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Our Haunted Tennessee House

Updated on February 27, 2020
Ron Grimes profile image

My wife and I are retired and living in Middle Tennessee. We love living in this beautiful state.

Chapman Cemetery

May God be with these souls.
May God be with these souls.

Killed in Civil War Battle

Alexander S. Chapman - Killed in Battle at Fort Donelson.
Alexander S. Chapman - Killed in Battle at Fort Donelson.

Killed in Civil War Battle

William T. Chapman - Killed in Battle at Fort Donelson.
William T. Chapman - Killed in Battle at Fort Donelson.

That is NOT a Pet Cemetery

We built our home in Tennessee in 1999. It was one of the first homes in our neighborhood. The area was surrounded by rolling hills and there was an old barn with a small pond in front of it just behind our lot. While we were talking to the sales lady at the real estate office, she said, “I have to tell you that there is a pet cemetery behind your lot." I thought okay, it seems odd that you need to tell us that, but okay. Later we took a walk behind our lot. There were several large trees, and most of the field overlooking a small valley was covered in high weeds. We came upon the “pet cemetery.” To our surprise, some of the tombstones were over six feet tall. We quickly realized that this was no pet cemetery. This was a family cemetery. Some of the tombstones showed that the person entombed there had died in battle during the Civil War.

Just beyond the cemetery was a valley and field where we often saw deer and turkey. A few years after we built our house the old barn was torn down, the pond filled in, and several hundred homes were built in that valley area. A new iron fence and gate surround the old cemetery now, and homes surround the area.

I often wonder if all of the construction in the area somehow disturbed the energies of the souls in that cemetery. I believe that we move on to other realms after we pass from this world. Perhaps the energies of our souls have a lasting effect on the surroundings. Out of respect, we naturally tend to be reverent in cemeteries.

The Disappearing Pen

In 1999 when we moved into our new home, there were no houses behind us. There were a couple of other homes in our neighborhood being built at the time, but it was mostly an empty neighborhood waiting to happen.

When moved here, we had two beagles, Wendell the female, and Alex the male. Our son stayed with us for a few days, but he soon moved back to Muncie, Indiana, and then he later moved to Chicago, Illinois. At first, everything here seemed perfectly normal. I worked as a computer software applications analyst with medical software used in hospitals. My home office was upstairs just across the hall from our master bedroom. I was sometimes on call during the night, so I always kept a notepad and an ink pen on my bedside table.

One day I was in the bedroom and I needed to write something down. I went to my bedside table, but I couldn’t find the ink pen. I picked up the clock and everything on the table, but the pen was not there. I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the table and the bed. No pen anywhere. I was a bit annoyed that someone took my pen and didn’t put it back. I thought, “Okay, I’ll just go to my office and get another pen.” I walked across the hall to my office and got another pen. No one else was upstairs. I walked back into the master bedroom to put the pen on the bedside table, and I froze in my tracks when I saw that right in front of the clock on the bedside table was the pen that had been missing just seconds ago. That pen was not hidden or close to anything on the table. I was right out in the open in front of the clock where I could not possibly have missed it. Goosebumps shot up my arms. This was not something that I had ever experienced in my life.

I went downstairs and said to my wife and son, “There is a ghost in this house!” I then explained to them what had just happened. I don't think they much believed me, at least they didn't seem at all concerned about it.

Years later I told my oldest granddaughter about that event, and she said, "I'm sure there is a logical explanation." I said, "Yes, there is. It was a ghost."

Bedside Table With The Disappearing Pen



Alex Appeared to be Frightened

A few months later I was in the family room watching TV. Wendell, our female beagle, wanted out, so I got up and let her out the back door. I knew that as soon as she came back in, Alex, the male beagle, would want out, so I said, “Alex, come on and go outside.” Alex got up and started toward the back door. As Alex passed by the kitchen, he looked at the kitchen and he froze. He didn’t blink or move at all. He was frozen mid-step. I yelled at him several times to come on and go out, but he didn’t budge.

If ever a dog could have a strange look on his face, Alex had it. His eyes were so wide open, and he looked terrified. I was half afraid to look, but I turned around and did not see anything odd in the kitchen. Finally, I stepped in-between Alex and the kitchen. He blinked, and he seemed to come out of the trance and continued walking toward the door and went outside. I was sure that he saw something that made him freeze.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Over the years we have had so many things just disappear in the house. Sometimes we would find them in odd places, but often we would never see them again. It has become a common joke. We just blame it on the ghost and laugh it off.

