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A Mission Statement for My Life

Updated on June 19, 2013

An impromptu free-write inspired by one of the facilitators at SBMH who challenged we in her group to write our own mission statements - what are our values, what do we see in our futures, what do we want for them and for our legacies and/or impact on the people we love and on the world in general. My expansion, but the query was asking for most of the above. Alas, my off-the-cuff statement:

" I am driven to make my finite fleshly time mean very much more than what I have done or conceived up to this point, which heretofore has submitted to fear and to the limits of my very shakable confidence and certain exceptional but very real limitations (by definition, statistically uncommon), but which I vehemently refuse to let define my life.

I want to have a great and compassionate and loving life and legacy, which must first start with self-care, acquiring, replenishing and/or retooling my reservoires of patience, confidence and risk-tolerance..., among many others.

This obviously is very personal. I pine for the day when I can approach a problem - even a novel one, a set back - even an unexpected one, a surprise - even an unwelcome one, or any change whatsoever - which is quite well judged by me to be described by the collective adjectives of the previous three - and do be able and (breeeeeeeeeeeeeathe..........) w.... w... willing to survive - to *handled* them with the poise and self-assuredness that comes from knowing that I *CAN*.

I have a long way to go and many skills and habits to learn - but my tank has plenty of *GUTS* left, even, as Jackson Browne put it in what has become one of my many anthems of survival and rejuvination, when I am running on empty."


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  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

    Well put. Everyone should have a goal and a mission in life.