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Everything You Need to Know about a Cancer and Capricorn Love Match

Updated on January 31, 2021
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Andrea has been an online writer for 8+ years. She mostly writes about dating, couples, weddings, travel, interior design, and gardening.

Introduction: The Crab and the Goat, a bizarre symbiotic relationship

The Crab and the Goat will go well together as movers, shakers, rebels, and revolutionaries. Where Cancer wants to rebel, be a misfit, a freak, and scream from an emotional core -- Capricorn wants to pick the sole best option for survival, for the harvest, and for intelligence.

  • Both of these signs can lean on traditions but also throw them to the side.
  • Both blend well in social circles, but there is always more than meets the eye with the two of them.
  • Cancer and Capricorn can make for a powerful friendship or a powerful couple.
  • Both people are focused on family.

Cancer as the fourth house is seen as the mother of the zodiac. She carries the zodiac year to fruition allowing for the first born Aries to arrive and keep the cycle going forever and forever.

Cancer characteristics often fit that of a young parent. Without these traits we wouldn't have our species. Cancer sees the Zodiac as the pains of carrying a fetus to term, the pains of childbirth, and the miracle of life. For Cancer, Pisces is the scary bridge of going into labor and the chance to hold your newborn baby for the first time in your arms. It's important to remember that so much of this cycle is imprinted into Cancer's mind. This sign is highly connected to motherhood and fatherhood, sexuality, connection, and all the subtle changes that can rock you off your understanding.

Cancer is willing to sacrifice his or her body for the greater good. It's a maturity and contrast from the first three signs of the zodiac year: Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

Capricorn is near the end of the cycle, and because of his efforts to survive, to restore, and to conserve -- life survives for another season. Capricorn is the hermit, the wanderer, and the old captain. This is someone with a mature understanding of the world and universe around him. They see the world through the lens of the beginning of winter. Unlike Cancer whose eyes are on the miracle of life, Capricorn is eerily aware of death and takes it seriously. Capricorn hustles to bring a family together, to focus on the next generation, because he knows his life is temporary.

Capricorn and Cancer have their eyes on different worlds: it is a scary contrast that can push them away unless they are willing to learn about the other side of the coin. Cancer wants to nurture life and enjoy summer; Capricorn wants to help his family survive the dead of winter.

  • Capricorn can help pull Cancer out of pain. Cancer will sacrifice themselves for the prospect of children or nurturing others.
  • Cancer can pull Capricorn away from staring too deeply into death and not seeing the strange, unknown reasons why we exist.

These two understand critical points of the life cycle. Where Cancer sees new life and the trauma of bringing in new people through birth -- Capricorn sees the trauma of reaching death and allowing life to release. Both of these signs have to focus on release as a part of their journeys.

Cancer has to release the life that she raises; otherwise, she burdens her new children by preventing them from going into the Earth to create their own lives. Capricorn must release its tight constrain on life and allow itself to give to the next part of the cycle.

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs of each other in the Zodiac cycle. Complete opposites can bring about a great deal of joy in each other. Cancer and Capricorn can evenly divide into separate roles.

Cancer and Capricorn enjoy talking to each other and keeping things simple. A nice night in is perfect.
Cancer and Capricorn enjoy talking to each other and keeping things simple. A nice night in is perfect.

The House of Water and the House of Earth

Cancer brings to the table the element of water while Capricorn brings to the table the element of earth.

Both are cardinal signs, which have initiatory force, and both start a season: Cancer initiates summer, Capricorn initiates winter.

They both lead naturally and tend to lean into life, always pushing for new experiences. Cancer brings water into this world, flowing, merging, and moving into different states -- ice, water, steam. Earth brings steadiness, conservation, money, and hard-work. Water and earth signs work well together. They are both receptive caring signs. They tend to move slower than fire and air, which move fast, often starting many projects and being strong leaders, but they often don't finish things.

  • Water and earth signs are great managers.
  • You can lean on them to take care of finances, children, households, cleanliness, mechanical issues, and the like.

Cancer will fall for Capricorn because of his steadiness. Cancer is searching for a steady partner she can trust. The world always seems to move, to shake, and it can be scary for Cancer.

Cancer is in tune with how the tides constantly change, the moon never looks the same from night to night, and the barrage of requests never slows to a happy zero. Capricorn desires to create a rock for which his family can stand. Capricorns often want large families, and Cancer comes off as a great parent who could dedicate herself to children.

These two are both forward thinking people. They care about future generations and making sure they have their needs met. Cancer tends to be more liberal than Capricorn who can be quite conservative. The two can join forces and find common ground by looking at how they can take care of the planet. Capricorn likes to work with their hands and can be a strong green thumb. Cancer is someone who worries about global issues, the migrant crisis, global warming, children's needs, and the like.

These two can help fill in the weak spots of the other person. They are on opposite sides of the Zodiac wheel, so this can create some strange connections. The two might feel too full of each other, they might feel similar and also worlds apart, they may have a strong psychic connection they can't explain.