Rubber Bands Leap off of the Door Handle

Rubber bands on the inside door handle of the downstairs study
Rubber bands on the inside door handle of the downstairs study

Rubber Bands end up on the Hallway Floor

Rubber bands on the hallway floor outside of the study
Rubber bands on the hallway floor outside of the study

Moving Rubber Bands

2015 - Linda had just gone upstairs a couple of minutes ago. I walked toward the front of the house into the downstairs hallway and saw three rubber bands on the floor. This is the same hallway Linda had just gone through to get upstairs. The three rubber bands were lined up and evenly spaced in the middle of the hallway. I didn't understand why Linda would put rubber bands on the floor like that. There was no way they could have fallen in that position. I picked them up and put them on the downstairs study door handle where we kept them.

When Linda came downstairs, I asked her if she had put three rubber bands on the floor. She said that she had not, but that it was so odd that I asked because a few days ago as she was going out the office door, she noticed the rubber bands on the door handle and had the thought that she should take them off so they wouldn't accidentally get knocked onto the floor. Then she had the thought that it was silly to think that because there was no way those rubber bands could accidentally get knocked off of that door handle. She was so surprised when I told her that I found the rubber bands lined up on the floor.

The Disappearing Stranger

2015 - I walked into our downstairs study and looked out the front window. I noticed a tall thin man walking down the street. He was dressed in dark clothes. I did not recognize him, and he was not carrying anything, so he did not appear to be a salesman. I stood there and watched him as he walked in front of our house. When he walked behind the tree in our front yard, I waited for him to continue walking down the street. He never came out from behind that tree. I stood there watching - wondering why he had stopped in the street right behind our tree. He still never came out.

I left the study and looked out the window beside our front door. From there I could see the part of the street that was not visible from the study window. I looked up and down the street and there was no one in sight. I turned and walked back to the family room thinking, "What just happened?" I wasn't thinking that I had just seen a spirit or a ghost. I was just thought, " How could someone just vanish like that?" It was like that could not have happened, but it did.

Clocks Changing Time by Themselves

May 23rd, 2016 - Linda was going to bed and noticed that both of our bedside table digital clocks were one hour behind. She set them to the correct time. We did not understand how that could have occurred - both clocks being one hour behind. These clocks do not automatically change time. We have to manually change the time when the time changes and the time change was back in March.

Falling Ring Doorbell Parts

June 7, 2017 - I received a new part for our Ring Doorbell; however, it was too small. I took a picture of the new part and the old part to email to Ring Support. I left the parts on their side on the Foyer table. A few minutes later, Linda and I were sitting in the family room and heard something fall. I went to the Foyer and found that both pieces were laying flat on the table instead of on their side. I stood them back on their side, and Linda and I both tried to knock them over by shaking the table or blowing on them. It took a forceful shake of the table and a forceful blowing breeze to knock them over. When we gently blew right on them and gently shook the table, they stayed on their side without falling over.

More Odd Clock Occurrences

July 5th, 2018 - We noticed that our Toaster Oven clock was 3 hours ahead of the correct time. Just a few days ago, the clock on our stove had been 3 hours ahead of time. Very odd.

29 July 2018 - We have a kitchen wall clock that was delivered from on 5 July 2018. It's been working perfectly until this morning. When I got up at 2:00 AM, the clock was 6 hours ahead, and the date showed as April 9th. A few hours later at around 7:00 AM, I had just noticed that the time and date were still wrong, and then a couple of minutes later I looked again, and the time and date were correct.

So that's three clocks in our kitchen that have changed the time on their own. The wall clock is atomic, so it automatically sets the time according to the Norad clock in Colorado Springs. The stove and toaster oven clocks are not atomic and have to be manually set. So it's hard to explain all three of them changing the time on their own.

This all occurred since our kitchen remodel. We have new cabinets, new backsplash, a new stove, and I put up wallboards for hanging our cast iron cookware. Perhaps the remodeling disturbed a resting spirit...


At Least Our Ghost Seems Friendly

So as you can see, we are quite used to odd events around here. If it is a spiritual energy or ghost, at least it seems friendly. Maybe somewhat mischievous, but nothing evil or threatening.

© 2018 Ron Grimes


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