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A Letter To The Broken One

Updated on April 6, 2016

To the one who is hurting,
To the one who is angry,
To the one who is broken,
You are loved.
You are wanted.
And you are chosen.

Don’t put blame on yourself. Sometimes life deals us a bad card.
It’s not your fault.
Don’t feel guilty or ashamed because you are hurting or angry.
It’s okay to feel.
If you never needed comfort, how would you know that God is a comforter?

I know that right now you feel alone, but know that you are never alone.
Never has it been possible for you to be alone. God made a promise to never leave you or forsake you. Ever. And He is faithful to His word.

I know that people have made promises to you that were never kept.
People said things to you that turned out to just be empty words.
People promised to never leave you, but when things got hard, they did just that.
It’s incredibly painful to be rejected by the ones you love. There are no words to explain that pain. I know.
There is one who knows the pain of rejection even more than we do.
It’s Jesus.
Every single day the ones that He loves reject Him and turn away from Him.
He knows. He knows the pain you are in. He has experienced it.
He is there holding you, singing songs over you and loving on you. Even in times when you cannot feel it, He is there.

Oh precious one, you are worth the cross. Did you know that?
Jesus left His throne, lowered Himself down and laid down His life on a cross, for you.
Because you were and are worth it. He would do it all over again if it meant He could have you. Just you.

It’s okay to feel your pain. Please know that. Feeling is what eventually brings healing.
Please don’t bury your pain and hurt down until you feel nothing. Please.
Jesus laid down His life for you to walk in complete freedom. That means freedom from emotional pain too.
Burying pain might feel good for a time because you aren’t feeling it, but it will eventually come up and when it does it’s going to hurt a lot more than it would have the first time.
Allow yourself times of feeling. Throw yourself into the arms of Jesus and let Him comfort you. Let His love begin to piece you back together.

Precious one, I know that people have broken their promises to you, I know that people have backstabbed you, I know that people have used you and said things that cut deep.
But know that God is faithful to finish what He started, He is stable through every change that life brings and He able to do immeasurably more than you could ever think or imagine according to His plan.
And never once has He and will He turn His back on you.
You are His precious child. So loved by the King.


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