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A God of Turn-Arounds!

Updated on October 5, 2011

Its been almost two years now since I joined GT.

In the first few months that I was here, I soon realized that the culture is totally different, chaotic & cold in a sense, compared to where I came from. "Fast" to describe our work pace here is an understatement. This is where I did not only learn the meaning of HYPER-FAST, but actually got to experience it without warning.

But thats not all. Lets make it a bit more worse. Where I came from, almost all brands are market leaders, fat with advertising budgets & has almost always make it to the yearly (sales quota).

Suffice it to say that GT's business (or sales) was on a decline. wow. I said, I must have heard wrong from God. This can't be! I know His promises and plans are all leading to my prosperity ( as my life verse says in Jeremiah 29:11). But reality is reality. Business is in a decline. Now I doubted what I knew and believed I heard from God. It became a struggle. I felt downcast in my soul. I cried. I struggled. I prayed. I cried. I struggled. I prayed.

In the midst of those dark moments, I fought for God's promise to me when I moved here. Deutronomy 11:10-12 For the land you are about to enter and posess is not like the land of Egypt where you have come from, where irrigation is necessary. It is a land of hills & valleys with plenty of rain---a land that the Lord your God personally cares for! His eyes are always upon it, day after day throughout the year!

These verses, plus all the many promises of God kept me hopeful and expectant. I cried a tear, He wiped it dry :) I was confused, He cleared my mind. I soon realized I cannot survive a day without drawing strength from God through HIs Words. His Words became my survival kit, every single day. Eventually, I mustered some strength and things started turning in a different direction--seemingly slow but definitely treading on a better path.

Two years after what seemed to be a dry land is now showing a lot of promise. If you know what the "former rain and the latter rain" do to a dry land, thats exactly where we are headed...and I believe,a lot far better than just what the physical eye can see.

In the midst of all of these, only one truth emerges. God is not man that He should lie. All His promises are YES and AMEN. No matter what the circumstance is, however doubtful, we should just remain in the knowledge that God is faithful to His promises, and He will never, ever change.

We reach a point sometimes, when, we are the brink of giving up. When that happens, I try to re-live those times when, before giving birth, pain is at its highest-- or at its most excruciating stage. The sooner you hurdle that moment, the sooner you taste victory at its sweetest.

Thats how we are when we lift everything up to God. Its is inevitable to pass through fire sometimes, but He promised that we won't get burned. Now, thats re-assuring. Things can change a single day, even because our God : He is the God of turn-arounds!


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    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thank you, Jessie. Hope to read you hub, too. :) will follow.

    • profile image

      Jessie T. Ponce 6 years ago

      Inspiring. I'm preparing a hub of a similar tone and this article encouraged me. Thanks Cellebrate!