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Updated on December 16, 2009




A MOMENT OF PAUSE WILL REVEAL A MIRACLE   There are days that seem almost impossible to make it through. Many things can be on our plate, and it just looks like slop. When You have those days, it is so important to pause long enough so a miracle can be reveal.     The past couple weeks my fibromyalgia has flared up. The pain, which is wide spread throughout my body, makes simple chores almost unbearable. Depression is also interrelated  with this flare up, and tears can come easily. The miracle is the tears. They wash away the anxiety and bring a release to every muscle. Another miracle is this too shall pass if I just pause and breath. A miracle is in the breath. A deep breath helps to remind us of the here and now.   It is the month of holidays and miracles, yet so many get caught up in their lack that they resent the holidays coming up. They might not have enough food, or money for presents or just feeling so alone, those all describe my life right now, but is there truth to it? Only if you accept they small glance of your present as the only reality you possess. I choose not too. We always have the decision to change our perspective.   Why I think the way I do? Simply this is a passing moment. All holidays are abundant. Just what do you define as abundant? For me it is simply the grace of gratitude. Through this means, all material and physical conditions become illuminated in the realms of God's love, not what we consider love. We are not being punished by not having material abundance, instead we are being uplifted in the joy of 'Spirit'.   As I try to bring a rainbow bridge to all faiths in the message of love, may we all remember the love of Spirit be it called God, G-d, Great Spirit, Allah or Goddess. May we find the grace of God within each human being and embrace each other verses killing each other in the name of religion. May we share in the Cosmic Being's love for all and not just a group, and may one day we all have this prayer in our heart. May we sing joy verses hate for those who do not follow our path of faith.   How can you change your perspective to start your path to gratitude? You start with the small things at first. After you start this, your gratitude will grow where the ego is not the one ruling you or your world, instead your own spirit which is linked to the Cosmic Source. It is in here the miracle of this season is felt. Love of all kinds, instead of my kind.   Blessings 


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    • womankin profile image

      womankin 7 years ago

      Your prayer for cosmic understanding, and teachings on pausing for breath, are remarkable.

      Thank you.