Sometimes when people are opposite of each other on the Zodiac wheel they ultimately decide not to be in a romantic relationship. They decide to release each other on amicable terms. It can feel like you're two completely different worlds where you don't quite feel your connection is stable. The romantic side can be wonderful if you're daring to step into it, but don't be surprised if the contrast makes you feel like you should continue searching for a soul mate.

Sometimes this connection will feel like home. It can be so strong that you can't deny it. But it also has the power to elude you.

What Each Bring to the Table

Cancer loves to change her mind. She is someone who is looking to merge her thoughts. She can morph if she needs to do so. This can be confusing and make her feel like she doesn't really have an exact identity or structure. A fixed sign might find Cancer very dubious for this reason where fixed signs have very sharp identities and presences -- they can't abandon nor hide for too long without it sticking out.

Cancer will in part be attracted to Capricorn for this reason, because even though Capricorn is also a cardinal sign, Capricorn is much more steady as an earth element. Cancer may get frustrated by Capricorn's conservative nature, it's aloof nature, or how stubborn the goat can be.

The goat is complex, compassionate, but often is more in his brain looking beyond the horizon. The goat has long term vision. He is also someone that can accept and handle pain. The goat knows how to endure.

The crab hates to endure but will do so if she loves someone. Cancer is colorful, artistic, endearing, charming, and magical. She isn't as soft and sagacious as Pisces; and she isn't as dark and temperamental as Scorpio.

Capricorn will do every practical thing he to protect Cancer. He is focused on the family, and she is everything to him. Capricorns can sometimes be too sarcastic and unaware of emotion, but they are extraordinarily disciplined.

A Cancer can help soften a Capricorn, help open up their more artistic and vulnerable sides. Capricorn wants someone with a certain amount of warmth, rebellion, beauty, and tradition. Capricorn is aware that he is looking for something almost impossible to define. He wants someone who can inspire him and make him believe again in the world around him.

Ten Tips to Make This Relationship Work

1. Allow yourselves to be you, and don't let others try to define the relationship for you. You'll carve out your own unique trajectory in life, and sometimes people are not going to get the two of you. Listen to your hearts and be a safe space for each other. Be intentional about the direction you choose as a couple: own your thoughts and feelings.

2. Allow Cancer to be a free-spirit, allow Capricorn to manage assets. Always give Cancer room to give his or her opinion. This is just naturally what happens in this pairing. Obviously, if you have a Cancer with an accountant background, they'll be better at spotting financial matters. Cancer needs to be expressive, weird, and moody.

3. Hideaway and rest. As much as Cancer or Capricorn love family and the like -- both signs will thrive when they allow themselves to recharge their batteries during quiet moments of reflection. They're both introspective signs. Cancer needs a place for her moods. Capricorn is a natural hermit.

4. Capricorn needs to feel comfortable to let his sarcastic self out and to let Cancer laugh. Be careful when Cancer is sensitive to pull back on the jokes. Cancer types tend to like words of affirmation, compliments, and your touch. Spend time with them, don't leave them alone for too long. Cancer has high expectations for relationships and takes their time committing for this reason.

5. Cancer should allow herself to let her creativity out and be encouraged to do so. These two can really help the other to bring out more individuality and not just get lost in a relationship that turns pale from a lack of individuality.

6. Take turns focusing on emotional points and then switching gears and focusing on logical points. Here is what you should do: spend some nights playing puzzles, doing thought exercises, reading philosophy, and growing the minds; then focus on art, music, and things that make you cry. This coupling needs to exercise both emotional and logical methods to have a better grasp of both and not be afraid of the other.

7. If you decide to have children, you'll make excellent parents. Make sure to let your children have the reigns as they grow up and don't be overbearing.

8. Don't be afraid to go to doctors, counselors, when you have issues. You can't rely on others outside yourselves for these kind of problems. Cancer and Capricorn both tend to take too long to see a doctor.

9. Humor will save you. Don't get too serious. Lighten up -- the both of you.

10. You two need to have fun exploring the world in your own unique way. The fights can be bad, so make a conscious effort to be peacemakers. The crab's claws hurt, but so do the goat's hooves. Honor and respect each other. When the other one is upset, don't try to mirror them with similar anger. Try to calm them down.

I'd like to pretend for a moment that Kermit is a Capricorn and Miss Piggy is a Cancer. Kermit wants to do the practical and smart thing for his family. Miss Piggy has a million different moods.
I'd like to pretend for a moment that Kermit is a Capricorn and Miss Piggy is a Cancer. Kermit wants to do the practical and smart thing for his family. Miss Piggy has a million different moods.

Cancer and Capricorn at a Quick Glance

June 21 to July 22
December 21 – January 20
Early Summer
Early Winter
Represented by:
Ruling Planet
The Moon
Leader or Manager
Manager of Matters of the Heart
Manager of Physical Resources
Moody, introspective, charming, nurturing, kind.
Hard-working, recluse, family oriented, practical, logical.


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