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Are we subconsciously being controlled!

Updated on August 20, 2012

Who is really in control?

If we read the historical accounts found in the Bible, throughout the first five books in the Tanakh i.e.Genesis onwards, it covers the beginning of human existence, of two types of people. In those days it was easy to distinguish between the two groups There was a small community of Israelites and a population of Gentiles. It was obvious who was an Israelite because that group followed God's laws. Whereas the pagan group (Gentiles) committed evil, ungodly, immoral deeds.

As you read through the scriptures the Israelites are seen to take on the pagan behaviour of the Gentile population e.g.The Golden Calf. However, God preserved a minority (a remnant) who kept God's laws, remaining loyal, obedient and righteous to the Creator God!

There were times in history when 'none were righteous. God made a promise to Abraham that he would be the Father of all nations', to keep this promise, He chose Israelites to become the remnant - so that the generation of Israelites would continue.

Throughout the history of these two opposite populations [ those who worshipped the Creator God, and those who worshipped pagan gods] fought against each other constantly, one community fighting on behalf of the creator God and the other fighting on behalf of their pagan gods.There were also internal wars Israelites against Israelites severing themselves from the Israelite tribes, because they worshiped and sacrificed to false gods - Edom was an example of this.

All through the Bible we see God's people winning battles (but only if they were obedient and faithful to the Almighty God) . God led them during the battles to become victors over their enemies.

Interestingly,God never did anything before he spoke to His prophet. The prophet, God's spokesman, would firstly inform his people, then warn His/their enemies, The warning was to inform the people that God was about to act out some vengeance or retribution.

God's prophet, known as 'Holy Man' in ancient biblical times, had a high status as God's spokesmen! He was more important than a king or a priest, the prophet was the closest person to God, and received words of knowledge, wisdom and verbal instructions directly from God.

Throughout history of the world we have read on many occasions that those who worshipped the Creator God often strayed from practicing the law, They became unfaithful and disobedient, for various reasons, usually through temptation, deception or rebellion.

Ancient biblical records and the annals of the Kings of Israel and Judea, all bare witness to what I have written above and and all of the above continues to this very day!

The Preacher of Lies (Satan) has been active in the world since the Garden of Eden!

The world must understand that he is the greatest psychologist of all times (in this world)!

This is NOT to glorify his name but to emphasis his abilities to control and manipulate a human being, using psychological 'mind' techniques.

He understands all about human weaknesses, human desires, human vulnerabilities - he knows a person's 'Achilles heel!

Like an animal hunting his prey - he observes them, and waits for the opportunity to pounce on his prey by attacking their emotions, their conscience or in many cases their minds!

He works on the weak areas, i.e. addictions are a key target, another of his favourites is a person's most loved possessions such as, spouse. He will also focus on a person's faith or fears!

The easiest targets are those people who desire power, wealth, status, recognition, love, sexual gratification or other pleasures! The greater the individual's desire for these things, the more vulnerable they become to Satan's temptations into sinfulness and eventually to a destiny of Hell! Frightening words? Yes! And it is this very topic that has been hidden from mankind by Satan and his devious plans to deceive the world!

And that is why believers are told by Yeshua to be content, to be satisfied with what you have, to live each day counting your blessings and to praise God continually, these are tools to fight against Satan's psychological methods of gaining control of your mind, body and soul!

We know that Satan cannot take possession of a 'born again ' believer's soul, mind and body but we do know he is able to direct our path, using external methods, such as speaking into our ears reminding us of our fears and failings, or to use other people such as unsaved spouse, friend, family or spiritual leaders, to tempt us away from the truth!

There are many false teachers, false preachers and false prophets wandering around seeking out the weak and vulnerable and those with hidden desires which can be used to manipulate people.

These wolves in sheep's clothing , surround vulnerable people, speaking out false promises of success. They offer solutions to problems and even use the Gospel of Christ Yeshua (Jesus) to draw them away from the true path of deliverance! Yeshua, The Son of God is the way, the truth and the life! (John 14:6) He is the way to eternal life -and there is no other way.

We know Satan tried to tempt our Lord, therefore isn't Satan going to try the same tactics with Yeshua's followers? Yeshua also warns us that deceivers will come ( they will be part of the antichrist system) to deceive even the elect if it were possible.

