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A Letter To My Nephew, A Young Christian With Questions

Updated on April 22, 2011

God Never Leaves You Alone

Hi Nephew

I got your letter yesterday and I found it to be so sincere, innocent, heart felt, and challenging. Challenging because it’s questions all babes would have and I had those same questions in my early years of my Salvation. Notice how I describe your letter. That was the discerning and understanding I got from what you said. Where did it come from, who was talking to me? God! God talks to us though we’re not aware. And the devil wants us not to be aware so he speaking to us too.

When God told me to encourage you, that wasn’t an audible voice like when we talk to each other. Though He doesn’t speak that way too. But it was more in a thought. I've learned that  God speaks 4 ways, audible, through his word, dreams/visions and to our mind but it’s funnels through our thought patterns. Now through our thoughts discernment goes to work. (1)You have to discern if it’s God or the Devil is talking. And obey, if it’s God.

If it can be found in God’s word and it’s good because God only can do you good, God talking. If it goes against God word, devil talking. (2)What’s motivating your thoughts(which is your heart-spiritually)?- Personal gain, selfishness-self pleasure, wants, devil talking or the welfare of others more than your own but your own is there also, God talking. Motivation of the heart(thoughts) is a key to KNOW who’s talking to us. Our mind, God and the devil speaks to it. So in this form of thoughts is for you to know God is talking. Now, is God talking to you? Or have you prayed about something and you had thoughts of what the answer might be? God does it this way to. He’s talking to you. When you grasp it (Know/Understand) put it into action. Then you hear God. Know/understand is Listening but take action on what you think is Hearing God. How?

Well, when you think to go see somebody or call somebody, check the motive for calling, find that and then think is that God or the devil or selfishness. Is it to do them good or to please you? Once you KNOW it’s God, you act on it, call or go to encourage them, like God told me to do you through my mind. When I obey, God blesses me and I feel his presence more. A warmth come to my heart, a feeling of good, I did what God said and it feels Good to do it! I hope you understand. I want to answer the other questions.

God hasn’t told me you want to be like Jesus but I know it. I judge the words that you speak and I hear a young believer in Christ. Discernment. God will talk to you first before he tells me anything about you. Now if you’re not listening, he may tell me something to tell you. Most of the time when He tells others to tell you something, it’s something He has told you already. Either you’re not sure or being lazy in acting on what he has said. Or if you feel he’s not talking to you, He may be testing you to see if you will continue to believe and walk with Him though you can’t hear Him. Great test! We all have those. Even those that have seen miracles, will always have to be tested like that. I use to think if I was one of those with Moses, I would never doubt God or disobey. Boy did I learn. No matter how many miracles I see, fleshly thoughts still attacks my faith and obedience. Wondered why.

I found out that God doesn’t do miracles to change us but to get our attention and for us to get others attention. What changes us is His Word. Learning, and teaching it will change my heart(mind). Not the miracles, I’ll forget the miracle, well it diminishes in thoughts and memory. That’s the purpose of the bible to change our hearts and teach us about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit and to become one with him through all 3 persons. It drives out sin and the death cycle Adam put us in.

I know you will be ok as long as you stay under the word of God and keep learning. Never quit, never give up on salvation, on God. You will win. You already are a winner because of what Jesus did. When you accepted Jesus you gain everything Jesus died for. Like, eternal life, wealth, health, And you received every promise in the Bible. It’s yours, right now and will always be yours. You don’t have to fight, or work to be with God forever, Jesus did it all. You just have to believe in what Jesus did, accept it into your heart and mind. And God will change you little by little until you’re living the image of Christ in every way. He’s working on every believer. It’s not the believer working to earn it. Your work, my work is to build faith, kill doubt, and receive what’s in Jesus, the whole Bible.

To understand what all you have and who you really are in Christ is to keep searching the scriptures. Keep talking to me or someone spiritual until you can get a pastor over you. I’ll be your pastor until then J. It doesn’t come easy, though it is easy. Our thoughts of what we think and how we think it should be. I should have heard something by now. That’s what makes it hard. Our mind. We have to reject our mind and accept and say what the bible says. That’s truth and it will show up in our life. The bible is alive, God is alive, Jesus is alive, Holy Ghost is alive and You and Me are alive forever! And we Give life to others when we say what God, the bible says. It’s LIFE! Moves the death cycle of SIN and the DEVIL!. Luke 1:38 says No word from God is void of Power!

