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A Listing of Experienced Paranormal Events

Updated on January 29, 2013

Having reached the ripe old age of nearly 38, I have had several unexplained, paranormal experiences. I have spoke of a few before, but never have I outlined all of them in one place.

The earliest experience I remember was at the age of 9. I was the son of a southern baptist preacher, and was raised in the church. We went on a "mission trip" to Morgan county Tennessee. At the time were we told there was no Christian churches in the area and the "darkness was prevalent". We had a pretty normal visit with the exception of two things. First incident was the discovery of an altar in the woods, about five miles from the church. It had red stains on it, and had stone arraigned in the shape of a pentagram around it. This led to a long message about Satanism and demon worship during the next service, and an exorcism. For some reason they all thought impressionable children should be present to view this. It involved a lot of cussing and puking by the possessed, and chanting and praying by the minister and elders. The second event was as we were leaving. Coming down the hill, the rear of the car suddenly squatted, like a large person sat on it. We all turned around and there was three red glowing eyes looking through the back window. My father slammed the brakes on and began praying it away. A few seconds later the rear of the car came up and they eyes were gone.

At the age of 11 we moved into a house that was "haunted". Part of the house was over 100 years old, and a lady had been killed in the older part. Mine and my brothers bedroom was on the second floor, and was connected by a long, creepy as hell walk through closet. Between our doors was the stair case going downstairs. Basically you come up the staircase, turn right for my brothers room, left for mine. At the back of both our rooms was the closet. Many nights I heard my brother scream out in terror, and as I would go in there he was claiming he saw a person in black hovering over his bed. Eventually he moved downstairs to the office, and the office moved upstairs. One night I was asleep, and was woken up by the sound of the closet door opening. I figured somebody had snuck up stairs to try and scare me(some adults have warped senses of humor). The temperature in the room dropped to the point I could see my breathe, and something grabbed and held me to the bed. I couldn't move, scream or anything. I finally squirmed out of the bed and looked back, and saw the bed indent as footsteps walked across it. Was the last night I spent in that room as well.

A few years later, having had seen and felt shadows and other entities in the house, the apparition of the woman who was killed came out of the wall, through the tv, and out the front door. In front of the entire family. We all saw it, and while the parents tried to play it off, we knew what it was. Over the next few years we saw the lady several times, and the dark shadow a couple more too.

Off and on through the next few years, up until my mid twenties the only experiences I had was seeing shadow people, or seeing floating lines of silver mist(my eyes have been checked and no eye problems. My brother and I went hiking one day, guess I was around 27 or 28. It was early morning and was going to be a scorcher, so went pretty early to beat the heat. We crossed on ridge and down into a valley were we had found arrowheads a few times. We both heard a loud holler, and looked up, and a large group of ghostly native Americans came pouring over the ridge, beside where we were standing, then vanished into the woods. It was more of an moment of awe then terror, until we thought about it some more.

The last four events happened where I currently live. My great grandmother lived here until she passed(99.9 years old) and I bought the house. I saw her one morning, and smelled her perfume as she walked through the kitchen, humming, looking as she looked 20 years ago. He blue flower patterned dress, grey hair up in a bun, and her trademark over abundance of old people perfume. It lasted about 10 seconds, then she faded out while appearing to cook on the stove.

The next event involved dark shadows moving around the house rapidly, human formed. A cold chill surrounded the house as they kept moving. The last glimpse I saw of one was as it turned and looked, an indistinct shape, the floated away.

The third event here might or might not be, but it was weird and bothered me pretty bad. I was asleep, and saw a light fill the room. I tried to wake up, but went back into a deep sleep, felt like I was floating. I woke up when my dog was barking his head off, looking out the window. I felt strange, went to the bathroom and found that my boxers were on inside out, and backwards. Definitely not how I wear them.

The fourth and most disturbing event happened just a few months ago. My grandparents lived up behind were I live until they both passed away. My brother bought there house, and so we live pretty close together. He bought a new dog and was working late one night and asked me to go up to his house and let the dog out. I walked in, and turned down the hall, and my grandmother(who died about 7 years ago) was holding onto a rail(that was taken down when my brother moved in) and crying out for help. She fell down and disappeared, but it was in the spot she died in all those years ago. Rattled the hell outta me, cause we were very close.

There have been other things over the years I have seen, but those stuck with me all these times. I dunno if it was all my mind playing tricks on me, night terrors, or what, but considering some of them involved more then one sense, I tend to believe something was there.


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    • tngolfplayer profile image

      tngolfplayer 5 years ago from Knoxville

      @LadyGuinevere I'll check some of them out. Seems like a lot of traffic doesn't come to anything unless it is a how to article.

      @tsadjatko Well the rest of the sentence confirms that there was more then one sense involved, and I believed them to be real. Its kinda hard to just pin down and say what it was. Ghost? SPirit? Demon? Dunno

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 5 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      If you "dunno if it was all my mind playing tricks on me, night terrors, or what," I'd suspect it was one of those simply because most people who experience a real event know that they know what happened and why. Interesting encounters though, thanks for sharing them.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 5 years ago from West By God

      Scary it is. I have had things happen like this too. The one s that I most remember are in my hubs. They don't get many views but they are my hubs none the less.