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A Monarch Misconception: "Love"

Updated on February 19, 2015

"God is Love"

Let us briefly review the theological definition of "Love" as it relates to God, as taken from Webster's New World Dictionary (Third College Edition):

LOVE: 8a) God's tender regard and concern for mankind; b) Mankind's devotion to and desire for God as the supreme good.

Referencing the Holy Bible, for the most part, plus relics of history (His Story), God is the Supreme Being, not the adjective "good." He said His creation was "good." He was not defining Himself as a Supreme Ruler. Although God is "excellence" and "majesty," He may not necessarily be "kind" toward all human beings. He basically judges each individual individually.

"Love" is commonly connotated as being "soft" and "mushy." In fact, God's love is hard and hungry. He demands Law and Justice in contemplation of Judgement Day. God has no sympathy for a mankind, in general, who can feasibly destroy His universe, particularly His Earth - although He would NOT allow this. In fact, God loves Mother Earth more than He is "tender" toward a menial MANKIND(!). Yet another fact, He is not even "tender" toward Mother Earth. She has experienced her own nightmares.

God's love is NOT like the love that may be experienced between a husband and wife (or male and female) - "soft and sweet" - if that is the preferred type of relationship between a man and a woman (Freedom of Choice). His concern is for His creation. It must be realized that MANKIND can always be re-created and is a minor detail within the realms of His ultimate works.

Human beings, theologically, may desire God to be all forgiving, but that would lead to chaos. And God, being the ultimate genius and master of all games, has no room for chaos in the order of HIS things. Mankind was simply granted a residence, provided without trespass, and He will help those who help themselves, devotedly and respectfully.

One should reference and read the Holy Bible, relative to most traditional religions, to confirm the misconceptions associated with the theological definitions, and also as beliefs or "desires" may be related to one's own comprehension about The Master: GOD.


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