The words 'If it were possible' means 'if God allows it'. God has overall control.

We know that it is God who allows His people to be refined, trained and purified by trials and tribulations, but when we are in these trials we need to stand up to them knowing what we must do to go through them - it is to stand up to the enemy using the tools God has provided to prevent us from falling into temptation. To do this is to deal with our emotions, fears and weakness, by being in control of our mind, and body. God has provided instructions via his Laws and through Yeshua's teachings and the Holy Spirit gifts to help us 'stand up to the wiles of the enemy!'.

The most important thing to do is to follow the Torah Laws, particularly the first one "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind and soul."

Satan is not only targeting the followers of Yeshua but Jews also - he targets anyone who dislikes evil, who attempts to follow a righteous path (even though they are not in the Kingdom of God yet) - he tries to snatch them away from obtaining the truth!

Even gentiles, who may try to do good, try to help others and avoid wicked deeds, is targeted by Satan and his followers so that he/she is tempted to break the commandments, through persistent rebellion and deviance away from God. Satan does everything he can to prevent a righteous individual from hearing the truth. The way Satan does this is to draw that person, through their weakness, into committing a sin.

For example: A person may not be a follower of Christ yet is aware of the moral code and how wrong it is to commit adultery.

A person may also do good things such as help neighbours, do odd jobs for older people, practice honest deeds by not overcharging customers etc. Such people have a form of righteousness. Satan knows the potential for that person to become a child of God in the near future. Therefore Satan focuses on drawing the righteous person away from righteousness by looking for his/her weakness i.e. fantasies, to prevent this from happening!

These righteous people (non-born again) individuals, during a difficult, stressful time, may succumb to the deep hidden desire for immoral sexual fantasies, but compromise (in order to remain faithful to the spouse) therefore tempted into pornography! This is often the downward road to unrighteousness for many! It may start innocently by looking at magazines of females in bathing suits, then he goes onto the next level, until eventually that person his hooked on pornographic material!

There are many similar scenarios whereby people have become corrupted because of their hidden desires for something that led to an obsession or addiction!

One of the biggest deceptions Satan uses today is to twist things back to front or upside down - so that people believe 'truth is a lie' and 'lies are truth', i.e. that creationism is a lie and evolutionism is true- that good is evil and evil is good - that belief in God is evil and belief in Satan is good! Similarly, belief in God's word (the Bible) is considered foolish while humanistic living is considered good. It is also a common view that a believer in God is crazy, extreme and fanatical while living a selfish, cruel, violent life, committing all sorts of wickedness, including sacrificing of children -is good! That is to say today, there is a nation who uses women and children as shields placing them in front of men at war, by placing women and children in the firing line or brainwash them to commit suicide for 'The cause'.

A common misconception of truth is when so-called Christians say they do not have to follow Torah as this is legalism yet they acknowledge and accept the Ten Commandments -WHICH IS TORAH! It only becomes legalism when the believer lacks Faith in their savior!

The serpent is extremely clever at distorting the truth by as little as 2% so that the hearer hears most of the truth and therefore accepts it as the truth - but a 2% untruth is also accepted as it appears to fit in with what is written within the 98%. That 2% is enough to lead a person down the wrong pathway!

People have been so deceived that they have become de-sensitized to evil, corrupt things going on in the world. These are accepted as normal, rational human behaviour. This generation, including older people aged 60 and over, are an example of this. Many older people were raised to believe that breaking the commandments would grieve God, yet very few understand the principle of living according to Yeshua's example of following the commandments! This older generation knew what was right and wrong and condemned those who did wrong. Today, however, is a different story.They once recognised that God spoke against the wicked, such as those who indulged in divination, witchcraft and immoral, perverted sexual behaviour. Now those same people have become de-sensitized to accept the world's view on abortion, same sex marriages, banning christian teaching, and so on. The world has changed into a totally secular, humanistic society without us even realising it!

Satan attacks individuals but he also works by attacking communities, how? A perfect example was Hitler, a student of Satan, who used his psychological techniques to attempt to wipe out the Jewish people and minority communities. He knew about playing with the human mind, a person's emotions, intellect and fears - he would take the Jewish people to the brink of despair and insanity, in an attempt to crush their very souls!

