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A Jesus Working Miracle For My Christian Sister Jeanette...

Updated on December 16, 2011

A Jesus Working Miracle For My Christian Sister Jeanettte…

For the last two years of attending Wednesday prayer meeting at my church, I met my mother’s friend, Jeanette, who, like most of us, have weathered the economic doldrums and yet still find the time to faithfully come and pray for those who are near and far. Last week, I came home from work and my mother called me with an urgent message that I should pray for Jeanette because tests showed that she was gravely ill and in need of life saving major heart surgery. We all prayed at church, home, and around Jeanette’s hospital bedroom for healing… after all, among the many names for the Christ are The Healing Balm of Gilead and The Great Physician… and indeed, to the doctors amazement, they do not know what took place between when the tests were taken initially and last Thursday when the results showed no heart damage nor the need for invasive surgery. I have always wondered when these doctors, men of science, and who worship at the feet of empirical evidence, witness the unexplainable - what do they say - I supposed that they chalk it up as one of those positive aberrations....

Now, in conveying this positive story I am aware that live or die, Jesus is in the mix of every aspect of life… doling out mercies in accordance to His will. Today and everyday, there are devout Christians dying, but now and then we see real life miracles. Do I know the Divine workings in matters of this kind – No! I know that the Apostle Paul healed the sick and raised the dead and he, himself, was suffering from some ailment, of which he asked God three times to relieve him from. It must be noted that the Divine response to the Apostle Paul’s pleadings for healing was met with the famous: ‘My grace is sufficient for thee; for My strength is made perfect in weakness... (Corinthians 12:7-10).’

I thank Jesus for his intercession on Jeanette’s behalf, and ironically, I have witnessed her tearful prayers, as a member of the church’s intercessory prayer group, for all of us in need of Jesus’ grace and mercies. Years ago, a similar thing happened to my mother and she was told that she would not leave the hospital alive… but by the grace of God, through His Son Jesus Christ, my mom left a few days later and her leaving the hospital was something to behold because almost every doctor, nurse, and roommates of varying faiths came and asked her to pray for them- at that time, I was not a practicing Christian and pondered the glory and wonders of Christ. Jeanettte, I bid you longevity… with your going downs and your rising ups being in wondrous hallelujahs!


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