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16 Possible Signs Your House Is Haunted

Updated on October 17, 2017
Haunted Scare House Wharton NJ
Haunted Scare House Wharton NJ | Source


You are in your house, alone. You are finally able to sit, watch TV, do a little computer work. As you try to relax you hear this rapping sound coming from the wall. No one else is home and this isn't the first time you have heard this noise. Is it your plumbing or a spirit playing games? How do you know?

Well, let me share a few things with you that might indicate your house is haunted. I have read about these things and saw a few TV programs on the subject as well.

Here's the list: Heavy footsteps on the floor (no one is home), doors slam for no reason, items disappear and reappear without a cause, lights turn on and off by themselves, and the scent of perfume in the air.

Any of these things might be an indication your house is haunted. Real, honest hauntings are rare. Trying to determine if the strange phenomena that is happening in your house is due to a haunting is hard to do. Basically no one knows the definition of a "real" haunting. No one knows the cause of the haunting or the reason it starts.

Many theories exist as to what causes hauntings or how they may have started. So the question that you as well as many others may have is this: How do I know if my house is really haunted? Here is a group of suggestions that might help you to figure out the answer to that question.

Suggestions for The Noises in Your Home:

Haunting Sign

The first thing is to figure out, the best way you can, if there is a legitimate haunting going on. No two hauntings are alike and they may have a variety of things going on. Some hauntings consist of one thing, like a door that slams shut repeatedly. Other hauntings consist of a variety of things, from odd noises to full-blown apparitions.

The following is a list of occurrences that might indicate your house is haunted:

Unexplained Noises

Footsteps, knocks, bangs, rapping, scratching sounds or noises of objects being dropped. Some of these noises can barely be heard and some can be quite load.

Doors, Cabinets, and Cub Boards Opening and Closing

Most of the time these noises are not seen. The person who experiences this will hear the doors open and close. If you live in your home long enough you learn the noises that it makes. Some times the person will leave the room and when they return, finds the door in the opposite position it was in when they left the room the first time. Furniture can also seem to have moved. A person rarely sees any of this taking place.

Lights That Turn On and Off

These strange occurrences, like the doors, are rarely seen by people. The person swears that when they left the room the lights were off. When they go back the lights are on. This will also happen with other powered items like TV's and radios.

Items Disappear and Reappear

This phenomenon is sometimes called "DOPler Effect". (DOP=Disappearing Object Phenomenon) Some people will call this "the borrowers" effect. This can feel like a familiar experience to some. You swear you left your keys on the kitchen table since you use them every day. You look all over, can't find them any where. After giving up for a little while, you find your keys in the exact place that you normally leave them. It's like someone borrowed the item, whether it was keys or a pen, then returned it when they were done. There may be a time where the item never gets returned for days or weeks. When the item finally shows up, it ends up in a place that could have been easily overlooked.

Strange and Unexplained Shadows

Shapes, shadows, shapes of something seen from the corner of the eye. These types of things have been called "Shadow People". The shadows may resemble that of the human body at times or they could be smaller in shape and size. Some times it's just too hard to tell exactly what the shape is or what you are seeing.

Strange Animal Behavior

Dogs, cats, or other pets act out of the ordinary. A dog may seem to be barking at nothing. The cat appears to be watching something move across the room. Maybe both the dog and the cat cower in the corner or refuse to enter a room they normally go into or walk through. Animals are known to have sharper and keener senses than humans. Most researchers believe that animal's psychic abilities may also be more finely tuned.

Feelings of Being Watched

This is not uncommon and many things may attribute to this feeling. Should someone have this feeling consistently happen in the same room or part of the house, it might be something paranormal.

The previous seven items are some of the most common experiences people have had who believe their homes are haunted. Stranger things have happened. The following list of things are much more rare but they can be stranger evidence of a haunting.

Psychokinetic Occurrences

To hear doors open or close is one thing but to actually see this happen is quite another. Should you be in a room and actually witness lights going on and off is greater proof that something strange is happening. What about TV's going on and off on their own? Maybe your child's powered toy starts to operate on its own. Doors and windows lock and unlock. There have been people that have reported being in bed and feeling the sensation of something sitting on the bed with them. Some times they think they hear noises as well.