But the Jews were survivors - even those who were led to their deaths! They are still loved by Hashem and will one day rise from their graves to see their Lord! Many Jews before they went to their deaths, survived horrendous conditions in freezing temperatures, starvation, sickness, and psychological and physical torture way beyond normal human endurance levels - yet lived through it for a number of years.

Those who survived the war describe what happened, the horrific torture, constant beatings and abuse, some very near to death, they demonstrated supernatural endurance that could only have come from Hashem's intervention!

I have worked with such victims, in their old age and suffering dementia. This disease of the mind is where the person has short term memory loss but long term memories remain with them, particularly, traumatic events!

These people in their demented state, suffered over and over again, the traumas they endured throughout that war! I have listened to them crying out their pain at losing their loved ones and the suffering that they themselves endured. Their testimony of truth lies within their haunted memories of those times as a holocaust victim under the psychological torture of Hitler and his evil regime!

An example of how Hitler and his henchmen used mind skills to penetrate the emotions and 'Achilles heel' was when he forced a mother to chose which child should be taken to the Gas chambers! He succeeded in destroying the mother, and the child psychologically. The mother had to chose one of her children to die! This child would suffer the knowledge that he/she was chosen as to be sacrificed -all sorts of thoughts would haunt that child while led to its final destination-the gas chamber!

Another mother had to endure watching her new born baby being thrown into a river by a Nazi soldier who laughed in her face.

Hitler knew exactly what he was doing when he performed these evil acts against the Jews, he planned his psychological tactics and trained his men to do the same but he was controlled by the master of psychology -Satan!

Satan also uses psychology today to manipulate people into the slavery of sinful acts that keep a person away from the creator God. He tries to lure away non-believers and believers into following the pagan route and it is done in such a cunning way that it goes unnoticed!

The world hasn't changed much since the ancient biblical days it is just a more modern form, disguised by words such as, 'civilised, democratic and politically correct!

Today we have Jews instead of Israelites -same peoples just a modern name . It is the same descendancy i.e Shem and the same fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all under the same covenant and Law. The difference is, many Jews have become secular, turning their backs on Yeshua's Judaism and preferring the worldly ways that are in rebellion against God and preferring to live immoral, perverse lives (in many cases -but not all cases). There are also many orthodox Jews who are involved in witchcraft and paganism i.e. pagan -Babylonian symbols on the walls of their synagogues. There are a minority of Jews that practise paganistic rituals and bow to the moon many Jews still use the Babylonian pagan gods names for their calendar months, i.e. the god of fertility is Tammuz. Jewish women also pray to this false god asking for healing of their barrenness.

But there are also many Jews who are devout to God and the Torah, and they are fighting for God's land. There are Messianic Jews who are devout to God and Israel and Torah, additionally they recognise Yeshua as the SON of God, who is the saviour of the world and the Messiah!

Their is a new group of people who also claim to worship God and follow his son Jesus Christ, yet they insist on continuing with the pagan rituals of the orthodox church which originated from a man named Constantine (who was NOT anointed or called by God), Constantine used Greek mythological gods i.e. the mother and son idols that represent Mary and baby Jesus, These were introduced into his churches which eventually led to the catholic churches and state churches in existence today throughout the world. These churches took on the pagan rites of burning incense and praying to god's, deitising people such as the apostles and Mary. They break the commandment by confessing their sins to a man instead of the saviour!

These and other carnal Christians are far from GOD'S truth as they insist on calling Yeshua by a Greek name 'Jesus'. They worship his image not as he truly is!

Many of these believers are amongst the deceived who have become enslaved and trapped by satan's cunning psychological methods. He has managed to trap people within their own pride and desires to be righteous and powerful. For example many church leaders will not admit they have been doing wrong for years, their pride and the need to be accepted as a good leader will not allow them to admit, to the flock, that they have been misled or are misleading people with their false teachings. Therefore they continue to deceive the people and they, in their naivety, continue to accept what he says, without question! Both are equally guilty of rebellion against God who has warned these people throughout the scriptures of their pending fate if they do not turn from their adulterous, rebellious ways.

