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A Guide to a Sagittarius and Capricorn Romance

Updated on August 4, 2019
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Andrea is a freelance writer. She writes on topics from interior design, relationships, ghosts, to anything creative. Contact her for work.

The Centaur and the Goat: A Sagittarius and Capricorn Romance

Sagittarius and Capricorn are neighbors. They understand each other in many ways, while they also elude each other. Sagittarius' celebratory style can sometimes frighten the conservative family-oriented Capricorn. Sometimes Capricorn thrives on that energy wanting more joy in their lives and more fun-loving hysterics in the family. Sagittarius sometimes is put off by how committed and hardworking Capricorn can be.

Sagittarius is releasing fire energy. It is the sign before winter starts. It doesn't fit as well with the other fire signs because of its dwindling flame. Sagittarius as a human fluctuates from a wise mature sage to an immature 12 year old -- and this switch can happen in a heartbeat. This sign -- along with Gemini -- is a natural at acting.

Capricorn begins our understanding of earth energy. It brings in the idea of hard-work, conservation, rest, and familial connection. It is a forerunner to what will come in Taurus. Capricorn energy comes from someone wise who understands the pains of winter's cold. Capricorn sees the shift from holiday and festive fun in late fall to the cold, bitter reality of Aquarius.

Differences and Similarities

Sagittarius somewhat borrows their energy from Scorpio and Capricorn, making for a strange combination. Sagittarius and Capricorn are attracted to each other because they balance each other out. Where Capricorn gets too serious, Sagittarius lightens the mood. When Sagittarius derails too far away from anything sensible, Capricorn brings them back.

They both are survivors. They know how to handle difficult situations and endure despite others telling them it is impossible. Sagittarius is much more crafty than its cousins Aries and Leo. This cunning has allowed Sagittarius to survive, but sometimes feel outcast by Aries and Leo who have qualities to help spark the fire to keep our species alive. Sagittarius hides some of its fire. It disguises itself to merge with other elements to ultimately guide them.

Capricorn is aware of the harsh potential of winter -- that it could literally kill those who don't prepare for it. Capricorn is always thinking ahead. It is always considering how it can survive, how it can help others to survive, and what things to hold in times of an emergency. Capricorn is someone who knows how to respond to emerging situations because they have considered these in their minds for so long.

Together a Sagittarius and Capricorn coupling can survive through anything; their styles may clash at times, but they rejuvenate each other. When Capricorn doesn't know how to think on its feet, Sagittarius steps in with spontaneity. When Sagittarius doesn't know how to plan for the long term, Capricorn steps in with vision. These two have to know when to let the other lead.

The Leader and the Manager

Sagittarius as a fire sign is a natural leader. This sign likes to start up projects, but doesn't always finish or manage them. Sagittarius has a natural proclivity to sports of the mind -- it will find itself attracted to the arts, learning languages, studying, research, painting, pottery, poetry, and anything among these paths. Sagittarius is a wild horse and uses that quick decision making to find itself a suitable path. This sign doesn't like to be tied down to anything. It is a jack of trades type, and may seek many lovers in its lifetime or live a solitary lifestyle. Sagittarius doesn't like to be defined or kept in a box as that is against its nature of wild and active energy. Sagittarius doesn't have the ego or bravado of Aries and Leo. Sagittarius is fun and happy where Aries and Leo are warlike. Aries is a general of warlike power and presence. Leo is king like, leading nations into prosperity or peril. Sagittarius is the scholar and adventurer. It is aware of what's beyond the brook -- which is death. Sagittarius invites death into the picture out of curiosity, and it has hope that we will live beyond the cold, unseen figure.

Capricorn is a natural manager. They do not always start projects, but they do know how to manage resources, time, and money if given the task. These souls often live lives of solitude and can be hermit like. They may take a long time before they want to settle down with someone, in part because they take commitment seriously but have plenty to think through before exchanging vows. Capricorns have solid ideas, they live in a grounded sense rather than spontaneously. They see the big picture and don't like to have temporary pain if it leads to nothing. They ask -- where is this taking me? If I endure this, what will be the outcome? Why should I invest in this? Will this company survive beyond the hill? Does the decision really matter or detract from what could be necessary? Capricorn is a stable person, sometimes rough around the edges. They step in when others abandon. They show love and reliability when others abandon. They do not discriminate. They bring those closer to them who they find sensible. A Capricorn will be attracted to a Sagittarius because they amuse them. Sagittarius brings back a spark into Capricorn's world, even though they may find the Sagittarius a tad innocent and unaware of how silly it may be to invite death into the home and have a cup of tea with them.

The Key to this Relationship

Capricorn will seek Sagittarius because they see the centaur as a good luck charm. Sagittarius has a certain kind of luck and dexterity that most other signs do not have. Sagittarius has the capacity to endure winter but also bring joy into it. Capricorn is amazed by how this person lives, jumps through hoops, and can turn out success despite all the odds against them. Capricorn would like some of that luck to guide them, because the Capricorn doesn't always feel so lucky. The Capricorn depends more on hard-work and results. Capricorn is fascinated by luck, but doesn't have a good grasp on it. Capricorn would like to invite the lucky into its home in order to create success. A Sagittarius who doesn't seem to have good luck on their side probably won't last with a Capricorn. This will inevitably gnaw at the relationship and kill it, because the Capricorn really thrives with someone who can add color, spark, and new life into their world.

Sagittarius is attracted to Capricorn because they offer stability and hospitality. In a world that's always being turned up and changed in Sagittarius' mind, they find it comforting to tun to someone who has a better handle of these pieces, even if they handle them in a much slower way than Sagittarius would.

Sagittarius is compelled by dating someone and having a place to rest their weary head. It's nice to have a place where they can drink something warm to fill up their spirit. It's nice to know someone who has survived like them. These two have seen the seasons before them. They know that the people before them did their best but failed and brought them to the harsh cold reality before them. They unite to bring their different views as a way to survive the harsh winter -- and ultimately survive it.

A Sagittarius and Capricorn couple is the type to face death and survive well beyond its grasp. If they set their minds to it, they could live for a hundred years by studying health practices and living balanced lives.

Tips to Make the Relationship Work

1. Though you have similar survival natures, the instincts may differ. Do not chastise the other person for having a different approach.

2. Sagittarius needs to have impulse control. Wild energy is great, but if unrefined could lead to terrible, dangerous ideas. Consult with your partner before taking action to prevent conflict.

3. Capricorn sometimes needs to compromise. Don't get so stuck on a particular vision or item that you are unwilling to see something better or different that could be good for you.

4. Make a point to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. This is good for the both of you. This allows the two of you to partake in something festive (good for the Sagittarius) and something traditional (good for the Capricorn). Don't hate on the holidays. Take advantage of them. This will help build strong memories and a strong bond.

5. Do not dissuade each other. Be supportive first. Think before you speak. Capricorn needs to be careful to not build things up in their mind and explode. Sagittarius needs to stop allowing callous impulses to take control.

6. Work together on projects you love and enjoy. You could build a beautiful home together that other people will want to visit.

7. Find humor on a daily basis. You are partly attracted to each other for your humors.

8. Clean your home instead of argue with each other. Sagittarius creates a lot of messes and Capricorn can be a hoarder. Sagittarius needs to clean up the mess. Capricorn needs to declutter.

9. Take classes in the community together to grow unique relationship talents like cooking, gardening, CPR training, etc. Ideally take something creative or practical.

10. Do not look at other couples as a guide as they have different dynamics. Understand yourselves first. Reflect.


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