Feeling of Being Touched

To feel like someone is watching you is one thing, to actually feel like you were touched is another. People have reported the feeling of something "brushing" past them. Some have said they feel "a hand" on their shoulder or hair. Other things that have been reported are a gentle poke, push, or nudge.

Cries and Whispers

Occasionally muffled voices can be heard along with crying and whispering. Music can be heard coming from some unknown source. People have claimed to hear someone calling their name. This type of phenomenon becomes more credible if multiple people see or hear the same thing.

Cold or Hot Spots

Cold spots have been reported numerous times, too many to count. They are classic haunting systems. There have been reports of noticeable differences in temperatures in spots with no reason as to why. This could be evidence that something is haunting the area.

Unexplained Smells

You are home and notice the distinct fragrance of perfume or cologne that you know no one in your house uses. This comes and goes with no apparent cause. Some times other things accompany the smells, like shadows, voices, or psychokinetic activity. Foul odors can also occur in the same way.

There are other rare phenomena, which have been noted as poltergeist phenomena. These occurrences can be strong evidence of a true haunting.

Moving/Levitating Objects (Severe Psychokinetic Phenomena)

Examples of this type of strangeness are as follows: plates sliding across a table, pictures flying off walls, doors that slam shut with force, or furniture that slides across the floor.

Physical Assault

Physical assault can consist of scratches, slaps, and hard shoves. These types of things are extremely rare. When they do occur they can be highly disturbing.

Other Physical Evidence

Examples of these are as follows: hand prints, footprints, and unexplained writing on paper or walls.


Apparitions are physical manifestations of a spirit or entity. These types of things are rare and may take many forms. Some of these forms may be as follows: human-like shapes that look like a mist or forms a mist from an odd shape, human forms that are transparent and disappear quickly, and human forms that appear as real and solid as the living person. They disappear into a room, even while being viewed. The last example is the most rare.

Now, after you consider all of the above situations, you might feel your house is indeed haunted. If so, what do you do, or what can you do?

Here are some steps you might want to consider taking:

Rule Out Rational Things

Consider checking these things out:

1. Noises could be the house settling, rattling pipes, even unwanted creatures such as mice

and squirrels.

2. Doors that open or close may be a loose hinges or caused by drafts.

3. Disappearing items might just be carelessness or forgetfulness.

4. Shadows could just be that - a shadow - like a passing car or bird flying by.

Even though all this may seem real, it could be your imagination running wild.

If what you are experiencing seems really extreme it may be hard to ignore. If multiple people experience the same issues then they may be taken more seriously.

Talk to other people about the above things. A plumber and a carpenter can check the pipes and doors. Get a friend or neighbors opinion. They may think of things you are not. The point here is to do all you can to prove your house is NOT haunted.

Keep A Journal

If you have done all the above and things are still occurring on a fairly regular basis, write them down. Keep a journal as things happen. For example:

August 2, 2013 - 9:45pm - in bed watching TV, while doing do hall light turned on by itself, got up and turned it off

August 12, 2013 - 8:30pm - in kitchen putting away dishes, heard footsteps in hallway upstairs, was home alone, went upstairs to check things out, found nothing

A journal of this kind could help investigators should you call in an expert.

Try to obtain a recording device should you hear noises. Any physical evidence, like objects moving on their own or shadows, try to video tape them. Keep your journal, camera, and video equipment together and ready at all times so you can keep track of everything as it happens.

Call experts should these hauntings continue. Should you feel you and your family are in danger, don't wait to make that phone all.

As far as the experts are concerned, who are they? You can find hundreds of them throughout the United States and Canada. You can probably find listings for them state-by-state. I have never used any of them so I cant say anything about their expertise. I'm sure they vary in their expertise level and the degree of their practical experience. Should you decide to call one of the experts, choose carefully.


Chances are, no matter what is going on, your place is not haunted. If for some reason your house is haunted, maybe it's a low-key spirit or phenomenon you can live with. Most of the time it's something you don't have to be afraid of.

Haunted Home by the Water
Haunted Home by the Water | Source


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