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A New Christian Origins Textbook?

Updated on April 3, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Wheaton has done it

Or so they claim. They are touting a new book on our origins that is supposed to bring science and Christianity together. When I read this news I was hoping it would be good news and support the genesis account of creation.

But as I read the article and saw who was behind it, my hopes were dashed. I have not been able to read the contents yet. I have scanned the table of contents and am further discouraged that the authors of this new ‘Christian’ textbook is leading young Christian minds away from the truth.

I am not going to go through the whole article point by point to show where those authors are wrong. I can only highlight certain things that they have said in promotion of this book that expose the erroneous teaching inside it.

God created nature

This point comes in the middle of the article and it is so important that it needs to be discussed first. The people promoting the textbook say that theology was designed to study scripture and that science was designed to study nature.

That is only partially true. The error in this thinking is the assumption that God created a book of nature which describes his life creating and development process. The problem for this line of thought is that God did not instruct us to use nature to find our origins.

Nature is the result of God’s creative act not the revelation of how he did it. Nature came into existence the supernatural way through God’s speaking, not through an evolutionary way over time. Genesis tells us how God created nature cannot.

Theories of Origins

This is a class taught at Wheaton and the article states that until this book was published, the professors did not have a textbook to teach it. This is very untrue as they had the Origin of Species by C. Darwin and The Bible by God.

Of course, the latter is not a theory but the truth which is taken by faith. There is no need of a textbook, Christian or otherwise, trying to marry the secular evolutionary theory with scriptures. The origins of both come from different sources.

The Holy and Divine God wrote what he did in the Bible. The unbeliever and misled believers, were used by evil to write the other. But you can have theories if you want. When the arguments are compared and boiled down to their basic elements, you are left with the truth and the lie.

Now God does not lie which means you cannot bring the secular evolutionary concept into Christianity as that is not how God created the world.

Getting to the truth

Later in the article, the promoters of the book state that what we knew 20 years ago is vastly different from what we know now. They cite the different discoveries made by evolutionary scientists who the people interviewed in the article says has added to our knowledge of the hominin species has been expanded.

The problem with this thinking is that those people promoting this book are listening to the ungodly. Something God said not to do. Jesus said the ungodly do not have the spirit of truth guiding them to what really happened in the beginning. They have the father of lies guiding them.

You cannot get to the truth if you follow the lies. This book seems, as it is represented, to be following untruths written by the ungodly.

How to handle Adam & Eve

In the next paragraphs the promoters talk about Adam and Eve . Yet they go about it in a round about way stating that there are about 5 scenarios on how to deal with this issue. They stated that the early hominins lived on this earth and were created by God and somehow Adam and Eve slipped in there

God did not state that he created earlier humans or human-like species. He stated he created only Adam and Eve to start the human race off. Jesus said that if we do not believe Moses, then how will we believe his words?

In other words, when we try to do an end run around the books of Moses, we are doing an end run around the truth. Jesus never corrected Moses’ account of creation, So if people are saying that Jesus is wrong, then we do not have a savior who rescues us from our sins.

There were no humans prior to Adam & Eve and the only way to handle this couple is to believe God and accept that fact. Leading anyone away from the truth is not a Christian act nor is it an act of love.

Can Scripture and Science be harmonized

It won’t be through this new ‘Christian’ textbook. The only way for science and Christianity or the Bible can be harmonized is if science and its unbelieving scientists repent of their sinful ways and give up their false teachings.

God and the Bible are not wrong. Since secular science does not have the spirit of truth guiding it, then it is the one in error. There is no other way to harmonize the two.

Some final words

You cannot marry a secular scientific idea with the truth of the Bible. Jesus said, you cannot put new wine in old wine skins. He also said through Paul that the unbelieving world and the believing world cannot live ion harmony. Believers cannot be unequally yoked with unbelievers. But that is what BioLogos and the promoters of that new ‘Christian’ textbook as well as its authors are doing.

They are trying to hook up lies of the secular world with the truth of God’s word and it just won’t work. The book Wheaton and others are touting is not a Christian textbook. It is a tool to mislead believers into thinking God and the Bible are wrong.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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