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A Karma Crash Course for Human Beings, Ascended Masters and Dummies

Updated on December 21, 2017

Karma is greatly misunderstood by Western metaphysics.

In this article, the idea of karma is presented in a different way, than many people approach it. In general, karma is presented as the emotional resonance that links an individual to the energies that are attracted to them, or projected from them. The way each individual responds to energetic attraction works within the frequencies it draws upon, creating an optimum state of balance on a spiritual level. This is what most people state is the method of attaining good karma.

Essentially, all emotional states dictate the energies and people that are drawn to one another. In theory, if you create positive energies around yourself, then you are inviting them to in turn empower the attraction of similar positive energies in return. Karma is thought to have a vibrancy, or vibrational pulling factor much like magnetic polarities do in general thermodynamics.

But this view of karma is not always helpful, especially for those going through certain spiritual and material world changes. Sometimes an individual gives up too easily on things changing in their life. Thus the essence of their karma energies becomes focused on guilt, doubt or other kinds of oppositional thinking. Karma is not an unchanageable force in the univers. It is not so strong that all destiny or fact is immovable. It is also not something that is outside of the individual person and their ability to control it.

Karma can be changed, if the individual is able to do what is necessary to alter their cosmic singature. The cosmic signature is the literal resonant frequencies of energies attracted to the individual, this force being a funnel of energetic output or input.

There is no good or bad karma in the universe. Only karma itself...

People in the Western world, tend to speak of good or bad karma.

As if karma was aligned to these, or taking sides in terms of the human condition. The average person will use the term good and bad karma. In their viewpoint, repetition of bad deeds will ensure bad karma to come. In the opposite situation, repetion of good deeds is assured to bring about good karma to arrive. Within this context, millions of human beings awake to greet each new day, intent on doing good and avoiding bad actions. This is a fine idealism, but not a factual way about how the cycles of karma and karmic debt work in the world. At least not for the frail and flawed human being to approach these metaphysical concepts on a daily basis.

For purposes of this article, the reader is asked to entertain the idea that karma is truer to the laws of thermodynamics. That energy in its many forms cannot be destroyed, therefore all energy is transfomed and used in the natural order of the universe. Therefore good and bad karma do not actually exist. They are only metaphors made up by the human mind, a dumbed down version of what is really happening in the world of interactive energies on the planet Earth.

Do not do unto others, as you would not have them do unto you...

Rather than focus on good things happening to you, let your mind settle on trying to be aware of others. Learn to understand and empathize with the needs of the world, so you can assist in bringing it into reality. This is what benefits human beings, which all of us are one. The practice of random acts of kindness or paying it forward are better ways to envision positive change.

There is nothing in the universe which does not serve a purpose.

The domino effect of one kindness can have staggering impact on the entire planet, one person at a time. This is more stable for human beings, because a purely good intentioned person can fall into patterns of self righteousness, even when divinely inspired. Just as the purely bad intentioned person is exorcising their freewill and assisting human beings with great karmic empowerment, even when doing evil.

It takes a person of selfish devotion to implant selfless power within the entire human species. Therefore, a lawful opposition of dark and light is necessary to manifest the best outcomes for everyone automatically throughout the world. Just as kindness is not weakness, neither is darkness always wickedness. Experiencing the effects of bad or good karma is a mind set, a pattern of thought crime within the human consciousness. In fact, the two powers balance each other perfectly and tend to cancel one another out. For every one good intentioned action is equal to every one bad intentioned action.

A million selfless acts equals a million malicious acts.

This equality in the universe proves that karma is not a preordained set of variables, but a balanced set.

The lessons of unconditonal love and acceptance are first steps...

Many people think the hardest karmic lessons are the expressions of unconditional love and acceptance in life. This is true to some degree, being that each is an experience that can only be learned through growth. Unconditional love transcends all negativity, thus it allows for freedom of the individual being. This creates a desired state of positive karmic influence within the aura, one that conquers fears, stubborness, and lack of compassion.

All these things are necessary to understand the soul formula for living. The spiritual insights gained by doing what we are here to do, these insights can be understood as the occupational science of the universe. We are here to do our part, nothing else is more key to our place in the universe. Secondarily, we are here to support others around us in generating knowledge about the human condition, so that they may also find their purpose in the universe. Although not knowing what your purpose in life is should never superceed simply having purpose.

This is what is known as letting your karma run over your dogma. Ordinary purpose is just as important, as anything divinely inspired or enlightened by wisdom. These latter options are only more desireable, because people want to be important in the scheme of things. But have no doubt, every single person ever born is important in the scheme of the universe.

You are so very important.

