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The Road Home: A Ghost in the Backseat

Updated on August 25, 2012
A dark moonlit highway similar to the dark road we drove on that night.
A dark moonlit highway similar to the dark road we drove on that night. | Source

It was Summer 2000, and the last thing on our teenage minds was an encounter with a ghost. A friend and myself had spent the entire day at Six Flags Over New Orleans (now defunct) and had begun to make the tedious drive back home on I-310.

It was around 11 PM when everything began to go downhill in the car. My friend became uneasy and said it felt like someone was sitting in his lap. I quickly dismissed his statement as some off color joke and rolled my eyes. The game changed when I heard him gasp and his eyes started searching the rearview mirror.

A Ghost - Are You Serious?

He tells me that he just saw a white bald male sitting in the middle of the backseat. Clearly, there was no one there. I attempted to debunk it by saying he looked too fast and saw himself. Granted, my friend wasn’t bald or white, but I couldn’t be stuck in a car with a GHOST! Better yet, being stuck in a car with a guy having hallucinations.

The fear in his face and tears in his eyes were all I needed to break out of my denial about this ghost man. I began to recite the Lord’s Prayer and any other novena I learned in Catholic school. This seemed to calm the mounting fear in the car, but that peace was short-lived.

After a few more miles, we stopped at a well-lit gas station to get out and survey the car. There were no signs of intruders, ghosts, or murderous hitchhikers. So, we headed to the restrooms only to run out in fear. Keep in mind the Mens and Ladies room are down the hall from each other – not next door. We both ran into each other with the same story of footsteps being in the next stall. Yet, no one else was in the bathrooms but us!

On Technology

Cell phones weren’t that common for teens to have in 2000 so tweeting, texting, or calling for help was not going to happen. I see times have changed. (smile)

In the Middle of Nowhere with a Ghost

We jump into the car and literally peel out of the parking lot. Once we were back on Hwy 90, the windows began to fog up. We tried the defroster, wiping it, putting the windows down, etc. and nothing was helping. It was clear we’d have to pull over because we couldn’t see out of any window. All of sudden as I leaned to wipe the front windshield, I saw “him” in the rearview mirror – the white, bald guy ghost in the backseat.

When I tell you that I freaked out, I am not understating it. I was in complete hysterics. I pulled myself up all the way to the dashboard and was just begging for it to all be over. It was clear that we were not pulling over at that point.

The Ghostly Game Changer

With a few miles left on this dark road to get home, the game once again changed. The ghost man began to toy with me. I started to feel a little static electricity near the nape of my neck. My ponytail was wound into a tight bun (my signature style), and I could feel delicate tugging on it. My friend kept glimpsing over with a look of sheer terror on his face. All of a sudden, there was one super yank and my hair was completely down.

By that point, I was completely beside myself as was my friend. We arrived at my house a few minutes later, left the car in the middle of the street, and ran the rest of the way down my drive. We sounded like babbling fools as we tried to tell my family about what was happening. My brother grabbed his pellet gun, but he kept smirking as he heard our insane tale. My mom gave my friend a Bible to place in his car and invited him to stay if he was too afraid to drive home. She told us it was all in our head, but she still refused to let him park his car in the driveway if it was true. She had him park it along the curb in case the ghost was still in there.

I Believe

Of course, we didn’t sleep at all that night. We spent most of the time attempting to convince each other that we hadn’t lost our minds. We never experienced this particular ghost guy again, but he has forever been etched into our minds. This ghostly encounter only convinced me that these occurrences existed and made me a bit more open to the unknown. You also know that means that I have had a few more ghost experiences over the last few years. So, I will be sharing those in time!


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    • mzindependent profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Texas

      Thanks for stopping by, Angelo! I actually traveled that same road last month...except it was daytime, lol. Not as scary, but I still get goosebumps when I think about that ghostly experience!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      it was scary on the road there was a ghost i believe it


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