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A Lesson on Priesthood Service

Updated on April 28, 2011

Priesthood Service

As holders of the priesthood God has blessed us with several ways to serve. I wish to mention a few of those ways here.

When we received the priesthood we were called upon to teach others the doctrines of the kingdom, and the right way of God. Not only that but we are to set forth our examples of obedience, faithfulness and love. We are not only to teach the doctrines but to expound upon them to the understanding of all. In addition to this we are called to exhort others to greater obedience, faith, and Charity.

We as brethren of the Church and Priesthood holders are to help all in need and watch over the church to make sure those needs are met. We have been given this priesthood power to bless the lives of others, and in doing so we can give blessings of comfort and healing. As children of God we can pray for others needs and well being, and are asked to support our leadership and give help where and when help is needed.

We are called from time to time to perform the ordinances of salvation; including baptism, confirmation, and the sacrament, and are called to protect the Lords sheep from all who come among them to do harm.

Again those duties are to: teach, expound, exhort, watch over, bless, pray for others, support, help, perform ordinances, set forth examples, and protect the Lord’s children.

The greater power we are given in the priesthood, the more capacity we have to serve. So how can we increase our Power in the Priesthood?

I was reading a book recently and the answer is in the title: Faith Precedes the Miracle.” So it is by faith, charity, and obedience that our power in the priesthood can increase.

As we continue to serve diligently and humbly our power will increase, but our faith must be centered in God the Father and the Son, from whom this power flows. For without priesthood power no man can see the face of God. – Doctrine and Covenants 84:21-22

Sisters through the same method can increase their power to serve, although their role is different. They are to love, nurture, teach, help, pray for others, be examples, support, and protect.

Let every person know his duty and do it, with faith, patience, and love unfeigned.


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