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A Large Crowd Of People

Updated on February 16, 2011

 Have you ever seen a large crowd of people that you can not count them? well John saw them, they were from every nation, tribe, people, and languages, they were standing in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb.

They were dressed in white robes, palm branches were in their hands, they shouted," Salvation belongs to our God, the One who is sitting on the throne! Salvation belongs to the Lamb, too.!"


All the angels stood around the elders and the four beings around the throne, they fell down on their faces in front of the throne and worshiped God.

They said,"Amen! Praise, glory, wisdom, thanks, power, and strength belong to our God forever and ever! Amen."

One of the elders said, "Who are those people dressed in white robes? Where did they come from?"

"Sir, don't you know?"

Then he said, "They are the ones who came through the great trouble safely, using the Lamb's blood, they washed their robes to make them white, this is why they are before God's throne, they worship God day and night in His temple sancturay, the One who is sitting on the throne will live with them, they will never be hungry or thirsty, no heat or sun wil burn them, the Lamb in the middle of the throne will take care of them, like a shepherd does, He will lead them to springs of fresh water, God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."


The seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to sound them, there was hail and fire, mixed with blood, this was thrown down on the earth.

One-third of the earth was burned up, and, all of the green grass was burned up.

The second angel sounded his trumpet, something like a great mountain as thrown into the ocean, one-third of the ocean was changed into blood, one-third of the living creatures in the ocean died, one-third of the ships were destroyed.

The third angel sounded his trumpet, a great star fell from the heavens it was burning like a torch, it fell on one-third of the rivers and on the springs of water, the name of this star was called Bitterness, it changed one-third of the water into bitter water, many people died because of the water; it was poison.

The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, he struck one-third of the sun one third of the moon, and one-third of the stars, one-third of them became dark, the day was only one-third as bright as usual, and the night was two-thirds darker.

There in the middle of the sky was an eagle flying around shouting,"How horrible! How horriable! How horrible it will be for the people who live on earth!"


taken from Revelation 7&8.


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    • Raymond Tremain profile image

      Raymond Tremain 6 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      Thank you Sherrylou, it is for a wake up call to those who are still looking for a way.

      God loves all

    • sherrylou57 profile image

      sherrylou57 6 years ago from Riverside

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful hub and smiply loving Jesus! God bless you