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You & The Universe : The First Step

Updated on February 29, 2016

Before Beginning

There are some basic rules you must understand before you start absorbing the information i'm about to give you.

  • Take everything said with a grain of salt.
  • Everyone experiences their journey differently.
  • It takes time to get into the routine of being self-aware.

The Most Common Question & It's Answer

How do I become Happy?

We often associate ourselves with our brain. Which is the most common mistake, in fact, everyone suffers from this habit. Understand that your thoughts, and thinking process is not what defines you. Sometimes you'll have negative thoughts, or even negative memories which cause you to suffer. Which is the result of your brain taking over yourself entirely.

The brain is programmed to think, and to do it constantly. Even when you think your brain is silent, its running thoughts in the background. Which is feeding your energy. The main idea here is to disconnect from your brain. Start by paying attention to your thoughts, and what triggers them. For example, you may get a bad grade or not meet your quota. This defiantly might cause a stir in your mind. You begin to feel anger or sadness. This is the result of your mind going wild, which can be controlled once you get into the habit of paying attention to your mind.

YOU are going to pay attention to your mind. Randomly throughout the day, pay attention to what you're thinking. But keep in mind not to interfere with your thoughts or change them. Let them pass through your mind, just like they're making a quick visit. This process allows you to be aware, and once you are aware, feelings of anxiety or stress begin to fade away.

Stress and anxiety are ultimately caused by thinking of the future. A time that only exists in our minds. We do not have a past or future, we only have the present. These emotions are stirred up from your mind beginning to think what if.. The mind has the habit of creating realities that don't exist, so that you can live in your thoughts. And that is why humans suffer from these kinds of mental strains, because we let our brain and the illusion of time take a tole on us.

So next time you do not feel at peace, or happy, pay attention to your body and mind. How do you feel? Is your mind over thinking? Be present, and that is the first step.

Which emotion do you deal with on a daily basis?

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