The preacher of lies (satan) has succeeded in planting a false church with false leaders and false believers becoming part of the antichristism of the world!

Satan has managed to steer many believers of the mind (carnal christians) and some believers of the heart (the righteous) into deception - into the wide road that leads to destruction!

Matthew 7:13 " Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

How has Satan steered them from the truth? By placing a false church with false leaders and false believers in the midst of the followers so that they would turn from their 'Hebraic roots' and their Judaic observance (as the disciples demonstrated and Yeshua himself demonstrated) without realising it, instead, following the pagan route! This is done by placing an image in their minds which they now follow and call religion! It is the image of the saviour Yeshua- this image is the person called by the Greek name Jesus! This image produces a pagan image -a gentile image and not a Jewish image of the savior, the son of God. This is an image to all peoples- he is white skinned to westerners, black skinned to the black communities and yellow skinned to the orientals - he is named in the equivalent native tongue - as Jesus!

Yeshua is his name - Yeshua means SALVATION! He was named because he will save his people from their sins = salvation! The greek name Jesus does not have this meaning. Yeshua is the savior's name - because he came to save! Yeshua , a Hebrew name is the masculine form of the word Yeshua'ah which means salvation. (reference from the 'Complete Jewish Bible' by David Stern )

In God's world there is no such thing as coincidence - everything is written in scripture with a purpose or in most cases, multi purposes! For example, the name Yeshua, is linked to many other biblical names or events. Yeshua was born in Bet Lechem (Bethlehem) which means 'House of Bread', this is no coincidence - he is referred to as the Bread of Life,

I have written in previous hubs about God's numbering system which also provides extra information to the reader. an example of this is the word Jeshurun. Yeshurun in Hebrew, translated it means 'people of Yeshua' or more literally, 'receivers of salvation'. Yeshurun when translated into the numerical code, total as 8. Interestingly other names of God equal the number 8 as follows:

WORD translated into Hebrew letters produce 4+2+2 =8 (Yeshua is called the WORD)

ADONAI translated into Hebrew produces 1+4+6+5+1 =17 reduce to a single digit 1+7 = 8

YESHUA translated into Hebrew produces 1+3+6+7 =1+7 = 8

The same occurs with Holy Spirit and Yahweh So we have the HOLY TRINITY 888

If you were to do the number code with the name jesus it comes out as number 7 which is not part of the Holy Trinity!

Hence the image is not significant and should not be followed.

Yeshua demonstrated Judaic methods and practiced Judaic methods and always pointed to God's Torah! However, Yeshua exceeded the Torah law by adding to it! For example, believers must not commit adultery physically (Torah Law) OR by lustfully looking upon a person (Yeshua's additional teaching).

Incidentally, adultery has a two- fold meaning, the literal (natural) version referring to married couples remaining faithful to each other. Yeshua says additionally, a married person should not even look at another person lustfully, that means should not mentally desire or ravish that person with their eyes and thoughts.

The second version of adultery is a deep spiritual one, and refers to adultery committed by individuals and groups of people - that is to look to idols, worshipping pagan gods, worshipping things, money etc - this is adultery against God! God is to be your first love - love Him with all of your heart, mind and soul! Therefore anything less than this is adultery! King David understood this principle and spoke of it in his Psalms! Abraham knew this for God counted him as righteous!

Now to return to the principle of the false church, every time the church treats Sunday as their sabbath rest day they are breaking God's law! Every time believers work on Saturday they are breaking his law! Every time they eat pork and meat with blood in it, they are breaking God's law! Every time believers celebrate Easter and not Passover believers are breaking God's commandments! Yeshua and the disciples obediently continued to celebrate the festivals that God said would be commandments for ever!

It was Constantine that introduced Sunday as the sabbath day! Yeshua and the disciples always rested on the Saturday - God's 7th day - the sabbath!

Every Time you have Sunday as shabbat, Easter as passover, eat unkosher foods you are indulging in antichrist behaviour - you have chosen to be unholy and not separated from the world! God gave these laws to bring about conviction of sin and HOLINESS and SEPARATION from the world so that the world will know the difference between the PROFANE and the righteous!

