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A Daughter's Plea to God

Updated on October 4, 2013

Heart Cries for Mother

Hello God,

This is a personal impersonal letter to you. I am suffering from many problems nowadays. I am not able to understand what is my fault or why suddenly destiny starts disliking me? My life was going very smoothly earlier, suddenly these unknown bumps came in my life and I lost my control, unbalanced and fell down. And now whenever i try to get up, some problems come and ditch me more deeply. All my efforts become futile. What to do?

Ohh, but many people would be suffering from the same problem, then how would you recognize me? So should I tell you about myself before explaining my complaints against you. Yee, complains, I know this is a wrong word, but what to do, I have.

Ok now let me tell you first about myself. I am a small creature Anupma, sent by you on this earth. My parents were the best parents of the world ( blessing of Yours). Yess were, because you have taken them away one by one (this is the biggest complain). My family was also the happiest one of the world. We all were so happy with each other. I am the youngest girl of my parents among four sisters and one brother. All love me a lot. Life was really good that time. Childhood passed in joy and merriment, youth came that was also fantastic. In short, days were good. But suddenly one horrible day came and destroyed our beautiful world. I lost my father. And from that day our misery begin. I was in university. A helpless creature I was- not even able to support either my mother or my family. We were in shock and pain. Our condition was so pathetic. But we did not have anyone who could help us to come out. It was YOU GOD, who helped, encouraged us to get rid of this pain. Finally after four years our derailed life came on track.

Unseen Bumps

The best moment of any girl's life was about to come in mine too. I was getting married with a wonderful man. Only ten days were left of my marriage, we all were happily, specially my sweetest and loveliest mother. It was the matter of just 5 months ago- May 3, 2013, We had a Pooja (Prayer) of Yours at our home. But do you remember what you did... May be you forgot- You took my mother... Yess I lost my mother... My mother left us all alone on this day. And again you derailed my life and this time you made my life hell. You know why I am angry to you. It is said that YOU ARE OMNIPRESENT, then why don't you see your own children' s problem. You knew the best time of my life was about to arrive and in one moment You made it the worst time of my life. I am one of the fewest creature of the world with whom this can take place. The saddest and the happiest time of my life was together, what to feel, what to enjoy- I was not getting. Even today I am not able to understand.

Ups and Downs come in life Sudden turns can change direction of life May be you fall May be you reach on top But life must goes on. . .
Ups and Downs come in life Sudden turns can change direction of life May be you fall May be you reach on top But life must goes on. . .

Life is not Bed of Roses.

So my smooth and joyous life got worst. You bless me with a good husband, but do you think a husband can take place of a mother. So my answer is no, no and no. Nobody can take place of a mother. A mother is a creator, You are also creator, so You must have a heart of a mother. Now you tell me why did you do this to me? Do you think I am such a strong girl who can bear it with a big smile on her face. Sorry God, I am helpless, I am unable even to understand Yours this plan. My heart is full of pain. I miss my mother, I always want to be with her. But now I am alone.

Now will You please explain me Why you took my mother when I need her badly..? Why You brought both the saddest and the happiest moment together in my life? I know that everything in this world is pre-planned, but why do you make such plans that hurt us, that hurt Your own children. Why God..????

Waiting for your reply

Your Poorest Daughter

I am Angry to You God

Smile With Tears

Have you ever seen the same situation- You laugh with a lot of pain and tears in your eyes?

See results

There is a Will, There is a Way. . .

I read John Milton poem On His Blindness. In this poem, the poet Milton complains to God against his blindness. Actually at the age of 42, Milton became blind. He was a very famous poet. He knew about his talent. He wrote this poem as a complain against God. In the beginning of the poem he asked God why He fetch his eye-sight, now Milton would not write about God's glory but later he realized that God did not want anyone's praise. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Thousands angel are ready to serve Him.

I also understand whatever happen happen for good? But it is very tough to understand it when you are in worst time. It is a letter not only of mine but of many people who suffer from any problem. Why sudden unseen and unwanted bumps come in life? Why do they unbalanced us? It is really very hard to come out from such problems.

At last, but not least-


© 2013 Dr Anupma Srivastava


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    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 4 years ago from India

      Yee, it is really very tough to understand what really God plans for us? Sometimes I feel, we are like puppet, our string are on God's hand. . .

      Thanks teachest12345.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Wow, you have experienced some real hardship in life. I am so sorry. I lost my parents at the prime of my life. I miss them still today and reflect on how I wish I would have been a better daughter. Still, my faith in God has helped me to continue forward. No one knows why terrible things happen as such, but I am convinced that God also aches with us as they happen. You have my prayers.

    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 4 years ago from India

      thanks Vansh121

    • vansh121 profile image

      vansh121 4 years ago from India

      Don't worry, with the passage of time everything will be alright. Time is the greatest healer.

    • profile image

      V.Kumar 4 years ago

      Very touching article

    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 4 years ago from India

      Thanks Laurie, yee it is life and we have to live it... Really after going through it, I realize many people have more pain. We have to understand it...

      It is only God who also gives us power to bear such problems. . .

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      Good hub and I am sorry for what you went through and I am sure we all have been there at times.

      I know it does not seem like its God's plan to better your life, but apparently it is.

      For every action there is a reaction and for every sin there is a consequence. I know that.

      But you said after four years (strange thing to say, but I get it) your life is now better or back on track so I am glad to hear.

      I lost my dad and miss him dearly very dearly. The circumstances were awful, I know he could of been saved but he did not want to go for treatment.

      We didnt even know he was sick. I was not fond of my Step mom and when we found out he was sick we were mad at her for not making my dad get help.

      She did a lot more. My dad trusted her with the funds and we lost what was rightfully ours. (I know God has a big plan for me now, so I look at it that I dont need it)

      However she was cruel, she did misuse my dads funds. and her kids received our dads money (whom my dad did not raise) they were grown up and out of the house) Well consequences were deeply send on to her as she passed away 2 years later and her kids that bought businesses with my dads money, lost their stores and one of them was badly hurt in a car accident or bike I am not sure.

      God says dont fight evil with evil vengeance is Gods. He is powerful and can do anything to anybody really if he wants.

      Well I think they felt Gods anger.

      Not sure why I mentioned all this to you but hopefully it is a story that will inspire you into knowing that God sees all and he is not closing his eyes. He just plans and then bang.

      Many blessings to you and your family