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A Happy Place Of My Own

Updated on December 25, 2014

My happy place is not somewhere that doesn't exist. My happy place is not an idealistic representation of what wealth and fortune can buy. My happy place is somewhere untarnished by the greed and lucrative power that cities brainwash the masses into following. My happy place is everywhere that is not blemished by the mark of a humanity that is destructive and restrictive, to the point where happiness is nothing but a children’s story, designed to give hope in a hopeless situation.

My happy place is on top of a hill, way beyond the grasp of power and greed. A place where you can sit, look, and see for miles, see the beauty of nature, and feel the Earth breathe with you. A fog filled valley stretches out before you. Its deep chasms and high cliffs bursting out of the Earth. A river is raging below. The water clear and cold. A seemingly lifeless place, until you take the time to look. The hills around, green, grey, brown, purple, red and yellow. Small birds hide in the weathered bushes, away from the predators hovering above. Tiny insects scuttling around, gathering food to support their colony. A mouse collecting dead grass and leaves for his home. Storm clouds brewing on the horizon. It’s the calm before the storm. Perfectly still. Not a sound to be heard. It’s cold. Frost on the ground during the early morning, left from the freezing temperatures the night before. Embrace the cold. Its bitter bite that makes your skin tingle and shake. Feel the way that it moves through you. The cold is exhilarating and it makes you feel alive, fresh and as though you could take on any challenge that the brutal but fair Earth throws at you. It’s an unforgiving landscape to those who can’t see it for what it is. A place filled with hardship and discomfort. But this is my happy place. This is the place where I feel completely at peace with myself and those around me. I am one with myself and my master, Mother Nature, the beautiful caresser who provides me with everything that is essential to my survival. She is all that I need, and forever will be. I am able to find comfort here because I accept the discomfort for what it is. Discomfort is good. Discomfort is the creator of immense beauty. Without discomfort, there is no comfort. Without discomfort, it’s not possible to find who you are, what you feel, where you've been or where you’re going. To feel the discomfort and to accept it is to grow and attain the wisdom of our master, that old woman who we call Mother Nature.

It’s a place where you can feel as big or small as you want. You look up and you can witness the everlasting majesty of the always expanding grandeur of the universe. Each star another home, another living organism, staring straight back at you. Pin pricks in the sky. The light left behind by those long lost. We are small. Seemingly insignificant. Our pale blue dot, nothing but a speck in the chaos of worlds pushing out into the darkness. But we are special. We are more special than is even possible to understand. We are the result of an accident. An accident that occurred billions of years ago. A freak accident that eventuated in us having the opportunity to lay our eyes on our master, Mother Nature, who extends well and truly beyond our reach. We are the result of relentless selection. Those not worthy of being on this incredibly lucky chunk of rock, drifting through the universe into nothingness. We are at the mercy of our creators, Mother Nature and her brother in arms, the universe. It needs to be understood just how lucky we are to be a part of this miracle that we call nature. We do not own it. We are it. We own nothing. We owe everything.

This scene and these realisations are what make me who I am. They are what exists right at the core of my being, and I am feeling myself constantly longing to reach it. I am in debt to everything that surrounds me for the opportunity to be here, experiencing life for everything that it is. The good, the bad and the ugly. I am me, because that is who I choose to be.

The perfect companion to my vision is this piece by the odd songstress, Joanna Newsom. The combination of these two things were the inspiration behind the tattoo on my wrist which simply says 'listen'. Everything you need to know is right there for you, all you have to do is open your ears.


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