harmed by evil spirits. Think of it as a little extra padding against negativity.

A Child born on Monday, shall be weak and of an effeminate temper, and seldom come to honor.

Monday is ruled by the Moon, and is a planet of mixed blessings. The Moon as one of the classical planets was traditionally seen as feminine. Due to the phases of the Moon, this heavenly body was also seen to be inconstant. Consequently, it was believed that the Moon would impart similar qualities to those born on her day. Due to the Moon’s feminine nature, it was believed that those born on her day would share similar qualities in temperament. Specifically, that they would be passive or submissive by nature. Due to the inconstant nature of the Moon, they would be weak and wishy-washy, moving from one state to another rapidly. With such a personality, it was believed that any honor or glory the child would seek in their life would be hard-won, if they could win it at all.

"But for him, it was a Tuesday!"
"But for him, it was a Tuesday!" | Source

A Child born on Tuesday, shall be given up to the inordinate desire of riches, and is in danger of dying by violence.

The planet Mars would find those born on Tuesday to share several pronounced characteristics. Most notably, these are a slightly more aggressive nature, and a strong sense of what is theirs. Unfortunately, the latter would be a little too strong, leading to the above-mentioned desire for wealth and what comes with it. Call it avarice un-checked, or call it a desire to conquer. It was widely believed that those born on this day would have an aggressive drive to obtain what they saw as theirs by any means necessary. This enhanced and, by necessity quarrelsome nature would lead to many disputes. At the height of this fortune-telling method’s popularity, the practice of dueling still existed, as did the possibility of lethal brawls. A naturally aggressive person who always wanted more would, logically and inevitably, find their life cut short.

A Child born on Wednesday, shall be given to the study of learning, and shall profit thereby.

Wednesday is the planetary day of Mercury, which famously rules (amongst other things) the acquisition of knowledge in general. Those born upon this planet’s day would find themselves, it was believed, with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and a true will to sate this desire to the fullest. Naturally, such individuals would be drawn to careers where a sharp mind and a good memory would profit them greatly. One born on Wednesday would be as welcome in academia as the R&D department of a major company.

Thursday's child attracts bloody good attention, I think.
Thursday's child attracts bloody good attention, I think. | Source

A Child born on Thursday, shall arrive at great honor and dignity.

Thursday was believed to be the planetary day of Jupiter, who ruled over honor and dignity. Those who are born on Thursday, now, would be believed by those Suffolk elders to be destined for the boardroom. The men and women who know what to say and seem to draw praise and admiration from all corners, those children of Thursday would be perceived natural leaders. People in authority are likely to give a kind ear and listen to their case, instead of making snap-decisions or picking the normal favorite who looks just a wee bit inbred.

A Child born on Friday, shall be of a strong constitution, but very lecherous; and if it be a female is of great danger of turning a whore.

Friday, the planetary day of Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love (and all things similar.) Those who are born on Friday were believed to possess a very bodily personality. Luxury-lovers with strong hearts – in more ways than one – this meant they were also likely to fall for whoever caught their attention. Particularly, to fall between the sheets with them. This behavior, while forgiven if not applauded in men, was considered a bad thing for the ladies. It meant they were likely to start taking the coin of realm for a roll in the hay, particularly if they hit hard times (an easy thing to do back then, if you didn’t have a title or decent connections.)

From the wording alone though, we can easily surmise one thing; Suffolk common-folk didn't mince words.

A Child born on Saturday, shall be dull and heavy, and of a dogged disposition, and seldom come to good.

Saturday’s child was destined to be ruled by Saturn. A dour planet which was associated with such things as crawling insects, hard labor, and lead. One born on this day likely wouldn’t have it easy, and would have to claw and scrape for every good thing to come his way, per the folksy planetary theory working behind this fortune-telling scheme. Chances are that a child born on this day would be working their fingers to the bone to make ends-meet. On the bright side, such a person would certainly appreciate what they have more, given that their life was to be a giant character-building exercise. Further, one born on this day would possess a dogged determination that would serve them well wherever they went.

The Weekday Prognostications, now referred to as Monday’s Child, is an interesting method of fortune-telling, though not as well-known as it once was. Perhaps one day it will make a come-back.

Whose child are you?

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