Another major deception is the well talked about 'replacement theology' whereby some Christians claim 'proudly' that they have replaced Jews as the 'apple of God's eye, as the chosen people of God, as the first born. This is totally misplaced as both Jew and Gentile believers have a different role and a different purpose, but God has still chosen the Jews as his people and He never breaks His promises particularly to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or to King David or to us.

The Christians have been given a privileged place on the Olive tree but they have rejected the ways of the Olive tree and gone the way of the world (in many cases many believers are now recognising this and repenting, turning back to their Hebraic roots and following the unlegalistic Torah as Yeshua and the apostles demonstrated)!

God has given gentiles an opportunity to turn to him and follow His commandments - he also gave this privilege to ancient pagan communities but they often rejected His grace so He then punished and rejected them. They were left to their own destruction.

Many so called believers support the enemies of Israel, preferring Palestinians over Jews, believing the lies and propaganda spewed out by the corrupt press, rather than follow God's biblical word!

Every Time you support the enemies of the Jewish people and of God's chosen land Israel, you are performing an ANTICHRIST ACT!

Every Time you call Israel by the name of Palestine you commit an ANTICHRIST ACT!

Everytime you say Israel does not have the right to exist you are performing an act of ANTISEMITISM AND ANTICHRISTISM AND ANTIGODISM!

Why antichristism? Because soon Yeshua will return to sit on the throne in Jerusalem where he will judge the nations!

Why AntiGodism? Because it is prophesied that God himself will dwell with us in the city of New Jerusalem. Because God has chosen Israel to be his land and Israel to be his people.

Then I saw a New Heaven and a new earth , for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away , and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, .... Revelation 21 verse 1-3

Rev 21 :Verse 3 " and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying " now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them....

Ezekiel 37:24 " My servant David (Yeshua) will be king over them, and they will all have one shepherd. They will follow my laws and be careful to keep my decrees. They will live in the land I gave to my servant Jacob, the land where your fathers lived. (Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob) They and their children and their children's children will live there forever, and David my servant will be their prince forever.

Verse 27 " I will put my sanctuary among them forever. My dwelling place will be with them, I will be their God, and they will be my people. Then the nations will know that the Lord made Israel holy. when my sanctuary is among them forever.

To conclude Who is really in control? Well the answer is that satan -the serpent is in control of this world and all the people in it who do not belong to God! It is that simple! God's people however, are sealed by God's' ownership' seal! Yeshua is the only way to acquire that seal of ownership! And given the choice, it is better to be covered by God's ownership seal where your soul is saved from eternal life in hell. Because ultimately God is in control of the world and he has set a time when satan will lose his control! He will be destroyed for ever!

Be sure of this-every single person on this planet will receive eternal life - depending on the choices you make will determine whether it is Eternal Life in God's Kingdom or Eternal life in hell! You are in control of your destiny! You have the ability to make choices but you need to decide whether you wish to follow TRUTH or DECEPTION! One will lead you to eternal life, the other to eternal hell!

The majority of the population have chosen to accept evil rather than good - they have chosen this way because it is easy, they feel safe doing what the majority do- they feel normal and therefore accepted by everyone. However, the wise, those who realise that the 'majority' populations are those who are walking on the wide road that leads to destruction, these chosen 'minority' who belong to God are the ones who stand out from the crowds as being different. They do not do what the majority do. Instead they appear foolish and extreme or even eccentric- they are those who seek truth and justice and reject or outwardly condemn evil practices! They are the ones walking on the narrow road, as the minority group that are sealed by God, their reward will be for 'ever' living in God's presence in a world of peace! It is not an easy road (read the book Pilgrim's Progress by Bunyan) there are many difficulties on the narrow road but those who persevere will reach their final destination! Ultimately those who belong to God are destined to win- as God is in control!!!


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    • M.A.Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      M A Noble 

      6 years ago from U.S.A.

