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A Meditation on Love

Updated on December 26, 2012

There is only one thing in this human world that is true...... and there is only one fact in this human world that can never change.

No matter what bad things we did in the past, or what bad things we might do in the future, there is one thing that we can never change.

No matter how much guilt we feel or think we deserve to feel because of past wrongs, even that cannot change this one fact and one truth.
What is it?

The truth is that each and every one of us is inherently lovable.

If we were not made to be inherently lovable, if we were not made by the creative force of Love itself, which is God, then we could not and would not exist.

Because we exist, there is nothing in heaven or earth that could separate us from love OR make us unlovable.

To be unlovable is an impossibility.

To be unworthy is an impossibility.

To have done things beyond forgiveness is an impossibility.

And so God sent Moses, Jesus, Buddha, and many other prophets to show us that. He sent these prophets throughout the ages as the eternal messengers to show us that we are lovable and we are worth saving.

Each of us is worth saving.

But, more importantly, each of us is lovable and we have that love within us.

How is that true, you might say...

Since God created us, God also put that love in us, and therefore, we are inseparable from Love.

Love cannot be taken from us and we cannot be taken from it.

So, no matter how badly we feel about ourselves, no matter how much we regret the past, no matter how much we have done that is unforgivable, we are never without God's love.

In God's world, he does not see us as sinners or hold such thoughts about us.

When God sees us, he sees his sons and daughters, in whom he is well pleased, and sees them most of all, sees us most of all, as infinitely and indisputably LOVABLE, forever and for eternity.


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