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A Haunted Tour of Dallas, Texas

Updated on December 15, 2011

Dallas is one of the largest cities in Texas and might be one of the most haunted. With its long history and large population, you should not be surprised that the city has more than one ghost. Dallas ghosts reportedly haunted private residence, schools, and even hotels.

Haunted Stores

Run into the CVS on Ferguson Road and you might expect to come out with prescriptions and health aids, but you might just encounter a ghost. Wayne was a man that worked at the CVS, unloading the trucks that came in late at night. A group of men tried robbing Wayne one night and when he fought back, they shot him in cold blood. Wayne now haunts the storeroom upstairs, where he once worked. Employees often experience cold spots, hear footsteps, and find items moved or knocked over.

Over at Jerry’s Supermarket on Jefferson is a ghost that likes teasing the late-night managers. This ghost always manifests at night and only when the managers close the store for the night. While on the second floor, managers hear the sound of someone walking around downstairs and knocking things over. Those brave enough to venture downstairs always find the store locked and empty.

Ghostly Roads

One ghostly Dallas road is a cul-de-sac, haunted by something locals refer to as the Flagpole Hill ghost. Supposedly, the ghost started acting out in the mid-1970s and many locals and visitors report similar experiences. As they drive down the road, they hear and feel something in the dark tossing stones at their cars. Some even report damage to their vehicles, including chipped wings and unexplained dents.

If you venture across the highway and pass the area of Bear Creek, make sure that you do not repeat the name, even in whisper. Local legend says that anyone stupid enough to say the name aloud are bound to have something terrible happen, such as an extreme accident.

Haunted Dallas Schools

The ghost of Elizabeth, a former student, haunts the Lake Highlands High School in Dallas. In the 1970s, Elizabeth committed suicide by jumping out of a window on the second floor. Elizabeth is especially fond of the shop area. She frequently moves things around the classroom, including heavy tools that usually take two students to move. Students and teachers report feeling cold spots and hearing doors slam when no one else is there.

Haunted Lawrence Hotel

One of the most famous haunted spots in Dallas is the Lawrence Hotel. Though the hotel opened its doors in the 1920s, the ghost dates from the 1940s. Supposedly, a female guest committed suicide by jumping from a window in the Presidential Suite, though some claim she was murdered. Many guests and workers heard the sound of the woman walking in the hallway outside the Suite and in the lobby, usually in the middle of the night.

There are also stories surrounding the second floor, which during the Prohibition era boasted a secret casino. Legend says that the ghost of a former gambler haunt the second floor. Other stories claim that the hotel has a ghost in the basement, the ghost of a former congressman that committed suicide, and several haunted rooms.

Haunted Dallas Houses and Buildings

One haunted house in Dallas is Millermore, which dates back to 1861. The Old City Park Museum now uses the building and some workers claim a mysterious woman haunts the second floor, where the original family had its bedrooms and nursery. Also haunted is the LBJ House. Local legend claims that a former owner killed his children and wife. Supposedly, visitors feel cold spots and despite being on the market in the past, the house has never sold.

Dallas is also home to the haunted Capital Building where security guards often hear footsteps or see the shadows of people walking around after closing. Over at Pleasant Grove Christian Church, you might see the ghosts of mysterious children. Story says that a maniac killed a group of Sunday School students and the ghosts of the children and killer now haunt the church.

The Turtle Creek Center in Dallas has a ghost named Harold. Harold spent most of his time in his office, so it should not be surprising that he died there too. Ever since then, Harold wanders through the building and is sometimes spotted near his former office.

Other Haunted Dallas Sites

If the idea of a haunted playground interests you, visit the Wilber Street Playground. One night, nearly a century ago, a couple let their daughter venture into the playground alone. While swinging on the swingset, a drunk driver lost control and ran her over. Her ghost is sometimes seen hanging around the swingset or playing on the swings.

A similar story surrounds the railroad tracks near Combs Creek Street. A young girl went for a bike ride and decided to take a shortcut along the tracks. She didn’t hear the approaching train and by the time the conductor noticed her, it was too late. Her ghosts now roams the area where she died.

The last Dallas location on the list is the White Lady haunting White Rock Lake. The story is one of the oldest urban legends around: the tale of the vanishing hitchhiker. The woman supposedly belonged to a prominent Dallas family and headed off with a group of friends for a community dance. On the way home, their carriage lost control and she died in the lake. The story says that she now lets people pick her up on the road, but always disappears from the car.


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    • profile image

      Ghost 5 years ago

      Here is a link to all the US Congressmen that have died other than natural causes. No mention of anyone dying in Dallas, or indeed that hotel.

    • profile image

      Ghost 5 years ago

      What is the name of the Congressman? Without a name it is hearsay.

    • angie ashbourne profile image

      angie ashbourne 5 years ago

      Hi! I enjoyed reading your story. I have two black cats, who sit on a chair by my computer when I am reading hub stories. Angie

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Fascinating and very spooky hub. These were all great ghost accounts, but I think, for me, there is something particularly spooky and creepy about haunted schools, playgrounds and hotels.

      I really enjoyed this hub and it's fascinating ghosts! Voted up + awesome!