God hears every prayer you pray and he answers every prayer. Make sure when you pray you forgive anyone you have ought with, ask God to help you to forgive everybody, believe you will receive what you ask for, and ask for it in Jesus name. After you pray say Lord I thank you that you heard and answered my prayer and I receive the answer in Jesus name. No need to pray it again, just repeat that every time you think of what you prayed for and haven’t gotten answered yet. Keep thanking him for the answer. The more you say it the more you build faith to receive. And you must do it. Or the devil will steal it, make you think God ain’t heard or thinking bout what you prayed. Been there, I’m telling you the answer. And it will work if you work it.

Some things do require fasting and prayer. When it’s a difficult situation and you feel prayer isn’t enough, then fast. Prayer is a great weapon against the devil but fasting really fuels prayers. God will put it on your heart (mind) to fast. When the thought come to fast you have to obey it. Even if you don’t go but for an hour, still obedience. God doesn’t measure time as we do nor is he looking for quantity but quality. Obedience is quality and builds character.

Next question. You believe and you already yield your soul to God but You don’t see the results you want. Answer: you have to wait on God. He knows when you’re ready to receive what He has for you. Sometime we have to be like David and wait patiently on the Lord, he heard your cry. To make you like Jesus is a process. A Long process. See he has to change us little by little. Like, first he teach you through life, how to forgive a person, that takes time, after that, he may teach how to not be selfish with money, or time or wanting things your way. Stuff you picked up in childhood, he has to retrain your thinking. Process, that one takes Years! But know this. In everything you go through or you experience on a daily bases God is at work in you to change you to be like Jesus; Everyday and in everything; Simple small things. Jesus said, it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. We have to pay attention to every little thing. I passed a lot of things up in my younger days with the Lord but I had to go back and have those things corrected in me, my heart and mine. But I was in the process all the time. There’s a song they use to sing at SSS church. He was there all the time. When you look back over your life, you’ll see he was there when you thought he wasn’t. Like right now baby. He there and he hears and know your every care, hurt, pain, confusion, doubts etc… He knows it all and is working in your favor. Sometime you have to just think what I just wrote. God knows, cares and is fixing it for me. I pray to be like him everyday. And when I look back 2 years, I seee the growth. I feel it, I speak it and I teach it! But I didn’t really realize it when it happened but after it happened. I knew when tests came and I wasn’t the same. I didn’t react the same or think the same. Changed! And God spoke through me and I have peace about what use to bother me. That’s my evidence.

Yes, I believe it’s a blessing for Nancy to be saved as well as you. Bible says, two are better than one. One can put a 1,000 to flight but 2 puts 10,000 to flight (devils). And Iron sharpens iron; Always good to have someone to keep us listening and speaking the word.

The blood is the pathway to getting all of our needs meet. And your wants will be granted when your wants become what God wants for you and your wants aren’t based in self- preservation or fleshly desire. As I said above in here, God changes our desire to make us like Jesus. So are your wants something Jesus would want? Or Are you wanting things that will bring glory to God? I want to be healed. That’s God will for everybody. I want to be wealthy, That’s God’s will for everybody. But what will I do with them. Motivation comes into play. Heal to do what? Wealthy to do what? Not just to be but to bless others with my testimony and to have to give to the work of God and to others. Now, I can have my wants. Understand? Motives mean a lot. Has to change to Gods plan. God plan is for us all to be as Adam was before he sinned. Every little thing, remember. It has to be God’s will inspired, not our will. That’s being like Jesus.

Patience, It’s a process! Take a lot of time to make us over! But it will be done!