Because you are the only version of you, that will ever be, ever exist, or ever live on this planet Earth. We need you more than anything, because our species will never have another you. Without you, there is nothing, so be here now. This is how the karmic cycle is ever balanced by light and darkness. Good and bad, evil and right action are both extremes, necessary to keep the unity of all things in the universe.

Here is the truth about karma, if readers want to know...

Here is the truth about karma, if readers want to know...

The problem lies in people wanting good karma too much.

People can be heard any given day asking, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

Or they may ask,"Why are bad things always happening to me? Why is my life full of such bad karma?"

But on the other side of the coin, when good things are happening to them, they tend to forget to be thankful. Nobody ever hears people say, "Why are all these good things happening to me? Why would I deserve this good karma in my life?"

If someone has said this recently that you know, then they are an unusually humble person. But this is the key to balancing karmic debt with the universe. Here is an example, from my own personal life. Several months ago, my home and my person was held up and robbed. Five individuals broke into my home, held myself and my roomate at gunpoint, then proceeded to take every computer, TV, electronic device, money, jewelry and everything owned to my family.

Now the first good karma is that everyone came out alive, including the people who robbed my home. Also it was prudent that my family had renters insurance, so much of the loss inside of property was recoverable in a short time, once police reports were filed etc.

But the real trick is to look at a situation like my home being robbed and say to yourself, "Why shouldn't these bad things happen to me, they were going to happen to someone. Therefore, I choose to embrace and take on this bad karma. I choose it and make it mine, no one else's."

And by doing this, the person is accepting their fate, loving even those that wronged them unconditionally, but also making a freewill choice to embrace the negative and create a vaccum for the universe to fill. This is what the universe needs in order to send good karmic debt in attraction to the individual, because they are making a place for it to manifest. So do not wonder why negative things are always choosing to send bad karma your direction. Be proactive in choosing your negativity, so that universal energies can be freed up and send good karma your direction.

This is how to control and change your karma.

This is the formula or algorithum if you will, necessary to alter your individual cosmic signature and balance your own resonant frequencies of attraction in your life.

So that we can all shine on...

No one better expressed these concepts, than John Lennon. Who do you think you are? A superstar, well right you are...

So what do you think after having read this article, if anything?

Do you believe in karma?

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    • mobydickens profile imageAUTHOR

      Moby Dickens 

      5 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Thank you all for your insights into the concept of karma. I am sure that all your opinions are relative to the bigger picture of what karma may or may not be. If it exists at all...

    • myzencafe profile image

      Wendy Lin 

      7 months ago from New York

      Great insights on karma. Your talk about karma from the energy perspective.

      In our human world, there is good and bad karma. For an enlightened mind, it understands that both karma and the world are just perceptions of the mind. Therefore, they are not the reality.

      A lot of people say that we are just energies in our essence. If we are just energies, then it will be very easy for us to overcome our karma. But we are self-evolving consciousness and sentience operate on energy. In order to understand, dissolve and transform karma, we have to understand how the consciousness works and evolves. The challenging is that we are evolving and learning at this very moment.

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Funny I feel have just walked into a well set up web, for some funny reason.

      Im not sure...your threads are silkily woven.

      Apologies for the typos.

    • mobydickens profile imageAUTHOR

      Moby Dickens 

      13 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      You are most welcome threekeys. I think your comments are right on point. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to post this as my first article, because some might find it conflicts with their ideas. But now I am very glad that I did choose to write, post, and share it. Yours being the first comment left on an article I published on this website is equally significant. Thank you for reading, and being a thoughtful person in this big, weird, wonderful, world. MD

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      It was an interesting read. Thankyou.

      Im sure there is dome hidden mystical text yet to be discovered and truly reveal the laws of karma. Then again, perhaps the Jains introduced the concept of karma just to control its people and get us to behave in a strict narrow sense.

      After a very horrible 2017 (and the rest) and feeling ill eqipped to speak about karma other than what was inspired after reading Anonymous's book called Meditations on Tarot Subsequently, I was motivated to at reintroduce hope and potential into one's new year. I think all of us could do with a break in 2018.

      I thought it was relatable about how you explained in a balanced way how someone can do both shadow and light similtaneously, both knowingly or unknowingly.

      Im afraid I still struggle though when soneone's actions causes another intentional harm.

      On the other hand, its not okay to say because someone is in a wheelchair or has cancer, that they brought it on.

      Does it really matter if there is karma or not?

      Could it just be the practice of our own set of perceptions?

      I think when out time comes our life will run like a movie across our minds and through our own level of conscience , we will determine whether we fall asleep peacefully or whether we thrash our heads backwards and forwards in pain-in our own land of hell.

      Who knows?


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