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A Leopard Cannot Change His Spots

Updated on September 6, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

That is a fact of life

It is also a statement used by many humans to say that a person cannot change. Once a criminal always a criminal they say. Plus, it is true that a leopard cannot change its spots.

He or she is not equipped with the intelligence and thinking capability to look at themselves and say I want a change. Their coats are also not equipped with buttons or zippers or other closures, so the animal cannot simply remove their fur and put a new one on.

If the leopard does get to change the color and design of their fur, they do so through the help of an outside more intelligent and more powerful being. The scientist knows how to breed the leopard so that its coat changes and he or she may not have those spots any more.

But if that does take place can we call the resulting animal a leopard any more? Hasn’t it been changed from one species to a mixed one or an altogether new one? Without its spots, it is certainly not a leopard anymore.

Pure leopards cannot change without some help from humans

We got the message for this article from the leading of God who guided us to see an article about Benny Hinn’s change of heart. As you know, Mr. Hinn is one of the more familiar and famous of all the prosperity gospel preachers out there.

But in an article at the Christian Post, titled “Benny Hinn renounces prosperity gospel, says ‘Holy Ghost is just fed up with it” he seems to have renounced his former prosperity beliefs for more biblical ones.

It is possible that this human leopard did change his spots. He seems to be saying that he will preach the gospel and that he disproves of his former teachings because an outside more intelligent and,more powerful being helped him see the error of his ways.

We say 'seem to' or 'possible' or 'and so on', as the announcement he makes is only the first step in his new life as a different minister. The next few months and years will tell if the change was genuine and that he really did change his spots.

We hope the change is genuine and real. We like some of his statements in that article and hope that he continues down this path with real support from fellow true believers.

Humans cannot change their own spots

This is another fact of life. Unbelieving humans who want to change from being a sinner lost in and held captive in sin cannot make the change to a believer or a holy life on their own.

Like the leopard, humans do not possess the power it takes to bring a themselves to repentance or anew life where their hearts and minds are changed into a new creature with new believes and salvation.

Even living a good life won’t do it. An outside more intelligent more powerful being is needed to help humans go from trapped in sin to spiritual freedom and salvation. There is only one being in existence today who can do that.

We are talking about Jesus Christ. The bible tells us that he came to this earth to save the lost. His divine power is the only power strong enough to cancel out evil’s hold on people. There is none like him.

Also, Jesus is the only being who can get rid of the old sinful man all unbelievers into new creatures with renewed minds and hearts. The Bible is full of passages telling us this.

Also, the world’s most famous scripture John 3 :16 tells us that salvation only comes through belief in Jesus. The Book of Acts has many references where the disciples and Paul say to the unconverted “believe in Jesus and thou shalt be saved.

Jesus has the power to change the sinner’s spots and make them a new person. When that happens we cannot call them sinners and unbelievers any more for they are not that person.

We call them Christians

This is a term placed on believers back in the first century after Christ’s death and resurrection. The early believers were so like Christ that was the label given to them. Unfortunately, many people called by that name over the centuries and in modern times have failed to live up to the identification with their Savior.

Such examples have made it difficult for true believers to make an impact on this world. It would be nice if the unbelieving world was more understanding instead of always looking for excuses to stop having their spots changed.

Then we would see a different world than what is in existence at the current time. Yet, while salvation changes the spots on a sinner to a new creature, salvation does not make a Christian holy, perfect or totally sinless.

The same conditions that existed prior to their conversion remain afterwards. They just got tougher and meaner. Evil does not like giving up souls and it tries very hard to get them back or ruin their Christian life so that other unbelievers will refuse to take that step of faith.

Christianity is not an easy faith to follow. Not only is evil against its members so are all the other false religions in the world, as well as the atheist and other unbelievers. The Christian only makes it through their lives with the help of another more powerful and more intelligent being-- the Holy Spirit.

The the salvation aspect, the Christian cannot live their new life on their own. God has to be there each step of the way in order for the Christian to succeed.

To get this new life

The person must learn to be humble because they are no longer in charge. Trust is needed because God doesn’t always explain everything up front and information is not always learned at the beginning.

The Christian must grow, learn from their mistakes and push on with the hope there is a home in heaven for them. Trusting someone by faith, when all you have is their holy book to guide is not easy. Especially when evil sends out its agents disguised as angels of God.

To live the Christian life as we should, we need to be like Peter and keep our eyes on Christ till we meet up with him face to face.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      19 months ago from Philippines

      I know it is tigers in the picture. I do not have one of leopards. But the comments made about leopards in the article also apply to tigers


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