Yes, you were born to do something, ordained by God. Everyone on the planted alive has a purpose. Now, Pharaoh as with other alive now, was used by God to demonstrate the power of God, not only to God’s people but to the unsaved as well. We all have free will. It’s the choice you make. That goes back to Adam. He had a choice. He chose to eat disobeying God. Did God kill him or send him to hell? NO. Pharaoh wasn’t created for hell. He chose to go. His heart was harden by God to demonstrated who God is. The one true God. Pharaoh could have repented accepted God but he chose not to but rather to fight against God after seeing God’s power. Hell was created for the devil and his angels, not for mankind. Mankind choose to go to hell when they refuse to bow and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Jesus can’t return until the gospel has been preached to every creature (man) and they have a choice to make after they hear. So you are not made to go to hell. But rather, you were created for the kingdom of God; To praise and worship Jesus as Lord and Savior. You were created for God’s pleasure to do everything God told Adam to do. If you go to hell it’s because you don’t want Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. That’s the only way and reason.

It’s not about how good you are, or how much wrong or right you do, though we have to strive to do what’s right all the time but if we don’t, we won’t go to hell, we get punished, privileges taken away, as our natural parents do. They don’t kill or put you in hell; they continue to love and correct us, God is the same way. Paul was talking about what he discovered about himself (sinful nature) and the power of God through Jesus Christ. You don’t necessarily struggle a lot more than Paul but you are to understand that it’s through Jesus that we overcome the struggle even when we don’t want to sin or do wrong. Evil is always present, why? The devil is still here and free will is always in play. We have to choose the good and reject the evil. Always going to be temptations of the devil and tests from God, saying CHOOSE! Paul shows how human we are and how sinful we’ll be if we don’t stay with Jesus all the time.

Now this question, I’m speaking from teaching I heard. Not in me to absolute understanding though I lean towards it being true. The new heaven and earth is here. This earth will be cleansed from all evil and the heavens are atmosphere, the prince of the power of the air. The air will be renewed. The prince will be in hell. And yes, we’ll be able to go back and forth. After tribulation period and Jesus comes back to rule and reign here on earth.

Yes the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost is the same person. It’s like a name and nickname. Yes, I believe when you accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, the Holy Ghost moves in but doesn’t show himself through tongues right away. Tongues, I believe are your evidence that you have Him; as it was on the day of Pentecost. Some don’t believe you have to speak in tongues. But I speak from my experience with God, the Holy Ghost. I received at home and I was awakened out of sleep after God cast a spirit out of me, I woke up speaking in tongues. My daughter was with me and heard it. More to that story, I’ll share it another time. I believe when you believe you have Him, He shows Himself. Everyone is different in how God deals with him. If you wonder, ask God to manifest the Holy Spirit to you. Your day will come for the tongues but as with everything else, believe baby you already have Him. It’s a gift, God gave it to you, yes,

Devil cast doubt if you haven’t spoken in tongues or if you do something wrong. He’s lying. And yes your name is written in the Lamb Book Of Life, Nancy, the children, but when they become of age they have to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. If they don’t then their names would be blotted out. But God promise your children shall be saved with you teaching them to love God and the word of God. God will do the rest. You don’t have to try to make them. Just pray for them. Like you and my baby. You’re saved, you may have strayed away from the word and took on ways of the world but you have to come back to the word. God promised it to your mom and me and we believe that no matter what ya’ll do. You’re saved. Faith in God’s word makes that happen, not anything she or I do other than teach the word and pray. God doing it His way, Not our way. Had to learn that. I got it now.

Wow, I think that’s the last question. I hope you take courage in what I’ve said here. If you don’t understand, please ask me. And remember even if you understand what I said, it’s God that will give you the ability and time to live it out. Trust God and so shall you prosper. I love you Nephew.

Always in my prayers




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    • skye2day profile image


      4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      This is a beautiful heartfelt wonderful letter to your nephew. The power of the Holy Spirit jumped off of the pages to my heart. This is so very precious. I pray your nephew hears. He will in Gods time. Child of God you preach it you done good sister. May God continue to bless you and yours and may his favor be on you in all of your comings and goings. I had not seen you around for a time. I read a comment of yours to our precious sister Deborrah and thought to stop in for a visit. I am grateful I landed here. No mistake. What a read.

      You are a gifted writer and God has blessed you with wisdom dear precious child. Well done good and faithful servant. Please do stop in for a visit. Are you still writing? Hugs galore, Skye In Christ Jesus love ya.

      shared and voted.


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