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A Look At Evolution

Updated on April 8, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Evolutionists make a lot of claims

Since the time of Darwin, evolutionary scientists have made a lot of claims about the evolutionary process. Most of these claims have addressed the supposed early years of life development after the evolutionary process had got its grip on the original life form.

These claims are what I call historical evolutionary claims because they are not addressing any supposed modern observation of the evolutionary process. These claims deal with life development from the original life form on up to the various species that exist today and have existed over the past 5,000 years or so.

It is important to make this distinction. Without a verifiable history, the modern claims of evidence for the evolutionary process has no foundation and no history. Without either, there is no way fro the evolutionary scientist to prove their process exists let alone developed life.

Evolutionary scientist’s impossible problems

Out of the many that could be listed here I will only deal with 3. The failure to produce the original conditions is a topic for another day. The 3 selected here show that the evolutionary scientist cannot build a solid foundation for their evolutionary process.

#1. They cannot verify one historical claim

The evolutionary scientist, in general, have developed what they call the tree of life. This tree of life is supposed to document the different evolutionary branches that have grown over the millions or billions of years the evolutionary took to develop different life forms

Each branch of animals spread out to other branches which include more animals. All the branches do not interconnect except to have their roots in a common ancestor. Somehow one lucky one celled creature gets that credit.

Unfortunately, the evolutionary scientist cannot verify one claim found on that evolutionary tree of life. They cannot show how these animals evolved or how they got their independent properties that made them a separate species even though they came from the same main branch.

#2. They cannot and have not observed one historical claim in action

By this I mean that the supposed evolutionary process populating that tree of life has never been observed. Not one of those forks in the tree road has been observed at any time throughout history.

Even the ancient writers who proclaimed that evolution was true, did not observe one transition. They just made claims that life originated from nothing,much like modern evolutionary scientists do.

None of the men who Darwin drew lots of inspiration from or claimed to have held the evolutionary theory before him, recorded any such observations. The evolutionary tree of life is a record that fails an important scientific test.

Without observation, how can anyone know it truly took place? It takes a lot of faith to accept that evolutionary history.

#3. They cannot and have not replicated one historical claim in action

Even though evolutionary scientists and the supporters of the evolutionary process have conducted hundreds of thousands of supposed scientific evolutionary experiments, not one has replicated one historical evolutionary claim.

Not one fork of any branch on the evolutionary tree of life has been shown to be true via replication. Part of the reasons for that is that evolutionary scientists have no clue what physical conditions and genetic combinations sparked that supposed change.

They cannot even find those physical conditions or genetic combinations to study them to see how they worked. Even with the supposed Neanderthal man that was supposed to be an ancestor to the current human species has no real evidence supporting it.

Evolutionary scientists have to do scientific and mental gymnastics to make that idea sound credible. They also ignore their own rules much as they do when they talk about the evolutionary tree of life. Neither pass this vital scientific test

The danger of these impossible evolutionary scientific problems

Not being able to solve these evolutionary problems allows many dangers to enter the field of scientific research:

  • They can say whatever they want- evolutionary scientists can make up what ever they want about the evolutionary theory. There is no facts to stop them and if proven that their theory doesn’t work, they just make something else up about the theory to get around the truth
  • They do not have to show any progress- because their claims do not pass any scientific test, then the evolutionary scientist can pursue whatever they want to study and claim it is evolutionary
  • The evolutionary scientist can cause confusion- what was the evolutionary theory 50 years ago is not the evolutionary theory of today. And today’s theory won’t be tomorrow’s. They claim the theory always changes but if the theory changes how can it be true?
  • They hide the truth- even the truth about how the theory of evolution does not work. It has been shown over and over that it is impossible for the evolutionary to produce one human race let alone the 4 or 5 Darwin claimed to have been the result of of the evolutionary influence on life development.

The evolutionary scientist cannot trump the Bible

No matter what they do, the evolutionary scientist cannot demonstrate that the Bible is in error. Even the scientific hybrid experiments have proven Genesis 1 true time and again. That chapter says that every living species produces after its kind.

The hybrid experiments have constantly shown that barrier to exist. They have also shown that there is no weak spot in that barrier to allow for exceptions to that rule. This means that the evolutionary tree of life cannot exist because the common ancestor did not possess all of the traits needed to reproduce one animal that was outside of its kind category.

Evolutionary scientists have not discovered any living species that contains all the traits needed to develop all the different animals that have existed on this earth throughout history.

Some final words

When you want the truth about our origins, you do not go to those who do not believe God. They are blind, deceived, misled people who do not have a hope of discovering the truth on their own.

Evolutionary scientists construct their evolutionary theory because they cannot allow themselves to muster the faith they need to believe God and his word. Even though it takes greater faith to accept and contribute to the evolutionary theory.

Another reason they construct the evolutionary theory is to fill the void they created in their own lives when they reject God and the truth. The impossible problems of the evolutionary theory ensures that theory is not and can never be the truth.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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