      You are right, Yeshua would not mind being called Jesus, because there are far more important things than this, as stated throughout the hub writings! Your view of this topic is from a shallow viewpoint, as my 'meaning' is much deeper than merely using a different name. There are many excellent men and women who are totally loyal to God and their Saviour who use the name of jesus, however, their heart and minds and spirit is 100% for God and recognise Yeshua as the son of God, as born again believers they are aware of Yeshua's Jewishness but choose to use the name Jesus because the world only knows this name. It is the heart and mind that is important and if these are not right then deception takes over - which leads the individual on the wide deceptive road. It is those believers who are not born again who are likely to have the little baby jesus image, and worship his mother Mary, or see him as meek and mild or have their focus on the IMAGE of CHRIST! Satan uses all of these concepts to misdirect the people. Read the bible about the image and deception in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Greek culture is a symbol of the rebellion against God with their history of pagan gods! Therefore, to place Yeshua in this category is indicative of deception! We are warned about deception, therefore open your eyes and see it! The name jesus isn't wrong its the concept behind it!

    • Mark.Issa profile image


      6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      You may prefer people to call you by your original name however I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't mind if we call Him Jesus simply because Mark, Luke & John, who wrote their gospels in Greek and certainly know better than you and me, found no problem in calling Yeshua Iesous. I have no problem with using the name Yeshua because it is truly the original name of the Lord. However, I take issue with your claiming that it's wrong to use the name Jesus. This is simply cultism because it is not about the name, we're not name worshippers. It is about knowing who Jesus is and what He's done and still doing for us and seeking His will for our lives. Yeshua does mean Jehovah saves, but this doesn't mean that Jesus is not a proper name for the Lord. I don't know much about Messianic Jews but if that's what they teach then they are a cult and cannot be considered a mainstream Christian denomination unless they drop these beliefs.

    • M.A.Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      M A Noble 

      6 years ago from U.S.A.

      I know that Yeshua was 'A Hebrew' and had a 'Hebrew name', not Greek. The fact that we translate a name into a different language does not alter the original name! If someone from another country says my name in their language that does not change my original name! I would still prefer someone to say my name and spell it correctly what ever nationality or language they choose to write in. However, if (for example) a journalist was reporting a story to a Greek nation I would expect the reporter would write the Greek equivelent to the name Yeshua, however, it doesn't change the fact that Yeshua's name is Hebrew and spells differently to the Greek version. And sadly you miss the most important point - Yeshua means Salvation! Jesus does not have the same meaning - in the context of the coding.

    • Mark.Issa profile image


      6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hi Caroline,

      Mark, Luke and John wrote their gospels in Greek and found no problem in translating Yeshua to Iesous (Greek for Jesus). So are you actually saying that you know better than them?

    • M.A.Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      M A Noble 

      6 years ago from U.S.A.

      Hi Caroline

      Sorry I have not replied - your comment slipped through the net somehow. In answer to what you said.

      I never actually said a person is doomed if they follow Yeshua, but if they are aware of the deceptions within certain churches - even Church of England, and choose to follow those false teachings rather than Yeshua's teachings and God's word, then they will more than likely be one of those who Yeshua says, ' Depart from me, I do not know you!'

      Once you become aware it is then possible to make a turn around - to turn back to God! However, if you are aware of the deceptions and continue in them that is the problem. It is knowing and doing nothing about it!

      Innocence is fine until you are made aware -then there is no excuse!

    • Caroline Draper profile image

      Caroline Draper 

      7 years ago from Picton, Ontario

      So let me get this straight, I believe in Jesus, I am raised Church of England, have no time for the pope or his followers, talk to God a lot, trust in God's plan but am still doomed because my way is Pagan ( even though I had no idea).

    • Disappearinghead profile image


      7 years ago from Wales, UK

      I'll agree with much of what you say surrounding the key problem with the Church is that it has rejected it Judaism roots and followed after pagan ideologies. However, satan and his demons is also a pagan concept, having its roots in the dualist Zoroastrian belief system, which influenced the Israelites during their time in Babylon. Several centuries of superstition later and Satan has been fully absorbed into Jewish culture 2000years ago.

      Satan simply means one that is in opposition, and adversay. The term was used of David by the Philistines and of the Angel of the Lord that opposed Balaam in Numbers 22:22. So when Job was translated from the Hebrew, Satan is turned into a proper noun and hey presto we have a character who was never there.

      As for Jesus, the very early Church adopted this name in Israel and used the sign of the fish as a secret sign, where the greek letters stood for Jesus Christ God's Son Saviour. This was long before the Catholic wolves entered the Church and corrupted it.


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