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A Message from a Higher Self

Updated on January 22, 2016

Here is a portrait photo of Alan Watts

It's wonderful to know that there are such teachers in this world of ours.  I recommend you take a look at his videos.  You'll learn a lot.
It's wonderful to know that there are such teachers in this world of ours. I recommend you take a look at his videos. You'll learn a lot.

Deep-down you are the Whole Universe

I 'found' Alan Watts on YouTube. Straight away I realized that here is a very advanced spiritual teacher, the sort of person I have obviously readied myself to have in my life, as far as his wisdom is concerned. When the student is ready...

Take a look at just a few things Alan says. "The real, deep-down you is the Whole Universe." and even more succinctly, "Everybody is I." He goes on to say that most of us - my estimate would be around 99.999 of the human population - are ":addicted to thought." We're involved in compulsive thinking. It's become a habit with which we identify.

Ignore the verbal chatter and silence will find you

A renowned psychologist - I think it was William James - once proclaimed - because he had tried and failed - that it is impossible to stop thinking. He was wrong. Perhaps Jame's mind was so active, and he was so busy looking for and trying to find this illusive no-thinking state, that he just couldn't quieten down. And, of course, it is because of these types of proclamations by such icons of Psychology that the majority of people believe this to be the case. It isn't. I know, because I have found silence of mind, and can now virtually do it at will. That is, I can become 'The Now,' as Eckhart Tolle would call it by just stopping and being.

Vipassana Meditation was my initial 'way to silence'

Mind you, it did take a long time. It took quite a number of ten-day, total silence (Noble Silence) courses at a Vipassana meditation retreat to bring about the initial experience. Well, that's not quite correct. The total silence came into being at each of my fourteen day Vipassana courses, generally after a number of full days - pre-dawn until well after sundown of intense meditation - to bring these longer-term moments into being. Perhaps, fifty to sixty hours, maybe more of concentration.

A sunset from my back garden.

How many of us really stop to enjoy the beauty of a sunset; set aside the worries of the day and just BE?
How many of us really stop to enjoy the beauty of a sunset; set aside the worries of the day and just BE?

We need to observe without expectation

Alan Watts says that we have to not try to quieten our mind. We need to leave it alone (ignore its clamouring to be heard) and it will eventually quieten itself. He states that to try to quieten the mind is like trying to flatten the waves on a stream with a flat board. We simply make it even more agitated We need to observe without expectation.

But then Alan said something which had never occurred to me. I have long been of the opinion that I am the Observer, the Witness, the Experiencer of my so-called self and my world. That is, we always assume that without a Knower there can't be a knowing. He then goes on to explain how this is brought about because of our use of language. The real truth of the matter, according to Alan, is "in Nature there is only the knowing. There is no knower."

Guidance and Explanation from Higher Self - Automatic Typing

So what I am going to do now is something I've done a great many times since the end of the 1960s when I first discovered and developed, over time, this ability. I am going to ask my Higher Self - my Spiritual Guidance - to try to explain to me what Alan is getting at. The aim here is not only to clarify this for myself but for any who wish to read this essay. The answers will come through me via Automatic Writing.

I will add that Automatic Writing is quite a common phenomenon and I expect the majority of people can develop the ability to take it down, so I claim no special privilege or favour here.

So here we go...

Go right into The Now. Really look! Enjoy!

Little garden figures my wife and I have had for years.  They add that little something extra to the beauty of the flowers.
Little garden figures my wife and I have had for years. They add that little something extra to the beauty of the flowers.

What my Higher Self had to say on the matter - See below

The Response

Only you can deduce the reality of what has been said above, Tom. Your real self is your higher self. That is, the real self of every human being alive and well today, and those who no longer live on the Earth Plane of existence. As you know, no one dies. It is simply a transition to another plane of existence. The soul, which is the essence of mind and spirit, less the body on planes other than Earth, but including the body whilst on Earth, is always with you. Indeed, you are it.

Our most common problem - limited identification

The big problem with most people is that they identify totally with their physicality and assume this to be themselves. They know of 'a mind' as their own thinking and own ideas and do not appreciate their links to other people other than through the physical - or those inventions which allow the physical aspects of themselves to project, such as radio and television.

Not only beautiful to look at, they taste good,too.

We have chosen to be lesser than The All

What they do not realize is that the Universe - call that the Universes, if you like, because there is no limit to the dimensions Infinite Intelligence has created and continues to create - is who they are. Who we are. We appear and seem to not belong to The All, to The Whole, because we have chosen to be that way. We have chosen to experience something lesser than The Whole. If we identify with The Whole and are infinite in our understanding, we are not able to experience a Greater. Without that we are simply static. We are the be all and the end all and that is it.

This is getting quite complex, but I believe you will understand what I am saying here.

Beliefs - solidified neural structures in the mind-body

In the mind of men and women there is this identification with their thoughts as themselves. People think, or maybe I should say believe (belief is a thought held so strongly that it becomes solidified across the neurological structures of the brain that people cannot comprehend anything outside of that belief) that they are their minds, sometimes referred to as their 'heartfelt beliefs.'

We choose to be what we wish to be - at three levels

None of us are these things. We choose to be what we wish to be. This is done not only at a personal level consciously, it is done at two other levels. The first of these is our own personal unconsciousness, our drives, our passions - including, of course, our fears. But even more important is the Collective Unconscious ( referred to by Carl G Jung) that desires individual experiences for each fragment, call that soul, of each human being.

We arise and pass away like bubbles atop a boiling cauldron

Human beings are a phenomenon of something far, far great -something incomprehensible even to Me as I endeavour to explain this to you and your readers. Human beings are just a 'bubble' on top of a bubbling cauldron. They arise and pass away. All arises and passes away. The Universe, with its galaxies, will pass away. They, too, are just bubbles on the surface of an arising and passing away. These are the experiences of beings of greater and greater dimension and profundity...but I realize I am leaving you behind in this analogy.

Be it enough for you to know that when your mind is free of verbal thought and you are quiet, you are closer to your real self than when you are conversing inside with mind-made entities which you regard as your own self.

Nearly everyone is insane to a greater or lesser degree

Which brings me to something a lot of people do not understand. There is a belief among people that there are sane and insane people. In fact, most, that is those 99.999 percent of people you mentioned earlier, are insane. All are insane to some degree. Those who cannot control their minds are insane and most people cannot. There is a balance or tipping point when the synthesis among the various parts of the mind split. Once we have a distinct cut off and a part of our thought conglomerate is separated from The Whole entirely, that is, as Jesus Christ has reputedly put it, "Cut off from the vine," there is insanity that is manifestly obvious.

Solomon in all his glory... was not arrayed such as these.

An New Guinea Impatien plant in bloom.  What wonderful colour.
An New Guinea Impatien plant in bloom. What wonderful colour.

Everyone IS everyone...and everything. Separation is the illusion

But make no mistake about it. If a man or woman has suddenly discovered that he or she is God, do not label them as insane. It could be that they realize they are. And it could be that they are naive enough to tell the world-at-large, the great truth they have discovered. The Zen Master, the Enlightened Sage, the real Saint, knows the truth. However, they know, too, that everyone else is God as well. Therefore they make no claim to Deity, knowing full well the ignorance of that remaining 99.999 percent.

But we have said enough. I hope you have sufficient here to post it as an essay, as is your wish.

Until we speak again. Adieu.


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  • goego profile image


    2 years ago from Loserland

    'Message from a higher self'... Flowers, please read 'drums hear' on my profile, wrote it just minutes before reading this, strange


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